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The Fall of China

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Fall of China

Fall of China

When and How

The delisting of Chinese Tech Companies is the first major escalation from USA to tame the China. The long ongoing trade war between the China and Developed World will escalate, and it has big ramifications for New World Order.

The Ongoing Cold War is Creating New World Order. America and Developed World On One Side. China, Russia on other side.

New Currency Paradigm – Domination of Single Currency I.e. Dollar will end. We will have new multi-Currency World.

US Dollar

Chinese Renminbi


The Chinese are very well determined to fight it out. It will have enough wounds on both sides. It will not be fatal enough blow.

The Trade War will not have much impact on Chinese Growth and Development. China has cross the line where it may have affected China. Now China has built a strong Technology and it is key exporter of Technology.

The Chinese Business Model and its Belt and Road Project will give it enough leverage to keep growing its economy. The export of Capital Goods and Technology will continue. The Chinese will continue to dominate market in coming future.

There is no threat to Chinese Domination.

How India Lost to China

China Technology Giants

Why China is Not Russia

The old days was fought with Military Might and Russia with it’s all efforts and power, fail to stand to USA, because it was less populated and small size of economy. But Chines Economy, Russian Support and Proxies can make life very difficult for Western Powers.

Even though no one Trust China, everybody buys Chinese Products.

Chinese Technology

Bullet Trains, Mobile Technology and other technology development has made China difficult to fight. The real strength of China is in its supply of Raw Material.

China is Word Leader in Precious Metal Supply. It Process almost 80% of metal used in Electronics Items. America and west is fully dependent upon China for Supply of this Key Ingredient.

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Pharmaceutical Active Ingredient – China is world’s single biggest supplier of Active Ingredients. The domination of China in this sector will have long term impact on any disruption of future supply chain.

Chinese Technology Giants

Alibaba is not the only Giants we see, but there are many, who are dominating Global Markets. Mobile Technology is dominated by China.

China is also exporter of all types of Industrial Products and Machinery. It is dominating this sector. This is key strength of China.

What is Real China Challenge

The massive Finance Industry and Trade Surplus is China Strength. China has huge Investment in US Treasury. This investment can rattle US Treasuries any time, if China Decides to do so.

Chinese Banks, all big Chinese banks are owned by government. They are huge in size and their ability to any project anywhere in the world cannot be challenged. The strength of Chinese Finance Industry and Banking is one of key driver of Chinese Cold War Strategy.

China will leverage its Money Power to Dominate Global Market and inflict enough Damage to US and its allies.

China has huge stock market investment all over the world, it has invested heavily in market. It has leveraged its ability to supply cheap industrial products to political gains. This will not go.

  • Agricultural Bank of China
  • Bank of China
  • Bank of Communications
  • China Construction Bank
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

This is very tough to Fight Trade war with China.

Chinese Economy will be bigger than US by 2028 or 2029. At Price Parity Basis Chinese economy is already bigger than USA. There are reports which says it is well established that China is bigger than US economy presently.

China is Bigger Than USA. It is not easy to tame China so easily.

China is supported by Russia and Iran, two countries known for their abilities to fight covert operations. Russia Fought a long battle with USA, today Iran is doing the same. Both of them very well understand how to take on USA and their allies.

The alliance of China, Russia and Iran is formidable alliance with all resources to compete with USA in every sector.

The Mayhem will be on Financial Market – This time we will see destruction of wealth on Financial Market. Global Crash of Treasuries and Financial Market is very much possible. This will to bigger global crisis and lead to more competition to dominate the market.

America will lose precious investment coming from China, it will also lose profits American Companies make in USA.

This will really effect USA badly.

This all shows, China is winning?

Not Really.

Population Control

Population is Challenge

China is Falling, How?

The Real Threat to China is its ageing Population. China has implemented its One Child Policy by force. It has succeeded in managing the Population. Today China is success story in managing Population, Growth and Development. The Per Capita income is increasing steadily. It will reduce poverty and increase life expectancy.

This population trend will start hurting China, as ageing starts, more and more resources will be required to support ageing population, the number of Productive Hands will go down. This will put stressed on production capacity of the country.

People above 60 Years of age will be 28% of total population by 2040, this number will go increasing steadily. This will remain challenging for China to reverse the trend.

The ageing Population, the internal conflict in Hong Kong and Uyghurs issue will remain big headache for China.

The Chinese Policy of Force Labor and its global impact will hurt China. The Global Brands which has Manufacturing Units or having supplier from China will have to comply more with new regulations.

The China will face real threat from its internal threat and handling of its neighbors, Taiwan, Mongolia and others.

The real Challenge of China is threat within, when there is no Safety wall, one day the Pressure will explode.

It is time for Global Powers, Muslim Countries and Partners of China to talk, Justice and Human rights for Uighurs Muslims and other Minorities.

The Religion will also be one major issue which will bring Change in China.

CHINA is Falling

The Fall and Rise

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China Tech

Chinese Economy

Chinese Economy

Chinese Population

Chinese Population

Financial Market is Real Challenge

Financial Market is Real Challenge

Chinese Fall

Fall of China

Fall of China

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