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Take That Job, Because You Need One

A former property manager and company owner who has hired hundred of employees during my life time.

My Attitude Before the Coronavirus

In 2011, I wrote an article titled, "Do not Take a Job just Because You Need One", that told the reasons why a person should not take an unsuitable job because of financial need. That was a different time. Employment was high. Unemployment was relatively low at 6.7%.

My attitude then was, there were plenty of jobs. I reviewed several negative results were a person to take an unsatisfying job. I outlined why a person should quit a job.

Why I Have Changed

COVID-19, as well as the highest unemployment rate since 1929, has required me to change my view about employment.

This year, due mainly because of the coronavirus, unemployment has been as high as .14.7%. This was an unusually high rate for the United States (The Washington Post).

13,550,000 people were unemployed in August, 2020 (Deptofnumbers).

In March, no one expected to lose their job because of a pandemic that hadn't yet arrived. No one expected to be out of a job for over 7 months. No one expected to have used up all of their emergency funds (those that had one).

Be Determined, Not Desperate

Your job may be one that will never come back after the coronavirus. This is a fact you may have to face.

Whether you are a blue-collar worker or a white collar, you may need money. Don't just look for a job in your career field. Don't say to yourself, "That's all I know how to do'.

Take an inventory of the skills you have. It doesn't have to be work skills. Be realistic in your job search. Make looking for a job your new job.

I am still of the opinion if the pace of the work is too fast for you, don't take it. You are already under stress; you don't need more.

A New Attitude Toward Work

Perhaps you have been out of work for seven months. You may be out for another seven. You now have the time to develop a new skill, or learn a new language.

Don't forget what you used to do for a living. Especially if you loved doing it. But realize and decide you may not be able to do that. Only for now. If you liked your profession, keep up with it. Don't let your skills in your profession diminish.

What is necessary, for now, is to have a new attitude about work, and your skills. At best, if you are open to it, you may discover a new passion. At the worst, you may find another job you enjoy, At the very worst, you may find a job, hopefully temporary, that pays the bills.

Don't turn your nose up at a job for which you consider you are overqualified. Who cares if you are the oldest employee at your new job? Remember, you are taking the job because you need one.

Respect your new employer and employees. Don't complain that you used to have a much better job, with a higher wage, and by implication, with a higher caliber of people. No one wants to hear that. For all you know, there are others working with you in the same boat.

There Will be Lots of Competition

There are others who are also looking for a job. If your job requires that you work from home, see that as a new career. Give it a try. You might like it. Remember, there are lots of workers who would love to have that same job.

Be prepared for your interview. If by Zoom, I would dress professionally. For one, if dressed for the part, you will behave the part. Two, you may get caught in the act of semi-dress.

Again, getting a job is your new job. Unfortunately, there are over 13 million people also looking for a job. Separate yourself from the pack in dress and in your credentials.

New Types of Work

As you look for work, be flexible. There may be jobs available where other workers won't return. Perhaps here is the opportunity to take a job you were interested in before.

Look to see if there is temporary work available. There are people who make a living doing temporary work. There are jobs that are only a few days. There are jobs that are three or four months. There may be the opportunity for a job to be temporary at first, but can change into a permanent one later.

Do Not Forget COVID-19

As you job search, you need to be mindful that the coronavirus is still out there. Wear your mask. Stay at least 6 feet from others. Wash your hands often, because you will touch a lot of items as you work. If you notice that employees do not follow that medical advice, you may decide not to work there.

Needing money is one thing. But whether you are single or have a family, you have to think of others.

Final Comments

Update your resume, if you haven't done it yet. Highlight a particular skill that a job is looking for. Again, this is the opportunity to find another passion that pays an okay salary, or with luck, the same salary.

Give a new job a chance. It may grow on you. If you have a family, you can't afford to go from job to job.

Be confident. Do not be discouraged, Looking for work is a process.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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