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The Highest Paid Anesthesiologists in America: Where These Doctors Make The Best Salaries

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Anesthesiologists are an essential part of the surgical team since they ensure that patients remain pain-free during operations. They also handle pain management before and after surgical procedures. They monitor the patient’s life functions such as heart rate, temperature, respiration and blood pressure during surgery. And meet with surgeons and other members of the surgical team to plan out appropriate procedures.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 31,010 anesthesiologists working in the U.S. earn a mean $125.83 per hour or $261,730 per year. The lowest earners will make less than $59.65 an hour or $124,080 a year.

Their jobs are projected to grow by four percent from 2018 to 2028 due to a growing and again population that requires more care. This growth is lower than the 7 percent expected for all physicians and surgeons, and lower than the five percent expected for all occupation.


The highest-paying positions for anesthesiologists are in specialty hospitals that do not cover psychiatry or substance abuse. The 140 professionals here earn a mean $131.97 hourly or $274,500 yearly. The second highest-paying positions are in outpatient care centers where 720 average $131,.32 and hour or $273,140 a year.

Most anesthesiologists, numbering about 25,500, work for themselves where they make a mean $130.84 per hour of $272,140 per year, which is the third highest for salary. Next for employment are general medical and surgical hospitals where 4,020 earn an average $100.19 an hour or $208,390 a year. In third are outpatient care centers with 720 making a mean $131.32 hourly or $273,130 yearly.


The highest paying states for the profession are South Dakota, Oregon, Ohio, and New Jersey. (The BLS did not release the actual salaries in these areas.)

The states with the most jobs are California with 3,850 and an undisclosed salary, Texas with 2,500 averaging $115.91 an hour or $241,090 a year, and New York with 1,540 making an average $102.28 hourly of $212,730 yearly.


For cities, the highest pay is in Waco, Texas; Urban Honolulu, Hawaii, and Spartanburg, South Carolina. The BLS did not disclose actual salaries.

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The best employment is also in high-population locales such as New York City where 2,190 make a mean $101.93 per hour or $212,010 per year. Second is Washington DC with 1,490 averaging $109.79 or $228,350. In third is Los Angeles with an undisclosed salary.

Rural Areas

For anesthesiologists who want to escape the hustle of the city, the best paying non-metropolitan areas are in Southern Vermont, the Oregon Coast, and West Central-Southwest New Hampshire, which also has the highest number of jobs at 70.

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Aurelio Locsin (author) from Orange County, CA on December 02, 2012:

Thanks for the clarification, Johnsrud.

Johnsrud on December 01, 2012:

Good information and statistics. But, it is hard to apply "hourly wage" to private practices. And these averages certainly seem low. I know an anesthesiologist in Oregon who only brings in a low $190,000 a year, but this is the lowest of the spectrum that I know of, and most anesthesiologists wouldn't work for that pay. In a private practice, we split the work evenly between all the anesthesiologists that work for the business, and the partners that have worked in our business (the private business I started 26 years ago with a partner) for 1 year split the total earnings of the business evenly. A partner working full time generates over 600,000 per year, and a partner with 20 weeks off a year makes $500,000. Hourly wage is far higher in the area I work because we are paid for a much higher percentage of the work we do, because many can cover their medical bills.

b. Malin on November 19, 2011:

My Aunt's Second Marriage at the age of 68, was to a "Retired" Anesthesiologist...they literally climbed Mountains together...or travel the World. They are both no longer with us, but they shared some Great Memories.

Once again Alocsin, you've share a very Interesting and Informative Hub...Well researched and written. Thank You!

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