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Six Ways to Earn with No Investment for Teenagers

Tushar has been writing for a few years now and has quite an experience in freelancing.

Out of money? Or maybe you don't want to ask your dad for money every other day. And people around you tell you that money-making is not something you can do when you're a teenager. Well then it's time for you to start making your own money, without any investment.


Sell Unwanted Stuff

Everyone things that they don't wanna use anymore. The unused skateboard you got as a gift on your 8th birthday, the good-as-new tee you don't wear anymore and even the sneakers which no longer fit. It's time to get rid of these unwanted things. Not only it would make your room cleaner and a little bit more spacious (just a little bit), it will also provide your hungry wallet with some cash and maybe then you will be able to throw a better party. You could sell them at the local thrift stores or you may sell them online. There are a lot of website which act as a platform where people sell and buy second hand goods. Sites like eBay help a lot.



'Do a work, get paid'. How does this sound like? Amazing, right? No hassle of working for a fixed time a day, no threats of being fired and jobs at your doorstep. That's exactly what freelancing is. There's a person or an organisation that wants to get some work done. And you have the time and the skill to do the work. And so, you complete the work. And the person pays you. As simple as that. And the work you can do in online freelancing is not limited by anything. You can do writing, make music, design websites, translate, transcribe, proofread and even do stupid things like witchcraft. You just need to attract the person enough to you. Some of the websites where you can begin are Fiverr, Freelancing and Upwork.


Affiliate marketing

You're teens and hence the most socialising age group of all. You make a lot of friends in this age. Guess what, increasing your friend circle gives you money too. Ever heard of schemes like refer this to a friend and earn $2? Affiliate marketing is a lot like that. You affiliate with sellers or websites like Amazon and refer their products in your Blog, YouTube channel or even your Instagram page. When someone buys a product using your link, you get a share of the money that site made. This is a great way of bringing your social circle to use. There are a lot of websites that offer affiliate marketing programs and you get to earn money by just referring people products they would buy.

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Managing Social Media

Getting a store online increases its sale right? You just need to explain this to a nearby shop owner. Whether it's a cafe, a lounge or even a grocery store, an online portfolio would definitely boost its profits. The only thing you need is searching for a shop owner who would pay for creating and managing their social media. Make a website for them, make an Instagram account and shoot some exciting photos and videos of their store. You can even advertise online if they pay you enough. They'll get a profit increase and you'll get some cash. A win-win situation for both.



This is a great way to earn if you like writing. You write an article for a website, and the website pays you for your article. Actually this is how it works. Organisation pays the website money to display their advertisements on the articles on their website. And those articles are to be written by the bloggers. So as the number of views on the article increases, the number of views on the ads increases simultaneously. And you get paid as per the views of your article. Some websites even allow readers to tip the blogger if they like the article. As you keep writing, the audience increases and your income keeps on increasing too. Websites like Hubpages allow writers to work with them and earn some money on the side.


Teach someone

I know you've considered the idea of teaching someone in your neighborhood, and maybe it didn't work. Or you don't have a friendly neighborhood. Online teaching can fetch you money too. You just need to have some skills that you could teach. Sites like skillshare allows you to set a price for your lectures and programs and you get paid whenever someone buys your program. There're also sites like Cambly that just require you to be a fluent English speaker. You just need to talk with someone who is trying to learn English. You talking to him would enhance his speaking skills and get your account filled with some bucks.

So get started and let us know your experience in earning some money online. Best of luck for your filled wallets..

© 2021 Tushar Swami

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