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The Billionaire Quotes About Junking College Degree, Focus More on Skill

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Billionaire Quotes About College Degrees and Development of Skills

Billionaire Quotes About College Degrees and Development of Skills

Billionaire Quotes Junking College Degree, Learn Important Skills

I’m very sure, that like me, you’ve read several quotes from Billionaires inspiring not to focus on attaining a College Degree and focus more on important skills. Their quotes represent what they believe from their own personal standpoint.

Now, let’s try to understand the context of their quotes and find meaning in what they're trying to deliver.

What Billionaires Are Looking For?

Their remarks about education are coming from their own personal perspective. Their perspective will always be about growth. Whether be on their business or their philanthropic work. That’s just how their brains operate, they are driven by growth and success.

And if you’re that Billionaire looking to expand your company, would you even mind asking for a degree? Or would you be looking for a specific set of skills that can support your company’s growth?

And because they have the experience, Billionaires know that if a person owns a skill, for sure it's founded on quality education that needs no explanation of a college degree.

What Now, Are we Still Going to Pursue a College Degree?

I think the most important thing here is a re-frame of the mindset. That instead of aiming for a “College Degree”, you’d say “Education”. When we say education, everything about the learning process is factored in. From your mentors to the learning modules or methods, and the way you retain or absorb the lesson. We are better at using the word education because it doesn’t specify that it has to be in a pristine college. Today, a college education is increasingly expensive. And it can be insensitive to equate success with a college degree. But nonetheless, education is important to success.

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And because of the internet and improvements in technology, quality education can be accessed by anyone, at low cost or even free. They are in the form of YouTube videos, website articles, online courses, and many more. Some of them may not promise a college certificate, but what you can learn are practical skills that are relevant in today’s world. And all these free tools online qualify as a source of quality education that can be used to be successful in life, equal to a college degree.

Which will lead us to the second re-framing. That is, instead of saying “achieve for high grades”, say “develop a skill”. A grade can misjudge a person’s value, and reliance on grades can produce overconfidence. You might be so proud of your high grades without realizing that all you’ve learned was outdated.

But when we say develop a skill, it becomes personal and the effort is from within. Developing a skill is not bound by a defined school standard. But a skill that is relevant to society can earn more than a college degree.

The Role of Education In Success

The competition has never been higher and the things to learn is ever increasing. This scenario has made Education very important. But when we say education, let us not limit ourselves from what can be learned inside the gates of college. Rather, let’s educate ourselves from resources that are already around us. Education is key to any form of success in life. Whether you want to climb high in a corporate career, grow a business, care for the environment, or find peace in life, you’ll need a foundation of quality education. You need to equip yourself with fundamentals.

The Importance of Skills in Life

The skill is the applicability of your education in society. No matter how well educated you are, but if you don’t work that education in motion, you’re practically worth less. If you don’t have the skill needed in society, it will be hard for other people to invest in you. If you want success, if you want work that pays well, you need people to believe and invest in your skill. And because the world is becoming diverse, the world needs skills that are relevant to the evolving market. And adapting to an evolving market is a skill itself.

Final Thoughts - Education and Skills Matter

We are growing in a society where time is so important that there is a need to emphasize the word relevance. Because if your education or your skill becomes irrelevant, you become outdated, then you’re in a lot of trouble. That’s just how things work today.

Thus, let us continue to educate ourselves on whatever resource is available. And continuously develop relevant skills and maintain our career relevance in society.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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