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Small Business Ideas for Moms - 10 Best Home Based Business with Low Start Up Costs

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Moms have talent to be good entrepreneur of small business. The best business opportunities for moms are home based business with low start up costs. After you found best small business idea, Moms should consider how much are start up cost and ongoing costs. Maybe Moms also needs training skill and market information.

Polyresin magnet Souvenir - nice at and hadicraft small business for moms

Polyresin magnet Souvenir - nice at and hadicraft small business for moms

Mom should learn the rules of how to start small business and gain success. First step is choose the best business idea based on your passion, make it simple, do it yourself, and be satisfy or love your business. Learn about how much is cost for equipment, potential income, quality and quantity of services/products, and affordable prices. Let we do the first step: you can choose 10 low start up small business from home.

Arts and Craft Business

Moms usually interested with art and craft. What low cost business ideas? Making baby accessories is good one: like baby booty, hair clips, picture frame, tourist souvenir, doll, Chinese kites, gift basket, scrapbook, knitting, and more. You can turn small business ideas like your hobby into a profitable home business.

Art and craft required skill and maybe you need training and basic equipment. Find out your unique and creative design and nice color. Couples always look for wedding souvenir, can you make unique one? Painting is a little bit expensive hobby, but if your painting sold out, you will get high profits. Making simple toys for baby and toddler are unique ideas. Children love good toys and moms love creative cheap toys too, aren’t they?

Jewelry Small Business

Making simple jewelry like earring or pendant, bracelet, necklace is easy and nice small business idea for moms. You just need few equipment or tools. Materials are abundant, just try to find market or store which sell jewelry materials. Unique stones, accessories, and its combination will made nice jewelry.

Making jewelry from gold, silver, or minerals required more skill and you need a training and spent more cost. For the first time, you just need concentrate in making simple jewelry. Unique pendant, bracelet, necklace with cheap prices are easier to sold than expensive homemade jewelry. There are many accessories you can make likes accessories for babies, child, teens, and moms. Making hair clip for baby is easy and low start up small business, you just need scissor, glue, and clip, and some accessories.

Small Business Ideas - Cake Pops Tiger and Monkey

Small Business Ideas - Cake Pops Tiger and Monkey

Bake and Beverage

Delicious cookies and bake is great small business opportunity for mom. It is low start up cost if you just sold in neighborhood and near to your community.

If your market growing well, you need to invest more equipments. It doesn’t matter, as long as you made steady profits. Cookies, candies, cake, juice, and chocolate are great and low cost home based business.

Many big candies and chocolates industries were starting as small home business. Chocolates or delicious ice cream will be good ideas. How if you made organic baking or ice cream?

Here good ideas for moms about make Cake Pop tiger and monkey. It is complete with step by step instruction and tips, also some good videos.

Consultant Services

People getting fatty and they are looking for dietary consultant. Being a consultant is great home based business with low start up cost. You can be a small event organizer for wedding, happy birthday, coaching or trainer, dietary consultant, virtual assistance, accounting, and legal consultant. What is your skill and knowledge? You can be a consultant from home and get paid for it. Make a good brochure and name card, share it amongst friend and colleague, and prepare good dress as consultant.

Beauty care home based small business

Beauty care home based small business

Beauty and Care

This is profitable home based business based on your passion in beauty and care. Hair, face, eyes, nail, skin, all of our body parts needs care and treatment. Women need good neighborhood salon and spa. Your home can be a good small salon or beauty center. Pets need salon and care center too. People spend lot money just for caring his lovely pets. Other alternative is salon for children. Even a baby needs hair cut, baby massage, and more. Cosmetic and beauty care business is never fade.

Freelance Business

All of our life needs help from freelancer. Writer, journalist, photographer, editor, translator, interpreter, are kind of freelancers. They are paid well and low stat up small business. Good translator and editor always needs by publisher. Brilliant writer or copy-writer is needed by advertising agencies. Website owner need good writer because not everybody able to write well. Wedding, anniversary, happy birthday, needs good photographers. Among small business ideas, freelance just a name but they usually made more money with their spare time.

Family studio photograph

Family studio photograph

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Mini Studio Small Business

Build you mini studio based on your hobby as home based business. A good photographer, gardener, painter, pottery, artist, need a mini studio. How could you called yourself as an artist if you do not have a studio? Mini studio ideas are gardening studio, photography, painting, pottery, t-shirt printing, etc. Nursery flower or unique plant is profitable business. Student who loves design can start his t-shirt printing business. Children photograph studio is great, moms always need remarkable photos of her children.

Online home business

Writer usually interested with online home based business. For my opinion, this is though business and you need to learn some basic principles of make money writing in internet like how to write good articles and more. You can earn money by writing for some website or selling your photographs online. Online store, auction, and filling online survey are good internet business. This is a little bit expensive because you need computer or laptop, internet connection, and banking account. Warning: there is no instant money in internet, you should built in one up to two years before harvest the result.

Children Day Care Center

Children Day Care Center

Day Care Center

If you love children or pets, you have good small business idea to start day care center, pet center, being a nanny, pet sitter, and house sitter. Care center needs space and you can change and redesign your house room or garage becomes mini care center. Love and patient is requirement skill to run a care center. Working moms will be happy if she found excellent care center owned by person who loves children. You will be a great help for them.

Green Business

Green Business Ideas are new to some people. You can open a green vegetables and fruits store. Do you know that most of farm estates products were contaminated with pesticide and toxic? People who care about their health usually consume organic food and organic milk. Why don’t you try to make compost, selling organic product from home? Now women looking for organic cosmetic, natural remedies, and beauty care, hmm, yummy lucrative home based business for moms.

Best 45 Small Store Business Idea

If you did not satisfy with the 10 best home based business above, let we explore 45 small store business ideas: art and handicraft (9 small stores ideas); food and beverage (13 small store ideas); writing and design (9 small store ideas); beauty and care (13 small store ideas); and services center (8 small store ideas). I am sure you will found there some which the best business for you.

Smart and Best Small Business Ideas

If you still did not found in the list 45 small store business above the good small business for you, let we explore it smart and small business ideas based on yourself. You can explore it first from your skills and knowledge. Do you have best skill on something like making natural perfume or remedies? That your best and smart business ideas, you can made and sell it? How about your hobby and interest? You are creative, love children, and party. You can be happy birthday party organizer. People bad experience is also smart business ideas. Women has bad experience about car, if you are women who love machine, why don't you start car clinic for women? The last tips is observation the business around you.

Here some small business articles about how to start it, how to find small business ideas, and 45 types of business ideas:


Nona Weeks from Florissant, CO on September 11, 2014:

I have been trying to find something to do from home as a single mom. Very helpful info here. Thanks for sharing

elizabeth castillo on June 18, 2013:

Thanks for your insight. A lot of great start up ideas. Now all I have to do is figure out how to narrow it down and pick one!

Esrom Aritonang (author) from Indonesia on September 10, 2012:

Thanks for the comment. Yes, you are right. I should write an example of best practices about small business for women.

Shell Vera from Connecticut, USA on September 09, 2012:

There is a lot of information here. I think you provide a great start for someone considering starting his/her own business. I would have liked to see some links showing examples of the businesses or how someone could get started but it was a good foundational hub. I will click around, as you did share some other articles that perhaps have the information I am looking for right now. Look forward to reading more from you!

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