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The Hiring Process at Amazon Distribution Centers: From Application to Interview to Orientation


The Application

Go to the Amazon jobs website and search the list of job openings in your area. Once you have found what you are looking for, click on the "Apply Here" icon. You'll need to set up an account with a password. This way you can go back and check the status of your application at any time. You'll also have to supply an email address so you can be contacted. They may want to schedule an interview or they may request more information from you.

Once you have applied to the first job you can browse and apply for other jobs you are interested in. You won't have to set up a new account each time either. It's all under the same account.

Amazon Locations

Hiring Events

When Amazon opens a new warehouse or distribution center, they will hold a "Hiring Event" in the community. Also in the months leading up to Christmas they might hold one of these job fairs.

Hundreds of people may turn out. To get a jump on the competition make sure you have already gone through the application process online before you show up. Bring a government picture I.D. and your social security card with you. Bring a resume if you have one.

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The Interview

Keep a look out in your email for a scheduled interview time. If you are at a hiring event be prepared to have an interview there. Dress appropriately. Some people like to dress for the job they want, but it's also good to take it up a notch. Polo shirts and khakis are appropriate.

Some interviews are done over the phone. Be prepared for that also! Make sure you are at a quiet place with no interruptions. Interviews usually last no more than ten minutes. If the interview is in person, the wait before the interview will be longer then the actual interview itself.

Do not bring your phone to the interview! If you attend an interview at a distribution center you will be asked to put it back in your vehicle or leave it with the security guards at the entrance.

Drug Screening and Background Check

If Amazon is interested in hiring you, you will have to go through a drug screening test. The screening consists of a swab to get a saliva sample. You won't have to go to any medical center to do this.

For the background check, Amazon uses E-Verify. The results from E-Verify and the drug screening can take a few days. So keep checking for updates in your email or online.

Amazon Orientation - What to Expect!


After the results from your drug screening and background check are in, you will be contacted for the date and time of your orientation. Be prepared to attend for the whole day. It can last ten hours or more. Bring your government picture I.D. and your social security card. Leave your cell phone at home or in your vehicle. Be prepared to fill out forms and paperwork. You'll learn what your new job entails and how to do it.

Dress nice but appropriately. It will be a long day. When you walk out at the end of the day you'll have your work schedule in hand and the tools you'll need for a successful Amazon career.

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