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The Five Steps Needed For Putting Make Money From eBook Into Action.

Bhavik is a creative write and he is also a Digital Marketer.

Make Money From eBook

Make Money From eBook


Looking to make money just by writing and publishing eBooks? Your answer is yes, then you are at the right place, now you can easily publish an eBook just by yourself i.e self-publishing. And yes you can earn some extra money from it and you can get the tag of Author. Wow, it's very nice, right?

Publishing your own book is cheap, and it is free to publish. On the other side, you can earn several dollars from it and one someday nothing.

You can set our own price as you want also you can alter the price as per your requirements. But yes the starting price is fully dependent on the length of the book and reviews you get.

If you have some budget decided for marketing, then you can use paid marketing tricks to promote your eBook to get success, but yes there are many free tricks also available for promotion so you can also try it once i.e Social Media.

Below you will see the best tips I just made for you to make money just by selling eBooks online.

Here I want to tell you that focus on the topics that you have high interest and keen to write on it, the topic that you can present directly to the readers. I know you are writing a book to make money but here I want to tell you to focus also on providing some useful information too. If you have a book idea and you think that it will create a high impact on readers then you just go for it.

If you have some interesting topic running in your mind, your readers will like to tell you how passionate you are about the subject that you have decided. Writing your own words will be very easy for you to present your ideas. So once again select the subject that you are interested to share with others and you think will have a high impact on readers.

Smart Ideas you should check to write eBook:

  • Keep everything original whether it is poems, novels, etc.
  • Provide some practical information about the topic that you know well.
  • Graphic Comics.
  • A guide to some walking routes.
  • Your old material for a particular subject.

Maintain A High-Quality Standard Of Your eBook

If you put your high efforts into writing an eBook then you will generate high results and you can also charge more for it, yes it's right.

So to make your eBook best and high quality you will need to research first and spend more time writing. Once your writing is done, then it requires proofreading, editing, and designing. So eBook quality is a must.

If you are going with the free software to edit your eBook it will save your time for sure.

I am using Grammarly for editing and grammar checking, you can also try it once. Also, you can send your eBook draft to other people before publishing and get feedback from them.

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Writing an eBook will take time, but it is very important for you to maintain quality content. Why it is important because you can sell at a higher price and your readers will also recommend your ebook to others so your sales will definitely increase.

Make Money From eBook

Make Money From eBook

Select The Best Platform For Publishing

So the main work of writing a book is finished, so what to do next? Now it's time to monetize your eBook so that it can reach your audience. So research some best eBook publishing platforms that can give you more money. You can also compare different platforms.

I have published my eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can check it too, and also you will get many other alternatives once you research it.

Plan Marketing Strategy For Promotion

As you have put high dedication in writing a high-quality eBook and another side, what about marketing? you have to put equal efforts into marketing your eBook too.

To make money from your eBook you should spend some time on marketing too so that people can read it. It will not cost you anything in marketing.

For suggestions, you can take a look at successful authors online. Regularly, with fruitful writing accounts, you will see a decent harmony between presents about day-on day life as an author, with limited time posts about their books mixed all through.

On top of this present, you should also plan to make your own website with your portfolio of writing and link out for the readers to where to purchase your eBook

Besides, you could contact book clubs straightforwardly to check whether they would be keen on reading your content at a limited cost.

Make Money From eBook

Make Money From eBook

Come Up With The Series Of eBook

You published your eBook successfully right and your audience is liking it, so what about coming up with the whole series of the content that you have written? the entire arrangement of writings worked around similar characters or topics.

The most ideal approaches to move toward composing an eBook arrangement would rely upon the idea of your work, however, do what will be perfect for you. Consider whether it would be a characteristic movement for your eBook to turn out to be important for a progression of works.

Ensure that, if you do compose a subsequent book, it's kept in touch with a similarly great as the first. Also, most importantly, ensure any future eBooks inside the series all have their own imaginative worth and aren't absolutely composed for earning money.

You could get a decent lot more money-flow by composing follow-on eBooks, however just if your readers believe them to merit their time and money. Else, you could be seeing complaints and bad reviews and no writer needs that.

Add On Benefits

  • Publish Instantly with self-publishing
  • Career Advantage
  • Passive Income Source

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