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The Role of Abstractions in the Philosophical Understanding of Self

Before the end of the day, I ask myself whether I’ve taken today one step forward towards GOD, if not, my whole day has been a waste.

The abstractions of self



The abstraction role of self in life

The role of abstractions in the philosophical understanding of self

I prostrate before thee, my Goddess of knowledge.

That you show mercy, to our stubborn, insane attitude,

And to our unwanted foolish trade in life,

And bring us out from the ocean of ignorance,

To direct us towards the mountain of knowledge, truth and happiness.

Before the end of the day, I ask myself whether I’ve taken today one step forward towards GOD, if not, my whole day has been a waste.

The reason being, there isn’t any human being on earth with all opulence (showily rich and luxurious) i.e. Knowledge, wealth, power, beauty, fame et al. There are many rich and famous, intelligent, beautiful or powerful men and women around us. But, no one can claim to possess all these virtues and opulence. Why!

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We all are born with the special faculties of discrimination and choice and everyone has the right to use them as they wish. It calls for both a blessing and curse because the choice of discriminating leads to conflicts. It becomes a hindrance in our routine life because we can neither solve this conflict nor can we live with it. If anyone tries to suppress them for a while, it resurfaces with the same force for us to be with it. This makes us feel that we human beings are incomplete and undesirable lot. The desires of wanting many things in life disturb the feeling of incompleteness because we cannot possess them all. We try to replace old undesirable objects with new acceptable one, thinking that it will make us happy. But unfortunately, the greed for such desires keep changing without any change in further more desires of more objects. This way our mind gets caught in the turmoil of more possessions. We ourselves are responsible for such cause because we are in conflict with ourselves in that process of fulfilling our inadequacy. It is obvious that the desires and peace of mind can’t stay together. A constant delusion remains in mind that I’m not happy unless I have something more.

Hence, the purpose of life remains to be seen by removing such desires and inadequacies. The desires are like a mirage, they keep coming and changing without showing its true color.

Experience makes a man perfect. With so much experience in life and when we could identify the problem of mental agony, we surely would like to remove such delusions to be at ease with ourselves without having any turmoil of thoughts in mind.

In other words, no person can be disturbed who has knowledge of the self. Once acquired, you can see (not with your biological eyes) the glory and truth everywhere and in everything with your inner vision. So, till the self is understood, all activities and achievements are null and void. Nothing will work. You can achieve fame for a certain time, you can be rich with money for a certain period , you can get whatever material you want for certain duration, but what after that. You are again in the same race, I want something more and hence all that is achieved is in vain. We have to discover the magical and mystical world inside us rather than looking outwards towards the stars and galaxies which are nothing but abstractions and distractions that take us away from exploring the truth within us.

If our consciousness is not committed to transformation, we will always complain and grumble. If we fail to act towards our own mental growth, then the situation goes on repeating itself until we learn and grow.

The inner map of human determines the confidence level under different situations. It is natural that, every human personality changes with different situations. It flashes back the past circumstances and his mind compels him to act differently. The templates of this map that determines the self confidence are based on their beliefs, the first being the belief of possibility and depending on the state of mind we are, we attract situations.

The ultimate solution to all these problems lies within us coated with many layers of MAYA (Illusion). We must penetrate through this Maya to reach in and to understand the truth behind this. Many a times, it becomes impossible to locate and penetrate such layers of Maya due to ignorance of our true self.

Maya in reality, is the mistaken identity of our ego, which states that the things around our physical body are ours and mine. We have no alternative but to get rid of a mistaken notion sooner than later. Our possessions are bound to turn into ashes in a course of time. It has no permanent base or structure. We must free our mind from the prison of ego.

Our aim is to weaken our dependence on material things and strengthen the spiritual resolve, so as to enter the higher realms of faith and piety. This way is to show how to withdraw from the world while still being part of it. It shows man the way to fulfill his spiritual obligation in the turmoil of the materialistic world and experience an infinite bliss.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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