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The Worst Managers You Can Encounter in The Workplace

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As a person suffering from IBS, for me, the ultimate torture is working for a bad manager. It’s like swapping my health with endless abortive attempts to prove I’m competent with knowing I’ll never feel appreciated.

Toxic managers not only affect your productivity, but also can cause you burnout, and the potential of depression is so high, not to mention the hugest thought taking over your mind is: I’m fearful of making mistakes.

If you find your manager among this following list, you have two choices: resign, or just stick to shit till you snatch a better opportunity.

the worst managers you could encounter

the worst managers you could encounter

The idiot who doesn’t understand a shit about the work

Idiot managers are big obstacles, even worse are those idiots who think they understand. Their only role is to hinder your progress as they don’t understand what you opt to do. Idiot managers have no real plan nor perceived scheme, but they pretend they are brilliant!.

It’s easy to detect an idiot manager just by taking a glance into their mind, as the idiot’s mind is often full of frivolous details neglecting the essential things.

When stumbling into one of them, it’s better to appease or even manipulate him. All you have to do is pretending everything is fine, and they will be okay!

The demanding manager

The second in our list of the worst managers is that demanding one.

Working for a demanding manager could badly affect your productivity; it also makes you tense and strained all the time, briefly working under this manager is nerve-racking.

Apart from the pending list of tasks you have to make daily, most of the demanding managers are mean ones; they tend to hire a single employee to make all the tasks, and when a single error occurs at some point, he is the perfect scapegoat.

Dealing with a demanding exploiting manager is really hard, and of course, it’s not worth it at all.


The skeptic manager

He is born to be a detective in his element. Mr sherlock holmes will never take a rest, as he thinks those pesky employees are cheating on him, but the most grueling torture is when stupidity and skepticism combine in one person.

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Skepticism creates a toxic culture in the workplace, no employee could work to his fullest potential when feeling he isn’t competent enough, or when he isn’t confident about himself.

Good managers instill confidence in their employees and draw the best out of them, Skeptic ones do the opposite.

Skeptic behaviors sow the seeds of hatred between the employer and the staff, also it fuels underlying disputes among the team members themselves.


the Stormy Manager

There is no adjective describing that mad manager rather than stormy. He is 24/7 angry, pissed off, fidgety, and his favorable habit is screaming at his staff. No ant even could dare to step beside him, and he is the antagonist in all his employee’s nightmares!

The stormy manager stirs crazy whenever something happens, and sometimes for him, craziness is just a state of mind.

As possible, don’t try to question or change him, the best solution is to stay away.


The on-the-Spot Manager

This is the most brilliant man in every event, all success is attributed to him yet when it comes to failure, he is a demigod. Full of swagger, this man doesn’t miss an opportunity to speak about his list of achievements, and sometimes he just makes it up.

The show-off manager is so eloquent by nature, especially when speaking with people out of the organization. The fact is that he is so fragile that every tiny movement he makes is merely for grabbing attention.


Managers Who Don’t Show Appreciation

Some managers think that if I give my employees a competitive salary, it will be more than enough. In fact, appreciation has a credit over money; a few words such as thank you can empower your staff and drive them to make their best.

While the wise managers raise the morals of their employees by expressing words of appreciation, bad managers especially those who lack emotional intelligence overlook appreciation nevertheless it can really make a great difference!


Kalpana Iyer from India on October 31, 2020:

Well written! I wish there was an annual appraisal system for managers as well where the rating is done by employees. This way a company gets to know which manager is actually motivating their employees to do better.

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