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StatsDrone at Lac/Ice 2022

Simon is a content writer and content manager, member of the StatsDrone Team. Specialized in the iGaming Affiliate Marketing niche

After two years the StatsDrone team attended ICE/LAC 2022 at Excel, London, April 12th - 14th

The conferences were not as large or busy as previous years due to various reasons, however they were still a huge success. The 2022 slogan “Together never felt so good” certainly was spot on as the industry and friends were finally able to get together and share their recent experiences and build on the future.There were some noticeable companies absent this year for obvious reasons, but nonetheless both conferences were a success.

This year, our entire Development team joined us and had a great opportunity to see the industry first hand. The StatsDrone team decked out in purple t-shirts split up and were all very busy meeting partners, old and new, and certainly made our presence known. The huge interest in our team and products brought on many productive meetings. Our concepts and projects were confirmed by the positive interest and feedback from everyone. There were certainly a few “Wow, you guys are doing that?” moments.

I believe it is important to mention having our Development team attend the conference was a huge team building opportunity for everyone. Not only was it great for the team who work side by side, but also for us in Montreal who had only met each other through Zoom meetings. The slogan “Together never felt so good” had a special meaning for StatsDrone as a team.


Having the conferences in London in spring was a nice change as we had fantastic warm and sunny weather, far nicer than the gray dreary days of February. Unfortunately, with the timing coinciding with Easter this impacted attendance.

Personally I prefer the conferences in spring, but this may not suit everyone and leaving it to later and closer to summer will be even more problematic for many people.

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On a side note, how are the booths assigned numbers on floor plan maps? Whoever is responsible for numbering the booths on the floors certainly has a great sense of humor.

Now with the first conference behind us, we are looking forward to attending many more in 2022 and introducing our projects.


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