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The Ultimate Guide To Landing High Paying Freelance Jobs in India Through Gig4u

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Gig4U freelance website's Homepage

Gig4U freelance website's Homepage

The growth in digital technologies has led to massive revolutions in all fields. The covid pandemic also paved the way for the loss of jobs and job instability. A lot of people who lost their jobs or felt the insecurity of the job market ventured into freelancing. Freelancing has become a viable career these days.

This digital era has brought some insane possibilities to reality. Apps like Amazon, Ola, Uber, and Swiggy came into existence, connecting the service providers/sellers and the customers. Based on the same idea, there are dozens of freelancing platforms that exist today.

The primary job of these sites is to connect freelancers and employers around the world and provide a safe environment for both of them. Hence starting your freelance journey through one of these sites is the best possible way.

Today there are lots of freelancing platforms and a lot of these platforms function similarly. But the two major issues with all these platforms are the crowd and the processing fee. Because of the crowd, it is almost impossible for a newbie to land jobs using these sites.

Applying to 100’a jobs every single day and not securing one can be exhausting. The second biggest problem is their processing fee. It is not a fixed price. These platforms charge a whopping 15% to 20% of the money you make as a processing fee.

Gig4U – A Freelance Marketplace for Indian gig workers and Freelancers

Here is where Gig4u comes into the scene. Gig4u is an Indian freelancing platform that is launched by Gigflex Pvt ltd, which is a subsidiary of 2COMS Consulting Pvt Ltd. 2Coms is a well-known placement agency and manpower consulting firm in India. With the Gig4U marketplace, there are two major benefits for Indian freelancers:

Firstly, Gig4u is aimed at the Indian market; hence there won’t be much competition like other worldwide platforms.

Also, the processing fee is only 7% which will be a greater relief to the service provider, i.e. aka freelancer.

How Gig4U works for Gig Workers and Freelancers

Now that you have decided to provide your services as a freelancer through gig4u, you can do it by following these few simple steps. First, go to On the first page of the site, below a paragraph of text on the left, there will be two buttons, “Find work” and “Hire talent”.

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Click on “Find work”, and you will be taken to a signup page. Gig4u does not charge you for signing up and bidding on jobs. The processing fee is applicable only once you land a job. So you can fill out the signup form without worrying.

As a freelancer, you will be asked to choose your Business type. If you are an individual freelancer, you can choose the ‘Individual’ option. If you are someone working for or have an agency, you can choose ‘Business’.

After selecting this, you will be asked to fill in your name. If you are an individual service provider, you can fill in your name. If you have chosen ‘Business’, then you need to fill in both your name and your company’s name.

After this, you need to provide other basic information like ‘Email’ and ‘phone number’. Now that you have given these pieces of information, you will be asked to specify your ‘Broad function area,’ i.e. your industry. The ‘Role/ Sub-function’ of your job and the ‘Skills’ you have.

Gig4u provides a platform for a wide variety of jobs and skillsets. There are different categories like Designing, Software development, Sales, Marketing, Cloud services, Business automation, and multiple sub-fields under each category. You can go to and scroll down to the bottom to view all the categories and sub-categories in detail.

Once you choose your industry, role, and skillset, click on the submit button. Upon submitting the form, you need to verify your account through your Email. After completing the verification, you can set up your profile with a profile picture and provide other details.

Gig4u works on the basis of gigs. A customer, i.e. the employer, will post their requirements as gigs. Now you, the service provider, can browse through the gigs and place your bid on a gig that is suitable for you. Once you place your bid, the customer will accept the bid based on your profile and the bidding price.

Once the customer accepts your bid, you need to send an ‘Agreement’ to the customer, to which the customer should agree. Once the customer accepts your agreement, they will make their 100% payment to ESCROW which is a payment platform of Gig4u. This is to ensure the customer’s credibility and avoid future problems in terms of payment.

Once this payment process is over, you can start working on the project and hand over the deliverables. Make sure you meet all the requirements and give the deliverables on time. Once you deliver the project, you need to ask for an ‘Approval’ from the customer. If the customer is satisfied with the work, they will ‘Approve’; if not, they will reach out to you for necessary changes.

Upon making the necessary changes and receiving an ‘Approval,’ your project will be considered done, and the payment will be released. Gig4u is designed with an easy and intuitive process to provide an effective experience to both the service provided, i.e. the freelancer and the customer. So kick start your freelancing career through Gig4u with trust and confidence!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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