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The Rigors of Retail

Crazy, enthusiastic, and determinedly cheerful, Tabby attacks the difficulties of retail with a smile (and enough coffee to down a rhino)


You've just started your new job.

You're nervous, but you're also excited to jump into it.

Ready, to begin your day, and with all the enthusiasm of a chipmunk after some tasty worms. (Um- eek- bad comparison, maybe.)

So, you start at 100%.

Going about your day, doing your work, helping people with this or that.

And then someone asks to speak with your manager.

Maybe it's a balding guy with red, angry eyes and a mustache that looks suspiciously hitler-like.

Maybe it's a woman with pursed lips and a severe-looking bun. She reminds you of your fifth-grade math teacher a little.

Whoever it is, they're MAD. And they look like they wanna strangle you.

You get your manager for them, feeling rattled- but still at 90%.

These things happen, ya think to yourself, It's not a big deal!

So you go on with your day.

"Hey," A lady at the fitting room stops you, catching your arm as you pass," I need to try this on. NOW."

She's carrying enough brassieres to cover the chests of a small army.

This customer seems angry, too. Her face is round and red, and looking at you like you're an ant that's crawled into her latte.

So, you comply.

Grabbing the keys with shaky hands, and unlocking one of the rooms, you nervously let her in.

You're at 85%.

But it doesn't stop there, no.

-Because after she enters, closing the door behind her, you hear a grunt of frustration. Then another.

It sounds, frankly, as though the customer may have miraculously transformed into a bear.

"I have a LARGE chest. Don't you people have anything for LARGE chests?"


Something sails past your head.

You wonder, briefly, if a bird has found its way into the supermarket.

Then you realize, as you dodge another of the items, that it's a bra.

"DOESN'T FIT." The woman growls.

Rather than such articles becoming sentient and gaining the ability to fly, you realize that the customer is tossing the items over the top of the fitting room.


"DOESN'T FIT!" -Out goes another undergarment.

Then another.

And another.

"If you don't find me something that FITS," She snarls from the other side of the door, "I'm going to walk out of here NAKED."


You panic, trembling slightly, your smile wild and frantic at the other customers, who stand watching the spectacle, confused.

You look down at your own chest, which is decidedly NOT very big, thinking you've never been in this situation, before.

You agree that there should be more sizes, and that clothes-shopping should be easier in general, but is this behavior necessary?


"U-um. W-what size do ya need?" Your voice cracks as you desperately try to remain cheerful, "A s-s-size...D?" Your brain can't think of a bigger size, at the moment (Because it is frozen in panic).

The woman gives a huff. Another growl.

And then pushes her way from the fitting room (Clothed) To find another size, herself.

You stagger away like a wounded creature, fleeing to safer pastures.


And, just when you think it's safe...

"I'M NEVER shopping here AGAIN," A man says through his teeth, pushing past you, "TEN EXTRA CENTS FOR THESE things that were JUST on sale last WEEK!"



Ever been in this situation before?

I have, many times.

*Makes mental note to acquire stress ball*

It's hard to deal with such situations on a daily basis; hard on the mind, and hard on the ol' soul, as well.

Some things to help:

(1.) Recharge, at the end of the day.

(2.) Be gentle with yourself, since others won't always be gentle with you.

(3.) Their actions are a reflection of themselves, not you.

(4.) Find an outlet for the stress and feelings inside of you- whether it be art, writing, video games, etc.

(5.) Finally- and maybe most importantly- remember that most people are good. Most people are kind, and just trying their best.


TabbyTalks (author) from A tiny little imp of a town. Possibly a forsaken land. Who knows...? on January 20, 2019:

Thank you so much! I look forward to being a part of this awesome community!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 16, 2019:

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This was an enjoyable read. It put a smile on your face. So, congratulations on your first article at Hub Pages. I look forward to reading more.

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