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The Top 10 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

Patrick is a digital marketing expert with over five years of experience in content writing and digital marketing management.


If you want to make money online, it can be tempting to just dive in and start trying things that might or might not work. However, if you don’t have the right information up front, it’s easy to waste your time and your money when you try strategies that don’t pan out. Instead of jumping in blind, try one of these ten proven ways to make money online to get you started on the right foot and keep you moving toward your ultimate goal of making extra cash.


1) Data Entry

Data entry is one of those things that a lot of people don’t think they can do because it’s monotonous, right? Wrong. Today, there are all kinds of data entry jobs out there. If you have a love for language (especially spelling and grammar), these types of positions may be perfect for you. You can work at home getting paid as much as $10 per hour and sometimes even more! If you have some free time, check out what data entry jobs are currently available online.


2) Complete Surveys

Another method for making money online is to complete paid surveys. While there are companies like Ipsos, Pinecone Research, and Survey Junkie that want to pay you for your opinion, it won’t be enough for you to live off taking surveys alone. Therefore, we recommend signing up with these websites on a temporary basis when you need some extra cash. Doing so will allow you to take full advantage of what they have to offer by giving you free survey credits in exchange for answering paid surveys as well as giving you discounts on future paid surveys and products.


3) Get Paid To Write Online

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, get paid for writing. There are a variety of websites that offer freelance writing jobs, many of which pay quite well. If you have a knack for writing and know how to create high-quality content, there are endless opportunities available. One website I highly recommend checking out is Problogger Job Board. In order to be successful at finding blogging jobs on sites like these, it’s important that you show employers what kind of work you can do—from your profile page and cover letter.

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4) Become A Micro-Worker

Micro-work is all about offering your services in exchange for small payments or favors. You'll be surprised by how many opportunities there are out there. If you have a talent like writing, organizing photos, editing audio, designing graphics, or doing online research you can easily make extra money by working on projects as they arise. Once you do a project for one company, companies will start contacting you with additional work. On average micro-workers charge about $4 per hour for their services and can earn anywhere from $500 - $3,000 annually depending on how much time they dedicate to it. It's definitely worth checking out if you want an easy way to make extra cash from home.


5) Surf The Web For Cash

Whether you’re a student trying to earn some extra cash or someone looking for part-time work, getting paid for surfing can be a fun way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket. A number of companies offer cash rewards and incentives for surfing ads online. Some of these are free websites that pay you per ad you view, which doesn’t cost anything but time (they make money by selling your data). Others will give you points that translate into cold hard cash. Usually, these sites require an application fee, but it’s worth it if you want fast cash. The best part is, once you start surfing ads, it becomes something you do automatically without even thinking about it—and like any task that becomes second nature, it gets done faster!

6) Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants are people who help you with running your day-to-day business operations. There’s been a rise in virtual assistant jobs over recent years, which is now making it easier for individuals to make money online. These types of jobs can be done through email, chat platforms, and phone calls. If you’re looking for a side hustle or something that could become more permanent as you grow your skillset, then working as a virtual assistant might be right up your alley.

7) Working From Home

Working from home can be one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are several different work-from-home jobs available, including graphic design and technical support. If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to land a remote position because companies usually want some sort of experience in that field. But if you’re willing to take entry-level positions, try bidding on smaller projects with independent clients and don’t be afraid to email or call them about your interest in working for them. This strategy might land you a job before you know it!

8) Sell Your Artwork On Etsy And Other Sites

Selling artwork is one of my favorite ways to make money online. It’s incredibly easy and doesn’t require a large startup cost. Whether you create digital or physical pieces, there are people out there looking for art. And while Etsy is certainly a popular option, there are plenty of sites that offer buyers more variety. If you have some artistic talent but aren’t quite ready to dive into painting full-time, selling your art at craft fairs is another great way to make extra cash on nights and weekends in front of an audience that appreciates what you have to offer. And if starting up sounds like too much hassle, consider selling your work through platforms like Threadless or Society6 where you can focus on creating work as well as promoting it!

9) Become An Amazon Associate

As an Amazon Associate, you earn from qualifying purchases. That’s easy to set up and it only takes a few minutes. Once you are set up with your Associates' account, look through every section of Amazon’s homepage and find items that are sold by third-party merchants. These have a button that says Sell on Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon. You can click these links, choose your items and they will be sent directly to your FBA storage facility. When someone buys from one of your links, you get paid! Easy peasy!

10) Sell On Ebay And Craigslist

The ultimate beginner-friendly option, selling unused items on eBay or Craigslist is a quick and easy way to start getting paid. Since there’s no initial cost involved, you can begin making money right away by listing items at or below your cost price. If you’re listing an item that doesn’t yet have a sale price, be sure to consider how much it will cost you in eBay/PayPal fees before deciding how much to charge for it. Keep in mind too that your best deals can come from sold listings that have recently been bid on but not won—as low bidders drop out, a second chance arises for anyone looking for a bargain!

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