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The Ups and Downs of Starting Your Own Business


Freelancing I'm sure many of us have heard that word before, why is freelancing such an on-demand job now a day is because of the pandemic and I'm sure we are all aware of that. And what makes freelancing a great and attractive job to some is because it gives you more time and just a little bit of effort and elbow grease. But like a lot of things starting your own job, business, freelancing career takes time and a lot of effort to go with it. You may sometimes be to happy with the fact that you’re starting your own business that you forget the key thing needed to succeed. So here are the ups and downs of starting your own business;

The thoughts and emotions

Running your own business may sound interesting and fun and just like a roller coaster it never fails to shock you might experience a high place and that's great but be careful since it can all suddenly go downhill and you may or may not lose everything. Ideally, it is fun to start your own business and watch it rise from the depths, but at the same time it can also be stressful seeing how much time you need to put into it.

Time = Money

Yes, it’s nice to be independent and have your own business which you run with your own money, time, and effort. But considering the numbers of hours, it takes to stabilize that career be sure to grab your coffee as some entrepreneurs work almost as more hours as they were before they started their own businesses, time is money they say and it is in fact true in business as putting more time generates more money in some cases.

Solving conflicts

Everyone on the planet experiences their own fair share of the problem seems and we have no choice but to solve them. Since having your own business also has its own fair share of problems you as the entrepreneur should do something about it, choose to ignore problems relating to a business can resolve to more conflict, for example, you are experiencing a delay in shipping out stocks and customers are getting angry because they haven't received their orders from you yet it can resolve into problems and such so customers will no longer trust and buy from you anymore, resulting in a huge downfall of sales.

Money is freedom

A Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” often says “Money Equals Freedom” as to why he said it is because, with all the money he has he is free to go wherever he wants, buy whatever he wants and he has enough money to buy stocks or invest in companies. And we see where money can take you. And you as a new businessman that comes after you work yourself to the bone every day and every night.

It's rewarding

Depending on what you consider as a reward, people in the business industry tend to perceive their business as a rewarding job, either seeing it grow, seeing an increase in sales, or just seeing it take off is just a few of the rewards you can acquire from creating your own business

Being the leader not the follower

Depending who you ask a lot of people has had their own stories of rude bosses and depending on how bad they are rude bosses are the absolute worst when it comes to working a 9 to 5 job. Well say goodbye to them, because when you start creating your own business you will be the boss and no longer be yelled at for being a second late.


Ah yes business talk won’t be complete without Income being a topic. Building your own company and or business will mean that your income will either have an increase or a decrease depending on the sales, so keeping up that good consumer to company relationship going on then rest assured that your income from the your company will be great.


Another great thing about having your own business is the fact that you can and can’t work whenever you want. Having your own company does mean that you can have more time for yourself or your family.

Have a reason

Rather than to replace your 9 to 5 job, what is the one important thing consumers need to know about your business? For example, I have a water based company and my alibi for building that company is to help people have water even in parts where it is not available.

Focused on your audience

Ok, you are planning to build a company of your own, one thing to note is you should always focus more on your consumers or your audiences. Why? Because they are the one responsible for your sales, they would be the ones who will pay the price for your product. You should al

ways know what your consumers want and be able to give it to them.

Start small and grow

Now how many of you reading this have heard of the phrase 'All In' or the one that goes 'In it to win it'. Now I’m sure most if not all of you have heard of it and t

think that in business it is NOT the best thing to do, for the simple reason that giving all of your money in to a business your not sure that will be a hit is just a waste of money and can cause you to go bankrupt. Now it’s not bad to give all effort and time to your passion, but it is much encourage for you to do so.

Short message

Now it may look like it’s a hard thing to do or it might seem like an impossible thing to accomplish in just a few months or two, but that’s because it is people work for a whole decade for just a few bucks each month. Some businesses go bankrupt for some reason and it may also happen to you if you are not careful and aware of your own company. It does sound interesting to hear the idea of a job which you control but always remembers that it won't be easy money when you start a business or a company everything will eat up a lot of time and effort from you but remember always enjoy the long run and one day you can wake up in a mansion built by your hard work.

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