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The Chicago Drivers Guide to Rideshare Street Smarts: City Center/Lincoln Park

James drives people from here to there with nary a care when he drives Chicago rideshare. 9,000 trips by the 2019 new year.


The Lincoln Hotel sits across Clark Street from Lincoln Park, home of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Lincoln Avenue is right around the corner. I detect a theme here. The area has as good a rideshare driving vibe as it does a penchant for places named Lincoln.

The Park in Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is one of at least four parks in the neighborhood. But, it’s not a park here, it’s the park. After all, it does share the community name.The park occupies nearly 1200 lake front acres.The bulk of its space extends beyond Lincoln land borders. However, its top attractions rest squarely within the neighborhood:

North Ave Beach

The Oak Street Beach along the Gold Coast along with the 31st Street Beach on the city’s south side have made repeated cash contributions to my cab. However, it’s North Ave that host the Chicago Air & Water Show with its many potential rideshare fares.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The zoo provides beastly bountiful business throughout the year. The year-end zoo light shows have showered me with many and moneyed trips during four holiday seasons.

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Rider Street Smarts Tip

Lincoln's park may be Chicago's best value. The park is free...but parking isn't. The Air and Water Show, Lincoln Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo are all free of charge. So, just get a Lyft (puns intended) to and from this Uber special place “Via” a rideshare car. Happy Riding!

Streets Savy

View from Clark Street.

View from Clark Street.

The best city streets lead to rider request. The very best city streets provide request radar that bring in fares from surrounding areas. Lincoln’s environs have four such streets that stand out:

Clark Street

Clark Street is about 14 miles long. The Lincoln Park portion is roughly two miles. It houses a variety of businesses along the way. The commerce includes big brand retailers, restaurants, bars, at least one grocer and boutiques whose products span the gamut from teas to tables.

Fullerton Ave

Fullerton is Lincoln Park’s main street that runs east and west. Fullerton, similar to its Lakeview counterpart, Belmont Ave, can become a single line parking lot during the afternoon rush hour. Fortunately, Webster Ave offers a parallel two way street alternative. Likewise, Belden provides a parallel but largely one way eastbound option. However, Fullerton is still the preferred way most of the time.

DuSable Lake Shore Drive

The drive is the most used roadway for both of my Lincoln Park and Lakeview morning cup of go and loop the loop trips.The lake front neighbors supply many riders going to work during the morning rush hour. The one drawback here is that drivers should stay away from it when the Cubs play.

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Lincoln Ave

Lincoln Ave is a dominant diagonal in its own right. It rolls on for a 1.5 mile stretch through Lincoln Park en route towards north suburban Morton Grove. And, of course it goes through the Lincoln Square neighborhood along the way. It is the angular 1/3rd of the three pronged raucous rider request heavy intersection (cover picture) where it meets with Halsted Street and Fullerton Ave.


Beyond the Park

The park is not the only place in Lincoln. The Chicago History Museum and Second City call this neighborhood home. The Park West and Kingston Mines live music venues also thrive here. The Steppenwolf and Royal George anchor Halsted Street’s theatre scene. And, it has much more.

Local Locales

DePaul University’s main campus is here. College campuses tend to have steady movement of students throughout the day. As such, opportunities arise for drivers to remain busy even during non-peak hours. Old Town, a legendary north side district with high ride demand, is in part within Lincoln Park.

Demand Destinations

The Lincoln Avenue/Halsted Street/Fullerton intersection is among the best rider draws in all Chicago. Fullerton Ave’s Sheffield Red/Brown line “L” and the North/Clybourn subway stop on the C.T.A.’s (Chicago Transit Authority) color coded rail system, provides ride business as well. The Sheffield stop leads to where DePaul’s campus collides with the greater community. The

Clybourn stop is situated in a booming retail area that includes the dealership from where I leased my first Ubermobile.

Hefty High Request Housing

The city of Chicago has a population of nearly three million people. The larger Chicago area has close to 10 million. Yet, I’ve found that much of my driving has taken me to the same relatively few addresses.This is especially true with residential buildings.

I often joke with passengers that “I have picked up/ dropped off some of your neighbors.” I can honestly say my droll intro/exit line at 14 buildings on five streets near the park. Fullerton Parkway from Clark Street to DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Lakeview Street, which is all of 1/2 mile long, Lincoln Park West, and a ½ mile slice of LaSalle Street include the few buildings with the furious frequent request.

Linconesque housing isn’t confined to the park. Lincoln Park has over 60,000 residents in an area less than three square miles. So, many rides are available even at buildings where my witty retort doesn’t apply.

Lincoln Park provides good opportunities for rideshare in many ways. Some of those ways are unique to the community named for perhaps America's greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

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James C Moore (author) from Joliet, IL on May 27, 2019:


Have a blessed memorial day! Currently, I'm on two platforms but not nearly as active. For one, the lease on my ridesharemobile ended late last year. So, I have since rented vehicles on occasion. New Years Eve was a given. This is a night that's averaged over $200 for driving six online hours per shift. Second, I now work a typical 9-5 shift Monday-Friday. I miss it and will find a way to fit in more rideshare driving.

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 27, 2019:

Is this a stressful way to make a living driving in traffic all the time and not being certain what your day will look like?

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