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The Unworthy Son - An Industry Neglected


Welcome to India

Every one loves to travel, travelling helps one relax and unwind from the monotonous routine of daily life, it helps rejuvenate the mind and body.

India is a country of many stories, wonders and the warmest hospitality one can come across, the country has many places and sites that will make the traveler fall in love with the beautiful culture and its people.

Indian children are brought up with many values and one of them is "Athithi Devo Bhava" (Guests are equivalent to god!). A country that believes in this cannot go wrong with hospitality, you visit any place and you will be overwhelmed by the peoples care and hospitality.

The hospitality industry on the whole is a huge umbrella under which many businesses are being conducted. Hotels, restaurants, flights, taxi services, flower shops, marriage halls, etc. Any business that is related to treating the customer with care is basically a business under the hospitality umbrella.



The new year came like every new year; with a ton of hopes, ambitions and desires. "This is going to be my year," thought many who had longed for betterment in many aspects.

India, under the leadership of the very pragmatic and charismatic Shri Narendra Modi was hoping for the country's revival and 2020 was deemed the year of her salvation but what conspired next was in nobody's imagination.

In march 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic had hit almost all the countries and India was not left out, the massive population of India became the perfect place for the notorious virus to play its game of infection and death.

The way the pandemic was ravaging the western countries only made the fear of the Indians more profound as the majority of the rural Indian population is uneducated and devoid of basic healthcare and sanitary facilities.

"If the virus spreads, it will be a disaster for India" every one thought but surprisingly the virus was not capable to wreak havoc the way it was doing in the western countries. The Indian population, everyone realized have a very good immune system, it may be because of the spices we have or the climate of the country or just that Indians have been exposed to so many pollutants over the years that the immunity of the masses has become unexpectedly strong. Whatever may be the reason, the death toll of India is one of the lowest vs population compared to the entire world.

The Unplanned Death


Even though the pandemic was not capable to level the Indian population it somehow managed to decimate the economy, not just India's, but the entire world's. The other countries are able to withstand the blow due to their economic standards, India on the other hand has always been looted, first by the Mughals, then the British and now by the greedy politicians.

Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self Reliant India)

As the pandemic hit the Indian subcontinent, a lockdown was imposed, resulting in instant closure of the entire country and the central govt. came up with an economic package termed, Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self Reliant India)

This package, when announced seemed as a big relief to the Indian population who were under the humongous stress of the crippling economy. Businesses were shut and there was no inflow or outflow of money whatsoever. Three months the entire country was on lockdown and the center had promised loan moratoriums and additional loan facilities for the MSME sectors. Many tried to get the loans under this scheme and the vast majority was not given anything citing various reasons.

The Govt. just kept telling the population stories about the supposed relief trying to pacify the masses but the reality was something completely different, the middle class and the MSME sectors were left to fend for themselves, probably, that is the true meaning of being self reliant.

The Unworthy Son

As the country was slowly unlocking itself cautiously, many sectors were allowed to operate but three months without business is a long time, especially in a credit based economy where people are surviving on loans.

The RBI(Reserve Bank of India) had granted a loan moratorium of six months for all as a relief package but on the back end were charging a heavy compounding interest format on all the EMI's missed, what sort of a relief is that? Charging more to the people who are already stressed! The Supreme Court finally had to intervene and tell the RBI to not charge the compound interest based on the petitions filed by the masses.

After six months of the supposed relief, India was now 70% unlocked but the hospitality sector and the aviation sector was still not revived, there was no demand whatsoever and the scenario still persists till date.

The Govt. has come up with many deductions and relief packages to revive the manufacturing and real estate sectors but still has not mentioned once anything about the Hospitality sector and the aviation industry, they have completely sidelined the entire industry, not even having the decency to acknowledge the stress they are facing let alone giving sector specific relief.

The hospitality industry is the highest employer in India paying taxes and giving jobs to millions, now when the industry is stressed the unemployment has also jumped up and yet the Govt. is silent. It is like they don't care about them, as if they are the UNWORTHY SON!

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