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Ten Exciting Things About Working From Home

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Ever since the first case of Coronovirus was confirmed globally, many people have found themselves working from their homes after their governments directed companies to follow this route. As such, individuals have turned part of the spaces in their houses into offices where they are working from. Accordingly, they have to live up with distracting kids who are always asking for money to buy sweets, or children who are asking them to assist in a particular solution, or hubbies asking petty, irritating questions without knowing that you are busy. However, as many people are finding out, working from home is proving to be an exciting experience. Below are ten reasons why this is so.

No need to wear official clothes

With the home office, you just wake up and sit in your office desk without having to change into official office suits. It would not be surprising if you pop into a manager’s home and find him sitting on his work desk with slippers, a short, and a torn t-shirt. You will not be surprised to find your colleague from marketing who used to always wear a suit and a tie to work with leggings nobody knew that she owned or just the sweatpants from college with the letters peeling off.

No more traffic jams

You know longer need to wake up at 3am to beat traffic jams to work. Here, you will be waking up at 10am after sleep is over, take your breakfast, flip through your social media channels before embarking on the day’s work schedule. As long as you are able to manage your target and be able to complete the tasks at your disposal, there is no more worry about the 8 hour schedule. This can always be replaced by lunch time, breaks or simply be extending the day.

New Companions

Yes, it is equally exciting being with new companies and unlike Jane who is boring and irritating, you now have time to play with your kids in the middle of work. Your hubby is also keeping you busy with stories which although don’t make sense to you are helpful in keeping the day going. When you are saturated with work, you always have people to relax your mood before you continue

No more office politics

In the normal work settings, it is not uncommon to find yourself being dragged into a gossip session, or idle chatting, during lunch break, break time or in the course of work. With the home working arrangement, you know longer have to engage in office politics or gossiping about other workers which is a norm in the traditional work place. This is a huge bonus for you since you are able to avoid unnecessary sinning through posturing or gossiping.

You are free to pursue your personal rendezvous with no worry

Work from home program gives you the opportunity to work on things you have always postpone due to lack of time. These includes fixing your broken toilet seat or shower, checking on that plot at Kamulu or just shopping for something at the local supermarket without being worried about that hawk eyed supervisor who is always monitoring your every move at the workplace. You can also take some time to go check that plot at Kamulu without having to ask anybody permission for the same. After all, you will make sure to complete your daily target by working late into the day.

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You can always have your food when you are angry

Here, you don’t have to wait until lunch time for you to get out and go to the company canteen. Rather, you can have your lunch at 10am and the way you need it. This means that you are also avoiding expensive, fatty foods at the canteen. Therefore, you have a freedom to choose the kind of food you want to have for lunch depending on your pocket.

You are able to tailor your working environment as you need it.

While working from home, you can be listening to your favorite radio station or playing your favorite music. You also have the opportunity set up the lighting, working space, or favorite seat that will enable you work comfortably. This is not possible at the work office where everything is set by the management.

You decide your own work off time

If you feel tired or stress up, you are always free to stop working for some time, watch that news at lunch time, stroll around, breath and even do some pressures to refresh up. This gives you motivation and energy to continue working unlike in the office where you have persevere whichever level you are stressed up.

Ability to work from anywhere

The good thing about telecommuting is that you actually don’t have to work from a specific place or room. You can take your laptop or ipad out during morning hours and proceed with your work as you are getting that vital vitamin D in the process. This way, you will be killing two birds with one stone. You can also go to that free wi-fi hotspots or cyber where you can negotiate with the cyber owner for low or cheap pricing.

Ability to address family issues

You can always take that sick child or hubby to hospital when sick and then come back to proceed with your work. With the schools closed, you can also take your time to teach your children some two or three things before embarking on your daily work or even put your cooking skills to test.

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