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The 5 Benefits of Taking Time off Work

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Taking time off of work may be much more important than you realize. When you don’t take adequate time off of work there can be serious consequences which you may not have anticipated. Here are five benefits of taking time off of work:

  1. Strengthened Personal Relationships.

    When you work all the time, you won’t have as much time to put into your relationships with their friends, family, and significant others. This can lead to isolating feelings and even depression. Everyone needs social interaction, and you need to carve out some time to make it happen! This means taking off some time from work to spend on relationships. Taking time off can help you reconnect with the people you miss and spend quality time with the loved ones that you don’t get to see as much.

  2. Decreased Burnout.

    Working hard is a great thing for many people, but when you push yourself too hard or are pushed too hard by the company that you work at, you can quickly lose interest in your job altogether. You may quickly find yourself increasingly stressed and eventually burnout, leading to you quitting your job to recover. Burnout is when someone has a loss of personal identity and becomes emotionally and/or physically exhausted from their job. Taking time off from work helps you recoup mental and physical energy so you can be productive and happy at your job and continue to work without becoming depressed, anxious, and drained.

  3. A More Stable Career.

    When you don’t take enough time off of work, you will eventually get exhausted and not be able to take your job anymore. This will lead you to finding another job or getting stuck in a long process of job searching. Instead, if you just take the time that you need for yourself, you’ll be able to maintain your occupation and the career that you had started, making a more stable and predictable path for your future ahead.

  4. Exploration of Hobbies.

    Working can be a great source of professional development but typically it isn’t as much of a help with personal development. Work can take away from time where you would otherwise be using for hobbies such as making music, creating art, learning about new topics, and playing sports. When you take time away from work, the time you spend on personal endeavors can be deeply rewarding and can help yourself feel content with your life.

  5. Increased Productivity.

    Taking time away to relax and recharge will give you renewed energy for when you return to your job. Taking time away from work can actually help you focus better and increase your productivity when you return. After taking a break from a job it will be easier to get through the day without as much struggle and feel up for new challenges. People that take off time regularly will be better able to finish tasks in effective time frames, communicate more clearly with their coworkers, and get more done in a day.

    The next time you are wondering if you should take that PTO, an extra coffee break, or a day off, do it and you will see how much better you will feel in the long-run.

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E Randall from United States on March 17, 2021:

Very nice, I need to take some time off work.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 17, 2021:

You have listed some excellent reasons for taking time off from work.

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