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The severe drawbacks of working alone

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Firstly, I will talk about my experience working alone; I worked in the finance field in charities. Most of the charities I worked in were small, had one person for finance, and I never worked in accounting practice to learn the proper way of accounting. I worked alone and did not have the opportunity to get any help from my colleagues because none of them did know anything about accounting.

However, at the end of the financial year, auditing professionals came to check the work, so I had a small opportunity to learn some advanced stuff from them. I had the chance to learn from them because they used to visit a couple of times and gave excellent reports about my work. That is how my accounting life went on, but I wanted to do some accounting work from home and always looked for clients to work with to make some money.

So, I finished my accounting life by going out to work in 2014 and started working from home. Still, I have a few clients because I do the job from home. Nevertheless, with all these, I got into internet marketing without realizing that it gives you massive loneliness when you try to do the work.

Most internet connections use emails that are the only source of respect; there is no one-to-one relationship. Then the worst part is you're frightened to connect with anyone you come across on the internet. Whatever happens, you cannot open your issues with unknown people.

Besides, the issue becomes more severe if you are introverted because you are reluctant to mix with people. You are a loner and constantly work on your own. If that is the case, I would like to show how people find solutions for their issues as far as the work is concerned.

I find difficulties with some issues such as:

These are the areas that I face problems with;

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  • Video recording on PowerPoint
  • Using OBS studio for live streaming.
  • Dealing with social media
  • Video editing
  • Proper use of social media platforms.
  • I am finding influencers to interview.
  • Create a podcast.
  • Issues with websites.

The circle I live with does not have any interest in internet marketing. Some people concluded it is a complete waste of time. There is no point in convincing them to join because of all these. I am struggling with the work to make progress.

Therefore, all these make me think that you will continue to suffer on your own unless you have someone to work with you. However, how to find someone or even allow the person to work with you? I am hardworking and would like to expect the same from someone who wants to work with me.

Sometimes I feel the life of internet marketing work is tricky and frustrates me. I love my work; I will never leave it as I have acquired so much knowledge and do not want to waste it.

It will be an excellent opportunity if I find someone to work with me prepared to teach the newbie with no knowledge about internet marketing. Nevertheless, my question is how I find a reliable person.

I have spent such long hours learning all these, and not fair to waste it right to educate another person to deal with it. In this field, all our work from home is the most significant advantage wake up and start your work in your nightclothes. However, scaring if that continues too long might take you to a depressive level.

In that way, when you think you, go into the office and mix around with other people while working that motivates you. It sounds good when you work alone because you can concentrate more and decide on winning your business.

Even though I said about the drawbacks at the start, there are definite advantages, especially if you have a family to support you. You can schedule to work to offer them the help that they need in everyday life. That makes you feel better to think that you help your family when needed.

Therefore, I cannot conclude which is better. I think both ways of working have drawbacks and advantages as well. If you want to do well in life, you must learn to accept the good and bad things. However, my only unsolvable issue is that the help you need to move your work faster becomes more important than anything else in business because people will join you without hesitation when you become successful.


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