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Teenage Business

Benazir Marjan is intended to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Teenage Business

A teenager is someone who is between 13 and 19 years old. A teenager has pressure from family and parents to conform to certain standards, hobbies and face backlash. It is a very sensitive period of life where any wrong step can destroy his whole life. In any way, if a teen could understand about how the real life is and encouraged in earning money through different kind of businesses, there will be less chance to get spoiled in this subtle period of life. Teen years are pivotal time in every person’s life. This is the time where certain ideologies are established in our mind which will be reflecting through our whole life. Therefore, this is the high time for parents and society to construct their mind in a way so that they discover interest in earning money and realize the hardship of life along with continuing with their studies.

Some people may comment, it may hamper their study. But, I will strongly say, teenage is the time when a student will be fully enthusiastic to every positive aspect of his life. Besides, continuing studies, earning money in some ways will give the taste of self dependence which will energize his mind to move further in his life. There could be certain ways to earn money, like;

1. The most very common financial activity that a teen can do is giving private tuition. In some cases, there are some parents (both of husband and wife) are service holder. Therefore, they can not give enough time to their children regarding studies and education. It brings a great opportunity for teenage students to help those students in their learning and earn some pocket money. Again, there are some teens who are earning a lot due to their excellent teaching capacity. There are also some parents who are not enough educated to provide appropriate help to their child’s learning. They also need private tuition badly. This is the way where the teenagers can practice their knowledge along with the opportunity of earning a handsome amount of money as well. It might be the first and basic epoch for an adolescent to welcome himself in the self dependent world.

2. Students can do online business. As it is twenty first century and a dynamic business world, therefore, there are lots of golden opportunity for business by using technology. Teenagers can buy things from wholesalers at a low price and can sell through online promotion having enough profit. They can do it in their own leisure time.

3. Every child has its own potentiality and it is totally different from one another. Some teens may have unique quality in photography. They can accumulate their photos regarding their field of interest and display in different occasion. It is a matter of cosmic creativity. Again, they can make photo shoot in different occasions like birthday parties, wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries, friends and family get together and so on. This is how they will be able to make money on part time basis.

4. Several teens may have distinctive constitution in painting. They can sell their painting very easily through online. They can open a page in facebook and start promotion and move on. This is the age of e-commerce and business. In consequence, teen aged students can take its advantage indisputably.

5. Hence, some of teens can do house cleaning and have some income in temporary basis. It will make them understand about the real life which is exceptionally important to acknowledge at this period of time.

6. Again, female teens can give child care service. Thus, the parents of new born will get some rest and also the baby sitter receive her remuneration as well. In some cases, when the mother does job at out side, she needs the service badly which is a good opportunity for a female teen to earn money.

7. Pet sitting could be an another option for for them. The owner may hire people to take care of his pet as well.

8. Once more lawn care could be a chance. Sometimes the owner of the house needs somebody to keep the lawn clean, therefore teens can have some money in return.

9. Baking skills will also help. They can bake items (cake and other bakery products) and make home delivery to earn money.

10. Potential females can do make up to others. They can also shoot make up tutorials and upload in YouTube and Facebook for publicity.

11. Last but not the least, teens those have interest in designing unique styled dresses, can come up with their cloth designs in social media. It will enhance their creativity along with increasing the scope for income as well.

For teenagers, parents and families are a source of care and emotional support. Families give teenagers practical, financial and material help. Still, it will be always very wise to involve them in financial activities to what extent it would possible, continuing their studies. This is the time when certain principles take place in mind which is gonna staying for the rest of our life. Letting them allow in little hardship will make them realize how parents really work hard for them, for their future.

Perhaps, I strongly believe, in this way, one day, they will become the perfect human with academic quality and humanity with time, who will understand the worth of each and every movement of pulse, hard work, education and man kind in addition. A country will get it’s exemplary generation representing before the whole world.

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