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The Rarely Visible Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad…

Jamil is a content editor and writer with a digital marketing firm in India. This article is written with the motive to write ashort essay.

The Rarely Visible Challenges Of Being A Digital Nomad

You will find the internet filled with hundreds of articles talking about the challenges of being a digital nomad, but hardly a few will discuss the rarely visible challenge of being a digital nomad.

If you aren’t aware of what a Digital Nomad is, let me brief you. Digital nomads are individuals whose lives involve both traveling (traveling for fun and leisure) and working. They are locational independent people who work from anywhere around the world.

They just need a WiFi connection, free or paid to get started with their work. Mostly they rely on free or a borrowed internet connection to save money.

Sounds interesting? Isn’t it. But it’s not all hunky-dory as it may sound. So, without much ado, let’s get straight to the challenges faced by these digital nomads.

5 Rarely Visible Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad

The rarely visible challenges of being a digital nomad, here are they...

1. Fewer Savings And More Expenses

It is not just about connecting your laptop with free WiFi; there is a cost involved when you stay at a hotel, spend money on sightseeing, or if you rent a car. At the end of the month, you may seem to have exhausted your hard-earned money, and at extreme, you may have to borrow from your friends or family members living in your hometown.

2. Becomes Tiring At Times

Initially, you may find it interesting and adventurous to be a digital nomad, but you will begin to feel the exhaustion as traveling starts to take a toll on your body. And there are deadlines from our office that you need to meet. Then to complete the task you sit down with your laptop for long hours just to complete it, and this becomes too much tiring for you.

3. Missing The Important Events Of Your Family And Friends

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When you get an email or a WhatsApp message; or check the updates on Facebook or the recent events in your family and friends, you will begin to miss them and feel lonely. You will start thinking that you should have been there too, to enjoy those celebrations with your friends and family.

4. There Is A Limit To Traveling

You have to accept that you cannot afford to travel to every place you wish to see. You have to keep yourself satisfied with the ones that you can afford and where time allows so that you can manage the work and fun both. As travel involves time, you will have to assess your priority.

5. Sometimes There Is No Fun But Only Work

As you have to manage your time between work and fun activities, you will find yourself grinding to complete a certain task that you have to do within the deadline. You cannot afford to upset your boss or your client because they are the ones who are filling your pocket for your adventurous nomadic life. These will be the times you will have to glue yourself with your laptop for lengthy stretches.


Becoming a digital nomad is a dream for many. You get the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and explore different cultures in different lands.

Those who are already living digital nomadic lives have more or less acclimatized themselves to these challenges. And if you are looking to become one of the members of this modern-day tribe, you will have to check whether your job and income allows for it or not.

Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

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