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Three Friends Wanted Your Business to Grow

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Mark Zuckerberg was a child when he learned Atari basic programming. Anyone that grew up in the eighties should know what this is soon after his skills evolved. He was just eleven years old when he became noted as a brilliant child prodigy that will make history one day. Over the years, he conquered much more. His first major project was called Zucknet. As he grew older, he became more recognized as a whiz kid. Not only was making history in his future but changing the way networking is was in it too.

Mark went to college and met more just like him. He became friends with two more highly intelligent young men. They became close buddies. In 2004 the like Facebook was within the top has made its [ platform stay relevant over the years; marketers use it daily. I cannot surf my timeline without seeing an AD. Before I get deeper into this, allow me to explain how it all began. Facebook started with a vision that included evolving on a consistent. Today the social media giant is doing just that. The three college buddies came together and made the dream a reality. From since it started, then it was thriving.

Despite the success, some unfortunate events between them took place. The three seemed to have split up, but the social media giant did not. Along with the regular profile pages on the platform, it became more business-friendly. The businesses were a lot to create different pages that represented their company. I assume it was there before, but it was made a lot easier to build a public figure page, a business page, and a group page.


Public Figure Page

It took me years to understand that the personal page alone is networking. That is what is known as the presence. The profile page is not going to be much of a benefit for a business. So he made all business owners see that they could build a public figure page for their business. This page was to help many see the value of their brand. For this to happen, the business managers were stable. The more solid they were, the more people took notice of who they are.

The success of the public figure page became huge. More businesses started to use it. I am one of the ones that took notice of its benefits. Because they created this page, their business significantly grew. The presence was large online and off of it. They marketed it well, and the viewers became loyal. The three simple steps of marketing are displayed all on this page. They got the attention, converted it, and kept it.

I want to experience the same, and I want others to as well. What we need is right here on social networking sites like Facebook. You have access to this page, so create it and promote your business. Your account already paved the way for it to happen. Don't make any mistakes and forget what is there because Facebook could be very distracting. I know that feeling all too well. I was caught up in the distractions and forgot what is in front of me.

Business Page

Well, this is obvious if you want a business public. It is simple to create. Facebook gives you everything that you need to know. Having this makes things more comfortable than the public figure page. Your only job is setting it up. Make sure that it is visible. Not only should it be easy for you to find but for those searching for it too. Those searching may be so they could interact with your brand.

If you need help building it, the images are there to help you. Despite them being there, some still fail to do so. That is where support comes along, but in this era, you have to ask for it. Most that are new to this handle it like this. Some offer the service free of charge, and some do not. If you have to pay for it, go ahead. I'm a firm believer in paying for what you need.

Research has proven how useful this page is. It's even better when you keep it updated. When it's updated, that helps the users see that you are serious about your business. If they know that you take it seriously, they will. Be the example that you want them to want to see for your company.

Group Page

This page does not require as much information as the others—just the logo and description. As the creator, you could be in charge of it. The thing about this is that other users could post. What many in direction do with these is review the posts before. You could set it up to go through only you. Now some groups allow posts freely. For example, I am apart of sports groups. Mainly, it is NBA groups. They have not one in charge but a few. They are called administrators. That is another benefit of having a page. You could make administrators, but some abuse it. That is one benefit I will not advise you to disrespect. If you have a business, take it seriously. The group is best when only one is in charge, especially if it's a business page.



There are simple steps that are guaranteed to help you set up these pages. Users can set up these pages quickly. I am apart of many groups there. I have been invited to like many pages as well. I have even created one of my own in less than five minutes. Creating the pages is the easy part. In my opinion, the hard part is promoting the products on it. You could pay Facebook to start a campaign for it. That is good, but it is not guaranteed to produce the results you want. From experience, I have learned that it may be because you may not be doing a good job making people aware of it before the campaign. It is no use in Facebook promoting a product that you have not advertised. They'd do it but will just be taking the money. Having these pages are good for business but will be of no use without the one in charge, making people aware of it. Make them notice it first.

You use these pages to build your audience.Singer/Actress Beyonce is one of the biggest stars in the world. She is big on and off screen. Her husband Sean Carter, Jay Z, is just as great. The two are definitely a power couple. I took notes from them all. Sean Combs, Percy Miller and more artists that I grew up watching. Mainly, I take notice on how well they continue to market themselves. By now, their audience is set but it did not start that way. They spent years building their audience. Starting out you must do your research like they did. Social media has proven to be one of the best ways to market your product.

Facebook alone monthly rate is very active. The users continue to rise. That plays a huge role in it being as big as it is. Billions come to Facebook per year. Those same amount could come to your website. In order to have that traffic, you must build your audience. By doing so you must create custom ads. Ads that are guaranteed to attract. Ads that will get the the curious to click. When it comes to marketing of any type this must be done.

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