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Paved the Way to the Entrepreneurship World

I started from the scratch, I had nothing but a vision. Now I run a company that operates internationally.


Paved my way to Entrepreneurship world

Entrepreneurship which involves the organization of resources towards productive ventures has directly lead to the growth of innovations in different sectors. Think of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Apple, all of them has contributed to change what we know as to how businesses are done. One good aspect of entrepreneurship is that it offers you the opportunity to bring innovations while making profits. These entrepreneurs have a high level of freedom, they can achieve a high level of work-life balance.

This brings me to the definition of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has been defined by various authors. Some authors defined it as the ability to put productive resources to better use. However, the most encompassing definition of the word can be seen in two things: risk and reward. Entrepreneurs are risk takers that reap huge benefits when the business risk pays off.

It is important to note that entrepreneurship is a process that has no end point. It is a continuous challenging process that aims at paving the way and creating better opportunities while reaping the benefits of solving a particular problem. After each problem is solved, the entrepreneur does not relax. Rather the entrepreneur continues on another journey towards achieving another target.
It is important then to note the difference between normal people and entrepreneurs. The average person sees a problem and complains about it. However, when an entrepreneur encounters a problem, he or she starts to think about a solution to the problem and how benefits can be derived from the project.

This fundamental difference in human beings separates entrepreneurs from the rest. There are two types of people on earth. The first set of people have ideas but ends up not accomplishing them, the second set has ideas and converts those ideas into investments. The latter is known as entrepreneurs. It is important that you discern where you belong whether you are an entrepreneur or the average person.

A lot of people have ideas in the world, about how things are to be done and the rest. However, it is not just enough to have ideas. It is more important to be passionate about your ideas. This is because my experience has taught me that passion drives you when you face opposition. People will tell you why the ideas will not work. They will challenge you saying that your ideas is not practicable and is destined to fail. You shouldn't listen to them; you should allow your passion for your idea to be your driving force. Instead of the naysayers to disrupt you, it should motivate you more as you have to prove them wrong. Let their negativity become a fuel that motivates you to achieve your goals. Do not move with the crowd that always sees a reason why an idea cannot be achieved. Be the one that stands out and keeps pursuing your dreams. When I wanted to start my current training program, I faced a lot of opposition even from friends and family. They told me that the business won't survive the harsh economic reality and competition from international brands. But I was certain and passionate about what I wanted. So I devised a means to cast a deaf ear towards all the reasons why my idea can't be accomplished and directed all my energy towards accomplishing and developing the idea. Today, I have one of the best training programs that are recognized both locally and internationally. If I had listened to people, I won't have been able to achieve this. I was so passionate about what I wanted. It is very important to be passionate and dexterous towards what we want to achieve.

From my experience as a female entrepreneur in a very competitive world, I have listed out the few things that I have learned in my entrepreneurial journey.
First and foremost is clarity of purpose. It is important that on your journey as an entrepreneur that you acknowledge what you want. Be clear, concise and simple in stating what you want to achieve with this business. This clarity of purpose will be beneficial as it will help you to maintain the course of actions towards achieving the set goal.

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Secondly, set a time frame. A popular quote says that “a goal is a dream without a deadline". As an entrepreneur, it's important you set a time frame with which you hope to achieve your aims. Don't just write broad goals without a specific time frame. One idea that I have found to be very helpful in this aspect is SMART. SMART is an acronym that represents specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound. Using this acronym you can be able to set goals that are specific, measurable and also should be achieved within a set time. This deadline will motivate you to work harder towards achieving the goals.

Thirdly, in entrepreneurship, I have learned its okay to take shortcuts. What I mean here is that you should learn from others mistakes and be able to circumvent and move faster towards achieving your goals. There is no point trying to create electricity when there is already made electricity that will make your work easier. Leverage on existing knowledge and use them to achieve your goals faster.

Fourthly, the focus is paramount in entrepreneurship. The constant change that occurs in a business environment can easily derail the achievement of a set goal. It is therefore important that entrepreneurs focus all their energy towards achieving a particular goal. The focus is the nexus that connects your idea to reality. You need to constantly focus and make improvements on the idea in order to convert it into reality.
Also, there is a need to delegate. Over the years, I have seen bright entrepreneurs that have been exhausted because of their inability to delegate some duties to others. They want perfection and want to do it all on their own. My experience taught me that without delegating, entrepreneurship work can be very demanding. When I started out as an entrepreneur, I was not able to properly delegate my activities as I wanted perfection in everything I did. I was running the business as a one-man show. This took a toll on my health and consumed a good part of my personal time. Fortunately, I came across a book titled “Winning the game of life” by Kevin Abdulrahman, the book changed my perspective about life and introduced me to the positive impact which changing this habit will have on my business as it helps to increase employee loyalty and engagement in the business. Through my encounter and experience, I learned that Entrepreneurship involves managing people and making use of their abilities to achieve a higher level of efficiency. It's important that in the course of your entrepreneurship journey that you delegate some duties to people and use their dexterity to improve the general system.

Finally, one of the primary issues that limit the growth of entrepreneurs is that they keep thinking about an idea that failed and why it failed. As I stated earlier, entrepreneurship is a journey and not a destination, when an idea fails, it is important that you pick yourself up and move on to the next one.

One good thing about entrepreneurship is that when you fail, you learn. You learn how to better manage the mistakes that lead to the failure of the business. There's no point dwelling on past negative experiences, the future holds more promise.

I will end this by saying “if you don't win, you learn, so, by all means, keep going"

© 2018 Neveen Muhtaseb

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