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Small Businesses: Latest Technologies That Accelerate Your Business Operations

Alyssa Williams is a finance expert and a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California.


Nations around the world had to come up with lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible. Newborn variants of Covid-19 are giving a tough time to the medical fraternity to put an end to the pandemic. Unless an emergency, people had to stay in their homes to avoid being vulnerable to the deadly and highly contagious virus. Lockdowns have pushed everyone to rely on technology and online means for meeting their needs. As the well-known proverb says, “necessity is the mother of invention” newly set rules to tackle the situation at hand have transformed business forever.

According to a Mckinsey Global Survey, businesses have sped up the digitalization of the operations by three to four years. Digitalization improves the interaction between customers and the supply chain. Your business needs to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the business world. I will help you cover the nitty-gritty of the latest technologies which can be implemented in your business operations and bear the fruits of digitalization.

Cloud Technology

Gone are the days when you had to maintain a server and a personal computer in your office dedicated to organizing data. The “cloud” means the servers or the data centers on the internet. Anyone with a unique user id and password can access data with a compatible device and an internet connection. Users can store and access files and data online securely. Unlimited capacity, greater flexibility, regular back-ups, reduced costs are the remarkable advantages of leveraging cloud technology.

You can also take advantage of cloud banking for your business transactions. Websites like provide online banking services with no fees or hidden charges. What got my attention is that you can open a checking account with no minimum balance requirement.

Access to online banking can give you the ability to make instant fund transfers. Tracking business transactions by enabling notifications and pulling up a bank statement is possible even after banking hours.


Enter The Virtual World

Put your virtual foot forward to tackle the new work from home culture. Even during the pandemic, businesses and organizations have managed to lead their workforce effectively with virtual infrastructure. With the right technologies and cyber strategies, the physical presence of the employees could be optional, yet they can stay connected and work cohesively.

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You can meet clients or promote and fetch customers globally. The flexibility and the open market made possible with the advancement of technology can help your business grow without limitations.

Digital Marketing

You might be surprised to know that more sales are possible online than offline with minimal resources and effort. Many platforms like Google, YouTube, and blogs let you optimize contents that can target a specific customer base. These platforms also provide multiple paid promotions and analytics services that help you review how your brand’s marketing program performs and plan accordingly.

Online scheduling platforms can effectively coordinate and manage your social media, content marketing, and blogging activity. Using a social media scheduling platform, you can promote your brand, offers, and valuable content to customers. You can engage in other important business while your marketing activities take care of themselves.

Better Project Management

Improved project management can help you reduce wasted time, cost, and effort in your business. Having a project management tool can simplify the work for the team by collaborating, sharing, and storing files and folders in one place. The team working on specific progress can get an overview and help track how the project progresses.

Centralized spaces for working and organizing a project can increase team efficiency and productivity, ensure deadlines are met in less time, and save a lot of time in progress meetings.

Hassle-Free Accounting

Cut down the tedious data entry work with automated accounting software. Unless you are a mathphile(a person who loves mathematics), you better avoid the boring part of accounting. Accounting software can meticulously track accounts payable, accounts receivable, and profitability. Also, be ready for the tax season without going to an accountant., Sage accounting, Fresh Books, QuickBooks

online is the best accounting software for your small-scale businesses.

Customer Relationship Management

Running a small business is no easy task. To be competitive, you need to keep track of your customer details. CRM software can organize and manage your customer data. Customer relationship and retention are crucial for your business. Adopting CRM software can improve how you coordinate communication, retain customers and manage sales leads and drive business growth.

I want you to see your name in the top ten business people for the following year. Taking advantage of the innovative technology and keeping up with the game is indispensable. Adopt and upgrade the apt technologies for your business, and see your business transform.

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