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The Repurchase Intention of Your Online Buyers Matters!

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Factors that positively influence online repurchase intention

Today, the internet is a major source of online shopping worldwide. Thanks to the online trading system, buyers can pay for products and services using the internet. The purpose of this article is to focus on elements that can influence online shopping intention. In addition, this article provides practical information for running an online business.

The Internet today creates opportunities for companies to continue to compete with available users. Online shopping is growing rapidly and is one of the most popular forms of shopping. What's more, the internet allows companies to deal directly with consumers, eliminating intermediary costs and ultimately reducing the final cost paid by consumers. Companies are aware that it is cheaper to enter the international market over the internet. Although first-time buyers are very important for any organization, their services are more expensive than existing buyers. Therefore, it is important to draw conclusions about the factors that influence the intention to shop online. After comprehensive research, here are few most important influencers of online repurchase intention.

Perception of Trust

Shopping beliefs and habits influence consumers' e-commerce decisions. Consumers who are fully confident and aware of the dangers will greatly influence their decision to buy goods online. Buyers' confidence in trust, privilege, security concerns, the nature of site data, and the organization's notoriety can greatly affect site trust.

Customers’ satisfaction

Consumer loyalty can be defined as the extent that online users who look at the background of online shopping approve their demands. Consumers should be satisfied with their e-commerce shopping history before doing buying more over the web. In order to continue the shopping activity for the online customer, the management and the next shopping process are given importance. The factors of innovation, including security, convenience, web composition, security, item validation and item customization can affect customer loyalty to web-based purchases through the B2C site.

Website design quality

High quality website design means the ability to visit or visually attract the website. Customer satisfaction when shopping online through a B2C website is directly related to the quality of website design. Website design affects customer satisfaction and service quality, which are especially perceived with confidence. Proven results show that navigation, image and information design have a positive effect on customer satisfaction.

Service quality

SERVQUAL Scale evaluates the websites of many online retailers that measure power standards such as effectiveness, integrity, level of completion, isolation, response, coverage, and connectivity. Very few experts have implemented the essence of expression and information as well as the basic features of the Internet. In addition, they comprehensively assess the quality of the site from the pre-purchase period to the post-purchase period, including after-purchase, purchase support, implementation and replacement policy. Some other experts suggest six uncertain aspects: integrity and success, accountability, usability, privacy and security, website design, information quality, whether it is clear and accurate, and its content. There are 5 factors in the quality of website services: assurance, reliability, robustness, empathy and responsiveness.


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In terms of defining the Functionality of a website, it is an interactive component of the website that allows viewers to respond in their own way, thus turning the viewer into a user. There are several types of functions such as shopping cart, email, database form, viral form and online credit / debit card processing. In particular, almost all consumers prefer a payment method that is more secure than convenient. Online users expect the website to keep their personal information confidential and look forward to a website that offers services or products that have secure payment terms and maintain the privacy and security of online communications. When consumers spend a lot of time learning the buying and paying process on a particular shopping website, the cost of paying a certain fee for invisible goods increases. As a result, creating easy payment methods is a key issue for online retailers to retain customers and increase customer satisfaction.


Definition of Usability refers to the use of maturity on the website to make a successful purchase. In general, when shopping to access the website, it is often easy to use and at the same time, it is an important factor in the development of e-commerce. Ability to learn to manage a usability system is referred to as Usability. Usability is a standard feature that makes the user interface easy to use, no matter how simple the user interface is. The term "usability" also refers to a way to improve ease of use in the design process. Usability has been defined by evaluating 5 elements: competency, how to perform basic tasks for the user, how not to complicate basic tasks, first interacting with the design of the product or service when performing them, effectiveness, when someone is learning how to use the design, how fast it can do the job, how it can do the job, the ability to remember, mistakes, the number of user errors. , how serious these mistakes are, and how easy it is to get rid of these mistakes, and the ultimate satisfaction is the pleasant level when using the design.


Security is one of the essential components of online shopping happiness. The ability of consumers to protect private data from unauthorized use of collected electronic functions in important. Users consider the privacy, responsibility and privacy of online sites. As an easy-to-understand approach, e-commerce privacy concerns can be categorized as consumer authentication and security, and transaction concerns. Due to the low perception of security threats, consumers are satisfied with the information services of online stores. There are three main factors influencing e-satisfaction, including technology, purchasing, and specific elements of the product. Security is determined by technical factors. Website security can be defined as an important type of work or activity that is essential in the process of using and launching a website. Security guarantees relate to the means by which the Website protects users' money and public information.

Herd mentality

People tend to be overly influenced by their neighbors and oppose relying on someone else's nature. After that, the benches accept less changes in their normal living space. In terms of choosing to buy on a site, the attitude of the population is the amount of views, strong statements of different buyers.

Final Words

As a result, it also seems that site planning is definitely not the main issue for customers to make a second purchase. After that, online stores must first focus on their apparent trust in purchases from websites. There are several different ways to build trust with e-customers. One is the explanation of the fast approved installment framework, information security and understand how to protect their consumers. Likewise, they can take advantage of fast sync guarantees and refunds, stay in touch with the customer 24/7, focus on current calls / goals, and refer to e-Trust. Second, online stores must respond immediately to customer messages and demonstrations and anticipate their needs from claimants as soon as possible so that they can respond to their customers and be intimidated. Customers come back to buy again, thus impressing the trustworthy organization, as well as reassuring the site of the nature of previous purchases. In addition, the organization should focus on the notorious structure of an organization, focus on the post-transaction perspective, and buy the previous customer day by day by giving prepaid codes, branding codes, gift vouchers and cheaper prices.

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