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The Dream Job: Fact or Myth


The Quest

During our studies or even before we enter university, we start thinking about our dream job, then we face real life. Some lucky people find their targeted, planned job once they start working, but a great number of others do not.

We usually start the cycle by applying to as many jobs as we can, then settle on the one believed to be the most accepted or even wonderful. Later, we may find out we lack the satisfaction we looked forward to, yet well paid. Here emerges the conflict; Should I continue in this job, or quit and seek my passion, or at the very least seek a satisfying one?

What Are The Favourite Options?

Some people think first of promising careers, then seek the relevant studies or courses, so they can catch the desired job. Others seek certain jobs which are not necessarily the best absolutely but satisfying to them. This latter direction refers to the importance of inner satisfaction over job prestige. But not everyone sacrifices prestige for his satisfaction. The choice is not easy. Other people have to work for only money, and I believe those are the majority.

Can one make the required balance to get a prestigious, satisfactory and rewarding job? Does it sound miraculous? I think that the prospective balanced job is not so handy and available easily but exits with great effort and hope to be found.


Some Compromise Is Needed

Some don’t have their dream job. However, the recognition and the appreciation they receive at work do magic. They easily convert anyone from a hater to a job lover. If one lacks them, seriously, their life turns into a nightmare. At this point, they think of quitting. BUT, Money!!

If one has a severe need for money, most probably, will accept a legal and mediocre job, or stay in their current job, only for money. On the contrary, if they can be patient for the abundance, they can sit and decide on a job that satisfies their inner needs or quit the one they don’t find themselves in and move on smoothly.

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If one can cover his financial commitments until they find their passion, then it is better to plan patiently to have it. If not, then working any job is a must until another hope emerges on the horizon.

You have to prepare for your desired career or keep applying for the desired job while you are in your current unfavorite one, at least until you can abide by your commitments without it.

What Is The Dream Job?

The dream job, from my perspective, is the balanced one that has a good package of benefits, a good compensation plan, not necessarily phenomenal, morally satisfactory, and above all leaves you a living man. There are wonderful jobs that cover every point but leave you energyless, unwilling, and incapable of living or enjoying your family or social life. More and above, you love and enjoy working it.


Last Word

The golden advice that I bear in mind all the time is “ Keep Going And Never Give Up”. As long as one has hope and self-belief, and constant development, there will always be a reward.

At last, the dream job varies according to your needs, wants and ambitions. If you are badly in need of living basics, a dream job could be a very simple one. On the contrary, the higher and more prestigious your career, the higher requirements and benefits you will seek, hence, more complicated details will be considered. But, in general, your priorities control your career and choices. It is always up to you.

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