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Social Media and Its Impact to Small Business

Im a social media manager and a writer who loves to share knowledge on this field to help small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Selling online

Selling online

Social media and its impact to our lives and business

Social Media has been part of our daily lives and transformed the way people communicate with each other. For many years this has been part of people's medium of communication and highly impacted the way businesses run.

So what is social media?

Social Media refers to the ways in which people interact in virtual communities and networks by creating, sharing, and or exchanging information and ideas. It also made it easier for businesses to reach their potential customers. According to statistics, there are 3.96 billion people using social media worldwide. Given that many people, it is indeed a great tool to use especially for small businesses.

So, how can it help small businesses?

As a small business owner, you can benefit from using social media to market your products and services. It is where you can establish brand awareness and inform people of your brand's existence. Brand awareness is very important as it is the stage where people are starting to know what your business is all about and how you can help consumers. Putting your business on social media helps you set up your business in front of people that might be interested in your products and services. This is where you can attract new customers and build relationships.

Since social media made communication a lot easier, reaching out to businesses is faster than ever. Consumers use social media to give feedback about the product or services. It is an accessible way for customers to recommend and share their experience towards the purchase made.

Social media icons

Social media icons

Identifying a Social Media Platform

There are different social media platforms you can take advantage of depending on what suits your needs or target market. Sample of these are the following:

It is known for connecting people since 2004. Nowadays, there are many Groups and pages created depending on the niche or target market you are looking for. It could be specifically for Food, Education, Fashion and etc.

Is a photo and video-centric platform founded in 2010 and is known for its
function to emphasize photos and videos whether for a personal brand or for businesses.

Founded on 2009, Pinterest has been used for visual inspiration whether for business or for personal use.

Founded in 2002, it's a platform that connects business-oriented people.

A home design website founded in 2008 specifically for homeowners and professionals in the field of architecture, interior designing and etc.

As mentioned, there are social media platforms available online, depending on your needs, you can find what suits you and your business.

Getting online

So, you have decided to put your business online, now you are expecting an immediate increase on your sales? Setting up an account online is just the beginning. It will not do the work by itself. It still requires effort to reach your business goals even with the help of social media. It requires you a strategy to target the people's needs and interest in the products you offer.

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Question is, how do you find them?

The answer is, you don't find them let them find you. Focus your efforts on the right place and at the right time. As you build brand awareness you are laying your cards to offer what your products and services and how it can change their daily lives. Here's a quick 5 tips to give you clarity.

  • Optimize your business account.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Post contents that attract your potential customers.
  • Post contents that are engaging.
  • Communicate and engage.

Let us break it down...

  • Optimize your business account.

Optimizing your business account helps your business more searchable. The more searchable it is, the more people can get to know of your existence.

  • Identify your target audience

As you are trying to make a sale or generate lead, first you have to know, to whom you are offering your products and or services. Who are the people would likely to be interested with what you offer.

  • Post contents that attracts your potential customer.

Once you identify your potential customers, now create contents that will likely to get their attention.

  • Post contents that are engaging

As you get people's attention, initiate engagement, create contents that will be beneficial for them that will make them share your post or create a content that imitates emotion like humor.

  • Communicate and engage.

It is a social media, people like people. The more that you engage the more people will be interested in getting to know your brand, at least reply to comments and DM's. Socialize and have fun.

Since it is now clear and you have ideas on how to successfully run your business online, It is also advisable to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages so you would know how to react and handle them when needed.

As social media made communication easier than ever, it is also easy to spread a word either good or bad. Whether it is beneficial or will destroy a reputation so it is important to be familiarized of pros and cons to know how you can handle it better.


  • Develop your brand.
  • Can be used for market research.
  • Attract new customers
  • Provide customer service for customers
  • Grow your target market
  • Increase sales
  • Consumers can easily recommend by sharing their experiences.


  • Can be time-consuming if not done right
  • Juggling your business and maintaining social media presence can be tough to handle by one person.
  • Trolls are all over social media.
  • Chances of getting content posts to be misinterpreted.
  • Out of control unsatisfied customer.
  • Expensive if advertisements ran are not cost-effective.

Those are the few things that you have to be aware of when managing your business online and keeping your social media presence. It is better to know them early so you can make an action plan on how you can handle it.


Social media platforms can be used to benefit your small business. The key to success in handling your business online is to keep on showing up. Post relatable content that will attract your potential customers or initiate engagement. With the right strategy and consistent execution of action plans, it will go a long way that will benefit your business growth.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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