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Social Media Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs, Engagement Rate and Viral Posts

PS is a freelance marketer and copywriter. She is actively involved in market research to help entrepreneurs with brand-building.

You are here, so you must be looking for proven ways to increase your presence on social media. If yes, then, you have come to the right place.

Each day the number of social media accounts is increasing by approximately 1 million. Within a second, thousands of posts are uploaded on every social media platform Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on.

With this hurricane of hustle and bustle, social media has become a huge challenge to accomplish. In fact, it’s much more important and equally difficult for freelancers and new entrepreneurs to crack.

Everyone has to start somewhere and so does you. So, let’s get started with tested ways to make your solid entry into the social media world. In order to gain popularity, you must follow each of these steps regularly. Social media marketing is not a one-time job, it demands regular attention indeed.


Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Small Business Owners

People of these categories already understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to build their recognition in the ocean of social media. To build the best ship to sail, you need the best strategy ahead of you. Certainly, it all begins with robust planning and its successful implementation. Setting goals is the first step of any business and work towards that goal using any optimized way possible. If you fail at this point, you may hardly receive any conversion on social media and your CTR won’t be more than 1%, which is a bitter truth.

Start your own social media group

Besides a business page, you also need to create an interactive group on social media. Facebook and LinkedIn are the best options. While a page displays your activities and upcoming plans, groups help you interact with others in a much better way. You get the chance to establish your credibility which is beneficial in the long run.

You can hear directly from your target audience, their views and ideas helping you to generate the best content for your business. Having a group lets your audience discuss views on a specific topic rather than a whole brand. For example, if you run a publishing firm, you may ask “How to encourage people to read more?”

Consider Social Media as a Powerful Search Engine

Social media platforms already work as search engines. Type any search phrase including hashtags, accounts, or groups. Use this feature to find influencers, like-minded professionals, and related companies.

Help Third Party Platforms Through Guest Posts

The guest post is a smart way to hit the two targets with one arrow. It works perfectly for social media marketing as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Submitting regular content coerces third-party platforms to interact with you. You can help them through your guest posts giving them a reason to tag you in their posts. Taking this step you give your page an opportunity to get involved in greater activities helping you raise your followers, and popularity.


Instant Higher Engagement Rate

To receive a higher engagement rate, it is important to understand the working of social media algorithms. The basic thing that you must know is there are less than 30 minutes available for you to make your post viral. If it manages to receive good likes, shares, and comments within that time, then the algorithm displays it to the wider audience. The process is the same for every social media platform. Engaging the audience early is very crucial for your social media success. Here are a few suggestions to help you out with this:

Post at the Right Time

Almost every major social media platform offers you analytical tools to monitor your followers and how they engage with your posts. These tools will help you know at what time there is a peak of online activities. This time is the best moment to publish your post. This time frame differs for different social media platforms.

Every social media platform is highly obsessed with themselves. They don’t like the presence of outsiders. In other words, if you are using your blog or website links in your every post, then don’t stop doing that right away. It will lessen your chances of receiving higher engagement. The best way is to mention them in the comments. A very important social media marketing tip.

If you have tried posting these links on sites like Facebook, then you know what I am talking about. Instead, you can post a picture with a link either in the description or in the comment section. Businesses that use this method receive 100% higher post reach.

Add your Location

Many social media users, including myself, search locations on social media accounts to know more about the place. In such cases, tasing your post with a location benefits you with more views. Many security professionals discourage to use location in your posts for your own safety since your present location is easily detectable then. I suggest tagging your location in the post when you have already visited that place. This way all the above criteria are securely matched.

Upload High-Quality Videos

Videos are more expressive than images and other all types of post types. You don’t be a professional video editor to receive a huge rating on your videos. There are many free and paid software available online to help you create a brilliant video for your business. It is recommended to upload your videos to social media first to avoid backlinking to your website. You also have the option to display your website link within the video, which is a safer option than using outbound links in your posts.

Get Habitual to Live Streaming

Live streaming is a very useful tool for your business. Even most of the social media has this feature in-built in them, including YouTube. Almost every social media user prefers to watch a video rather than read a blog. Announce, in advance, either in a post or a story that you are going live at this time and day, though the social media themselves send a notification when you go live, it helps you attract a larger audience. According to social media experts, the live video brings higher engagement than video posts.

Avail Facebook Messenger as Chatbots to Your Benefit

The chatbot feature has become the most useful business tool. It helps the customers to better understand your services and products. You can also solve their problems in real-time. With the advancement in technology, interaction with robots has become a normal practice. Many companies already use this feature on their website. For those new to this, it is a dialogue-based system that answers questions in real-time just like a human being. Companies like Samsung and HealthTap use this feature on their websites.

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Posts with More Views

Creating highly engaging posts is an art by itself. Keep your audience in mind, their likes and dislikes. Each successful post can help you gain an immense following. moreover, it’s a rule applicable to every social media platform, which is “consistent posting”. But you must know the right time. Here are a few suggestions to kick start a great social media posting:

Post Regularly

Publish regular posts on definite intervals and especially at peak hours. It is also important you must post only when you have high-quality content to share, which highlights your brand value. If you have lots of content to share, then here is a small guide on when to post on different social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Once per day
  • Twitter: 15 times a day, since your post receives no more than 15 minutes to become viral.
  • Pinterest: 10 to 15 pins per day
  • LinkedIn: Once per day
  • Instagram: 1 to 2 posts per day

If you don’t have enough content that chooses a specific day in a week, for example, Mondays or Tuesdays to public your post. Your consistency will let the audience know, in advance, when your next post is coming up.

Businesses must have an optimal calendar to schedule their posts on social media.

Targeted Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook, being the biggest hub of social media users with billion monthly active users, is your must-have option to reach your target audience. Facebook Ads campaigns come in all prices and demographics. You can also sync your Facebook Ads with your contact list, such as MailChimp. So, the ad is directly shown to your target audience.

A customized selection of the audience can boost your brand value since it has more chances of reaching a higher conversion rate.

Post from Business Page to Social Groups

Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn provide you with options to create groups along with your business pages. Make sure to share some interactive posts with your different groups. This works pretty well for small businesses as it builds your social media presence instantly.

You need to become a group member first, whether its’ Facebook or LinkedIn. The approval may take a week or longer depending on the admin’s availability. Another benefit is group admins often recommend the most appealing posts in their groups which is then sent as a notification to all group members.

Add Hashtags to LinkedIn Business Pages

With new modifications, you can boost your post on LinkedIn with the help of hashtags. Hashtags can help your post trend and the notification is instantly sent to the users following the hashtags. You can create a discussion-like post to receive a better response. Also, make sure the particular hashtag has a massive following on social media. Search the hashtag in the search box and you can see the number of people following it. This also works for Instagram.

I hope these social media marketing tips help you leverage your business potential across social media.


Arlene Espinosa on October 27, 2020:

This is great information and thanks for sharing. May I add this for future reference.

Patricia Factoran from Manila on October 18, 2020:

This is awesome! I started my branding too for my virtual assistance business and hoping to make a cut in the industry.

Here's my site, and I look forward to your inputs on how I can enhance it with a goal to boost visits and awareness. Thanks a lot!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on November 23, 2019:

A detailed information on using social media for ones own advantage like popularising the page or blog. As I have recently created a page in Facebook, the points given in this article will be useful for me. Thanks for posting.

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