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ENFP Profile of Interests - The Enthusiastic Personality Type

The ENFP personality type is the Enthusiastic Inspirer. About 7 percent of people (in the U.S.) are ENFPs. Being an ENFP means that you have the personality profile


You (E)xtravert your attention and focus on your outer world and you desire variety, action and having people around. You are energized and stimulated by things and people in your environment.

By your i(N)tuition you have your own take on people relationships, theories and future possibilities. You also like to have a plan ahead of time, while not in detail; putting that off until later.

(F)eeling means you are always looking to base your decisions on person-centered values and concerns because you want to create and keep the harmony. Some may think you have a good "gut sense" about people.

You exhibit your (P)erceiving through adaptability and flexibility. You desire and have quite an openness to new information and knowledge.

Is This Your Personality Type?

Are you an inspiring ENFP? Have you ever had employee screening and taken a "personality type" test or tests for employees? If not and you want to know what your Myers-Briggs personality type® is, here's a free place to start at the following link.

Yummy Enthusiasm!


7 Recommended Job Parameters for the ENFP Employee

ENFPs find work more satisfying where you have these parameters included in your job.

  1. There is a need for your unusually broad range of skills, creativeness, and grasp of the big picture
  2. Variety, flexibility and new possibilities
  3. Limited detailed, maintenance-type tasks
  4. Frequent opportunities for open interraction
  5. Your inspiration of others is welcomed and appreciated
  6. Everything is in line with your values
  7. Someone to let you know when at times your amazingly intuitive perception of the truth leads you to jump to the wrong conclusion

These parameters are based on the ENFP personality's natural abilities and interests. Here are 5 job hunting tips.

Some Natural Abilities of ENFPs

Natural abilities that ENFPs use to achieve job satisfaction, and which define your natural strengths, are like the following. You would be more effective in jobs that incorporate these abilities (listed in alphabetical order).



Identify with others; very supportive concern for others; skillful handling of people; ready help to anyone with a problem 


Open-minded; flexible improvising; develop; self-expression 


Affirming; spontaneous; make it fun!; chores converted to play in order to be worth doing 


Motivate; see potential; positive about people; uncanny awareness of motivations of others; spontaneous praise of other people's simplest deeds


Drawn into; engage in; be absorbed or engrossed in

Open interaction

Gregarious; desire to please; love to talk and interact with others; give your energies to positively impact others


Creative explorations; exchange ideas; rally support around any number of exciting ideas or causes; find compelling reasons; initiate; promote

See the whole

Ingenious integration of your knowledge into a bigger picture; quick with a solution; intuit inter-relationships


Streamline; associate; synthesize; figure out an easier way

I am an ENFP

ENFPs Love Life

ENFPs love to talk about what is going on in your lives. You love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it. You ENFPs are the most optimistic of all the types, and are genuinely warm and interested in people. Life is an exciting drama of enthusiastic work and play .

Once you ENFPs have learned to balance your need to be true to yourself with your need for acceptance, you excel at bringing out the best in others and are typically well-liked. You have an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and use your intuition and flexibility to relate to others on their own level.

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3 Interest Areas of ENFPs

In another article I explain six areas of interest and those compatible to the ENFP personality usually involve Social, Artistic and Enterprising (or SAE). The combination of the three interests can be expressed as "inspiring others in creative ways to enjoy doing". Your Social interests are expressed in your cooperativeness, generosity and service to others. Artistic interest is seen in independent expression and idealism, and also in a creative approach to tasks and people. Your Enterprising interests are expressed in your desire and ability to organize things and motivate people towards a goal.

You ENFPs find it most satisfying in an environment that is welcoming to people, innovative, and full of exciting new possibilities. You have many gifts that you find fulfilling to use to inspire others.

The ENFP would rather.... than...  

work with people and new ideas

with (boring) details

have lots of flexibility

be confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks

do what your creativity leads you to do

something requiring lots of supervised direction

initiate a project

wrap it up and bring it to completion

motivate others to do something

force them to finish something  

process hurt feelings in private 

say when your feelings are hurt 

be spontaneously praised

be patronized 

An ENFP Personality


You ENFPs are charming, ingenuous, risk-taking, sensitive and people-oriented individuals with capabilities ranging across a broad spectrum. You have many gifts which you use to fulfill yourself and those near you, if you are able to remain centered and master the ability of following through. ENFPs can be constantly focused on keeping "centered" because you are somewhat fearful of losing touch with yourself, and so are usually an intense individual.

What's worse is you will exhibit a pattern of anxiety symptoms particular to the ENFP personality. Your balanced intuitive approach of being optimistic and trusting can get knocked out of balance when confronted with a violation of your values, too many facts or you, yourself, become exhausted. Your response when this happens may be that of pessimism and confusion about options which leads to poor judgment calls.

This isn't too bad if you can manage to get relief from these stressors and get back into balance, however, if relief is not found, it gets worse! When you ENFPs ignore your positive intuition you go extreme. You overreact becoming depressed. Out of character you may also become obsessive and overly focused on personal health issues. By that point (if not before) you ENFPs must take drastic measures to get back into balance. You must get away and think, and also find some others who can provide some sincere supportive pampering, while avoiding those who would give just the usual pat on the back.

ENFP Personality Type - The Champion

Keeping Balanced

The heart of the ENFP is on a continuous quest to adapt life, and your highly evolved values, to achieve inner peace. To do this, you do need time alone to center yourself, and make sure your are moving in a direction which is in sync with your values. You ENFPs may fall into the habit of dropping a project when you become excited about a new possibility, and thus never achieve the great accomplishments which you are capable of achieving. The trick is to focus on following through with your projects.


Deidre Shelden (author) from Texas, USA on March 06, 2011:

Hello, marcoujor! Great to get a read from a fellow certified MBTI provider :) Interesting about the effects of Gen Xs and hope to hear more :D. Hey, welcome to HubPages! I see you're new.

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on March 06, 2011:

Hi Ms Dee~~ I am glad to find your series... I am qualified in MBTI and find your overview of my type to be "spot-on"... I definitely want to read more of your HUBS and perhaps see what your thoughts are on generational issues as they blend with types. As a lone Baby Boomer, I recently (and gratefully) moved on from working with a group of very young Generation X~~and oila, I was back in balance...! Thanks so much!

Deidre Shelden (author) from Texas, USA on August 30, 2010:

Yes, I'm surprised that even a lot of extraverts need some solitude each day :-). Good to get your thought, bayoulady!

bayoulady from Northern Louisiana,USA on August 30, 2010:

Very interesting. I see some og me in it, but I love solitude. I HAVE to have solitude for an hour or so at least once a day or I get VERY agitated.

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