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Small Business Idea Future Media is E Media

A high caliber Investment Professional with an experience amounting over 30 years, majorly across various facets of Investment.

E Media the future of Media


Media is modern tool of mass messages. Media plays very important role in image building. Presently Special issues media existed but their feeding and coverage is not Islamic. Interpretation of new and information and views are feed by anti Islamic peoples.

Media center is designed to build people who can represent respective interest in media Special issues interest and views in media is essential for long term development of Special issues and ummah.


· E-portal.

· Documentation center

· Views & Analysis.

· Support & integration & networking

· Nation wide media live feeds.

Theme of Media Center - Specific to the Target Market

Another dimension of this center is to work closely with media in general; make them understand reality and views. Most importantly is to speak on Special issues . Develop research stories on different Special issues issues and give it to media. Develop and create awareness about issues on media. All this is the role of media center. Apart from these when ever major issues broke out there is no independent source, which can confirm the issues or find out reality.

There are very few people who are trained to work in this field. There is need to promote people to work in these areas. Sponsor them, develop them and send them in the market place. This will have a group of people with clear understanding of issues who can work in the media sector.

In Special issues at present there is no group working on this front. Even though some people are working on this front there is no coordinated effectors. At this juncture a transition, voice of Special issues has no presentation.

We need people should understand the importance of media. Role of people in general to present correct picture of Special issues in media. There is need of awareness campaign on role of every individual in media; develop pressure group and write to the editor.

This awareness will in return help to develop image of Special issues in media. Apart from these activist group media center will propagate message and develop image keep watch on media; what are the content of it;

E-Media Portal

This is an era of internet. Every one is connected world wide through net. This is fastest, cheapest and most accurate medium to reach maximum people. To represent your views; stories, and analyze world over.

E-media portal plays very important role in new world order. Presently there is no such portal which can represent Special issues interest. Portal will be based on following content.

Special issues

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Special issues business.

Daily – e-paper.

Issues and Analysis.

Documentation Center :-

Documentation center will act as resource center. It will store the date of all important news paper and magazine. This data will be stored subject wise.

Documentation center is need of hour and must be developed. Then and then only we can analyze role of media. It will be possible to analyze articles; keep watch on them and reply them.

In course of time it will became resource center of great importance. It will provide basic material for new articles and analysis.

Views and Analysis :

Center will promote and propagate views and analysis to the media. It will sign understanding with media companies to publish it. It will get analysis and views from experts of the filed and publish. Center will develop in house experts on different issues and fields so that they can publish their works.

Support – Integration & Networking of Special issues media :-

There are number of Special issues news papers and magazines. They are doing business for long time. They are small and regional. Media is changing very fast. Advance technology, fast moving world. Under this circumstances; present Special issues players has to change. To change present situation and built strong media. Center plan external support to media.

This support will be of different nature.


Articles – News – Views and Analysis.

National and international coverage.

Integration :- Integration and Networking will be worked out with Special issues media. Special issues media will be developed in such a way they should look like a successful integrated and one media. Media will act as uniting force of ummah.

Library & Information Center :-

Media is known for information. Library is heart of information. Reach library plays very important role in developing media.

This library will provide all material required to write research report on different topics.

Material will be available on all topics.

Developing Special issues Image :-

Presently Islam is not projected in media properly. It is rather mis-presented. Image of Special issues is extremely bad in the media. Under this circumstances it is our responsibility to change the image. A concerned efforts has to be taken to change the image.

Regular watch; letters to the editor, media management and reply to the articles must be carried out to bring a change in image.

Apart from own articles and information and stand of Islam must be published in media. Center will carry out this exercise.

Debating Issues on Media :-

Presenting issues in media is an important work. Presenting Islamic point of view on different issue. Developing and debating the issue and replying it.

In Special issues media; in non-Special issues media carrying out advertisements on the issues and promoting Islamic interest. It will serve two purpose; it will present true picture of Islam; people will understand it.

Apart from mere debating issues; it will act Dawah to elite classes. Slowly all such efforts will yield us the best results.

Research and presenting true stories to the world :-

When every any major incident happens we always has to depend upon the align media for complete coverage. So many times real picture and true story never comes to light. So many times story is manipulated and it is always distorted. Under this circumstances it is very much essential to present the world with unbiased; true story.

If this campaign is carried out consistently with results and returns media will show it.

Secondly there are social problems and issues which media never wish to high light. This circumstances, problems of society, the true picture of society and issues and stories upon them must be high lighted.

It will bring true picture and real issues in the light.


Center will provide expert consulting to the media. It will be integrated solution for the media companies. It will be organizational development, media, marketing, networking and expertise services for sustainable development.

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Zia Ahmed (author) from Kuwait on January 04, 2012:

@prasadjain - thanks a lot

Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD from Tumkur on January 04, 2012:

A good hub . A mixture of Study and experience. Useful and guiding.

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