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ENFJ Profile of Interests - The Enabler Personality Type

The ENFJ personality type is the motivating Enabler. About 4 percent of people (in the U.S.) are ENFJs. Being an ENFJ means that you have the personality profile

You (E)xtravert your attention and focus on your outer world and you desire variety, action and having people around. You are energized and stimulated by things and people in your environment.

By your i(N)tuition you have your own take on people relationships, theories and future possibilities. You also like to have a plan ahead of time, while not in detail; putting that off until later.

by Crystl

by Crystl

(F)eeling means you are always looking to base your decisions on person-centered values and concerns because you want to create and keep the harmony. Some may think you have a good "gut sense" about people.

You exhibit your (J)udging through your orderliness and your desire to promptly settle or complete things. You like to bring things to a conclusion and are always looking for a way to make that happen.

Is This Your Personality Type?

Are you a motivating ENFJ?! Have you ever had employee screening and taken a "personality type" test or other tests for employees? If not and you want to know what your Myers-Briggs personality type® is, here's a free place to start.

ENFJs find more satisfying where we have these parameters included in our job.

  1. Work and interact regularly with other people where regular encouragement is shared.
  2. Be qualified and competent to do the job well.
  3. A succession of projects to facilitate and complete in your own uniquely creative way.
  4. Be challenged with new possibilities and problems to solve improve life for others.
  5. Clear guidelines and latitude to add your creative input.
  6. You have a voice and say in decisions on goals and how they are accomplished.
  7. Many interesting projects for you to organize, control and be responsible for with some mechanism or assistance to keep in mind important facts and details.

These parameters are based on the ENFJ personality's natural abilities and interests. The following hub article discusses some job hunting tips specific to the ENFJ.

  • 5 Job Hunting Tips for ENFJ Personality Types
    Here are some tips of what to look for in a ENFJ job match that would be even more motivating and energizing for the long term, helpful for you ENFJs who can become easily wounded if your ideas meet with resistance.

Some Natural Abilities of ENFJs

Natural abilities that ENFJs use to achieve job satisfaction, and which define our natural strengths, are like the following. We would be more effective in jobs that incorporate these abilities (listed in alphabetical order).



Carry through, complete something, productive


Encourage, motivate, assist, traing, teach 


Invent, create, originate new possibilities, draw up plans 


Excite others with ideas, lead comfortable discussions, make others feel valued


Set priority objectives


Contribute adequately and competently so that it is worthwhile


Coordinate, prioritize, delegate, assign


Think ahead, outline, schedule


Help a need, please, make happy

Work motivation:

  • Do What is Energizing - For ESFJ and ENFJ Job Occupations
    We have the choice of situations that energize us and drain us. Certain things build us up or can tear us down. Such knowledge can help guide us in team building at work or in managing our own lives. Employee engagement and motivation can be better..

ENFJs Love to Communicate

You ENFJs are warm and positive people who immediately engage others with your unique charisma. You often take on the role of a "Creative Enabler." Evidence of positive impact on others is important and affirmative feedback gives you a sense of fulfillment.

You find satisfaction in and are motivated by truly contributing to others' needs. You welcome a challenge or problem where you have ample time to organize a competent approach and can contribute to the need of the group or the team. You enjoys particularly the use of your own gifts and abilities to give of yourself to benefit others with positive changes. Great satisfaction come from putting your own unique "stamp" on what you do for others. Once you have finished a product, you self-evaluate how you well did on the task—very important—for you find it very enjoyable to see you accomplished the goal well.

Introduction to the MBTI

3 Interest Areas of ENFJs

In another article I explain six areas of interest and those compatible to the ENFJ personality usually involve Social, Artistic and Enterprising (or SAE). The combination of the three interests can be expressed as "creatively facilitate the meeting of others' needs". Social interests are expressed in a focus on helping people. Artistic interest is seen in an independent flexibility and idealism, and also in a creative approach to tasks and people. The Enterprising are expressed in the desire to start and carry out projects, and involve and lead people in them. The ENFJ is motivated to facilitate the connection of real help with peoples' needs and to motivate others.

You ENFJs employ your interests to serve through orderly even aggressive organization of projects and institutions aimed at what you see as a world of waiting, endless needs and concerns. This is the ENFJ passion.

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The ENFJ would rather....  than... 

make comments 

grade papers or rank them. 

motivate others and make suggestions 

monitor them and direct their work. 

lead the team 

be a team member with no voice. 

give and receive positive feedback

only know or make known how to improve.

have standards and requirements to follow

than be unclear on goals and expectations.

lead the discussion

lose the opportunity for discussion.

Why identify best-fit type?


You ENFJs are so zealous to put every ounce of effort into competently working with and encouraging people that any sense of resistance to your efforts can be taken personally. An ENFJ can tend to become depressed, wounded, even bitter. You so want to work well with others, you easily submit to pressure to conform and do what others think is needed. Your focus on successfully meeting others' needs and your strong aversion to disagreement and conflict may make it very difficult to say "no," and so you will readily agree to what others decide must be done. Often, you are then left wishing you'd had your say and input into the decision.

Even worse, you ENFJs will exhibit a pattern of anxiety symptoms particular to this personality. Your balanced enthusiastic approach of optimistic caring insight can get knocked out of balance when hit with too much pressure towards a different direction, absence of trust or times of interpersonal conflict. You become insistent on harmony and cooperation and demand good will. This isn't too bad if you can manage to get relief from these stressers and get back into balance, however, if relief is not found, it gets worse. You ENFJs then go extreme. You obsessively criticize with convoluted logic. Out of character you may also become compulsively entrenched in a truth quest. By that point (if not before) you ENFJs must take drastic measures to get back into balance. You must get time alone for some solitude and privacy (for the time being), do some journaling and start some new project to which you can competently lend your creativity.

BUT, since you ENFJs want to work in a people environment, you will regain your balanced warmly optomistic selves once again. People are your motivation and highest priority. ENFJs have such a huge sense for other people's needs that you enjoy making a way for those needs to be addresses. The trick is to keep yourself in balance and be where people openly seek to work in cooperation and highly value your contributions to that endeavour.

Here is another article that discusses the ENFJ.

The NF as the boss:

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M.A on July 26, 2017:

Pretty good , different from other reviews on the internet , thanks

Deidre Shelden (author) from Texas, USA on May 30, 2014:

Torrs13, Helpful to have some of your description here of what it is like as an ENFJ in communicating with others, helping people and in making decisions and plans.

Tori Canonge from North Carolina on May 29, 2014:

I'm an ENFJ and I definitely am a big communicator! I enjoy being around people and feeding off of their energy. I have found my passion to be in the helping professions. I find myself relying on my gut instincts for a lot of decisions, but I do weigh the facts as well. I also like to be spontaneous every once in awhile, but I like to have things planned out if they are big events.

Deidre Shelden (author) from Texas, USA on December 12, 2011:

wonderful1, I hope this new understanding of yourself brings more and more balance to enjoy your clear ENFJ strengths. I'm so glad this has been of help to you!

Sheila Varga Szabo from Southern California on December 12, 2011:

Wow, you sure nailed the description of ENFJ with that Hub! I'm almost in tears, it sounds so true to my character. Thanks for the beautiful insight. And now I know why I'm so off balance (the part about trust or interpersonal conflict). Here I go looking for my happy place.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on February 24, 2011:

Ms Dee - You have certainly provided us with an interesting hub here. I will be coming back to read it again. I sure want to know if I fit this type. :) A great piece of work here. Well done! I am a new fan now.

Rated up!

Deidre Shelden (author) from Texas, USA on February 24, 2011:

If you can relate to a lot of this hub, this particular type may be close to your type. Yes, it would be interesting to see the test results. Any way to get them or take it again? Now the "test" or MBTI inventory is shorter than it used to be.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 24, 2011:

Mrs Dee, This is an interest hub. I took the test in college and can't remember what I am except for the E. It would be fun to see that test now.

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