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There Are Times Where Disrespecting Others Demean You

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Disrespecting Others Demean You

There are times where disrespecting others demean you. Some respectful people can be very rude but clever enough to be respectful in order to be respected back. Others are stupid enough to know that respect is earned and is a two way street. There are times where gossiping, telling lies and swearing against others paint your image very bad than the image you are painting about your victims. There are times where fighting for your rights deprive you your privileges and leave you with nothing.

That is why you must balance fighting for your rights and compromises. There are times where not fighting will kill you physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are people who cannot have and enjoy lasting relationships and disliked by everyone because they are rude, disrectful, gossipers, backbiters, backstepers, lazy, distructive, selfish and without love but they like their demon and wonder why they are hated by everybody. They may not have all negatives in the list but those they posses is enough to make them rejected.

There are those who only know their rights and privileges but responsibilities accompanying those rights and not rights of others. Those who want relationship to be about their feelings, joy and hapiness only not of their partners. They cannot tolerate anyone but want others to tolerate and forgive them. Each time there is a discord they end relationship and fight to win public sympathy by telling lies. They fight wars they may win but get defeated by life as a result of winning that war. They win fights and loose love sometimes loose even relationship.

Those who disrespect others but demand to be respected. Those who come to relationships full of anger, unresolved issues, mistrust, conditional love to get unconditional love. Those who come broke but cannot tolerate broke partners. Abusers who hate to be abused. Those who come to relationship with children from other relationship but hate children for his or her partner from previous relationship.

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