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Smoke Stacks: Outcasts of World-Wide Industry

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Smoking up the industrial photo of our nation.

Smoking up the industrial photo of our nation.

Ahhh, What a Sight They Were

on that misty summer morning somewhere near New Jersey, New York, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Especially Pittsburgh: known as "Steel City." I can feel the excitement of the swelling crowds on the sidewlalk yakking, laughing, and pointing at those majestic sights: the smoke stacks going full-blast at the factory that produced steel, used to build more buildings, roads, and bidges.

They stand front and center bold and brave a-plenty to stove-off squadrons of B-17 bombers with propellers slicing the air. Never smling. These, we shall call them, the City Smoke Stacks, because they are all businss. Working sun-up to sunown, heads holding proud proud positions never smiling, but expelling the stench of a productive day of "Prosperity U.S.A."

Nights sleeping way too short, hello to an angry sun burning with intense glaring to carve his way through the lazy clouds disturbing your slumbe to take you to a shower with hot water, a halfway-decent shave with cheap uniforms that the factory saved a bundle by just giving them out to the employees rather than buy new ones for the hard-working, gullible hands. "There was a war on, don't you remember?"

Blue and white smoke over the horizon.

Blue and white smoke over the horizon.

Hours Hung Upon Hours

no end in sight to this 50-hour week, no union to talk for us, and no sympathy from management. Only more production to ship the steel that we sold behind the poor slob-of-a-country's back. Man, did the management kill a whale! But let;s at least, show pity for our rigid, rooftop smoke stacks. They do not pry into top or bottom management. They even don't care if there is any cakes in the men's toilet urinals. This is one tough company. And so are their smoke stacks

I remember standing on the same sidewalk for two hours and watched lines of intrested onlookers enter the Open House doors while the same newspaper reporters went in by the V.I.P.Only signs. I guess there is a class-struggle that I began to see with my own eyes about "that"invisible class struggle that pits the top of th hap to the lower bons on the dirt piles. But what could I do to stp this? I am not a crusader. And those royal smoke stacks pull-away that black smoke that can choke a team of donkeys.

But innocent citizens, let's hold up for a moment and try to be honest with each other and our fellow persons and see how this flies? I thnk that our huge, industrial smoke stacks, although most are closed-down (thanks to the EPA regulations) are still majestic. Still a smoke stack to itself. You can see for yourself that not even a powerful Federal Government agency could take these slim, stony giants of the rooftops down where things are equal and humble.

These stacks have quit smoking.

These stacks have quit smoking.

Smoke Stacks do Have Names

and titles of respect. Let's record this on our minutes and the next meeting we have, whomever is the secretary then can read them. I will not. But if asked, I will still hold on to the fact that smoke stacks may "look" intimidating, but they are. They are to be respected. Although some bully-minded individuals may throw rocks (a pun) to them, so what? Won't do either bully-minded person or the smoke stack itself. These creations are not affected by Kryptonite as that of our friend Super-Man. Smoke stacks are tough. Able to walk down any dark alley in Chicago, Los Angeles or Atlanta.

The smaller smoke stacks, or chimneys, are considered Lower Case Smoke Stacks because their smoke is not that dangerpus, just beautiful cast down by a gorgeous mountain side in South Carolina. But although they carry the title, Lower Case, this does not bother them at all. They go ahead about their business of keeping their smoke trails straight and pretty.

Smoke stacks, were used by factories in the first of The Industrial Age, because the owners of the plants had to evict the thick smoke that came from the many heavy machinery that helped to produce goods for the company. If it had not been for these early smoke stacks, many workers would have died due to inhalation of the deadly smoke.Sad, but true.

Smoke stack reigns high on a factory somewhere in Canada/

Smoke stack reigns high on a factory somewhere in Canada/

Smoke Stacks Finally Speak

(Enjoy the following quotes, both direct and indirect, arriving from all manners of known smoke stacks. K.A.)

"Quit? Who told you that we had to quit smoking? Unless we smoke every day, we will not live to help our bosses in the factories!"

"Sure, my mouth is huge so a lot of bad smoke can get out of my factory. Oh, what is air pollution? I've heard a little about that, but this is 1960, I guess that air pollution is one of those rumors started by those cold Communists in Russia!"

"Which is my most durable stone, brick or concrete? The one that does not curable."

"Sometimes we get confused by those names, smoke stacks or smiley "stacks." But if it were only "stacks," we would be thought of as some hipster musician in a very late nightclub."

"When did "we," these giant, straight smoke stacks become equal to those little chimneys that a family uses to rid the smoke from a fireplace? Seems like a stretch for us."

"Yes, sir-eeee, we did go to war in WW.I, WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Afghanistan, but we were known as artillery barrels, and we did produce a lot of smoke, but we got the job done."

"And how about those chrome jobs on the side of those diesel rigs? Some 'bubbas' triied to call those things, smoke stacks! Have you ever heard such stupidity?"
"Oh yeah, those swift cars in the NASCAR Circuit, do not use smoke stacks."
"How long did it take me to grow to this height? Well, as much as my factory began to expand, 'we' had to expand."

"The Fed's group, the E.P.A., did win a lawsuite te our owners adjust 'us' smoke stacks with some of that nutsy-engineering to give us a filter-of-sort to weed-out those harmful gasses found, I mean allegedly found, in the smoke we all low so now it is just that. Smoke. Nothing but smoke. At least we were not called "Gas Stac

"As for us being outcasts, we are just that. Outcasts. No one who is decent ever invites us to any fashionable cocktail party in New York. We just stick on our rooftops, belch out smoke, and keep our mouths shut." "But I will confess, being an outcast does get really sad once in awhile.

"Not one of our Friends ever won a Smoke Stack of The Year Award by any known magazine. What a crock."

"Do you recall the time when sports arenas allowed smoking? How did they get around smoking? They never used one smoke stack at all? This really upset us to this day!"

We really hope that you enjoyed a few choice comments from those smoke stacks we see as 'outcasts,' and we are quick to remind you that we take the thinking written by singer, Ray Stevens, who recorded his song, "Everything is Beautiful," because they, the smoke stacks, are as beautiful as the flowers that grow on the banks of America's rivers."

November 3, 2020____________________________________________

Lonesome smoke stacks pulling away.

Lonesome smoke stacks pulling away.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 05, 2020:

You do seem to tackle many subjects in a humorous manner. You must have fun dreaming up these subjects. Haha!

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