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Sites Where You Can Write Your Thoughts And Earn Money


Do you have various fillings and experiences that you want to share with others but don’t know how to do it verbally? Many face this kind of situation once in a while where they want to express their thought but are unable to. So people have found various alternatives. Like a video message or one most popular way of them all through writing.

Writing your opinions and thoughts has come a long way. From writing letters to writing for newspapers in all of which we convey about a matter which we aren’t able to convey verbally. And with the introduction of digital technology, it has leaped a whole new dimension. But how?

For that, you first have to realize whether it was a letter or writing in a newspaper everything was within a limited area. Also, the news that was written by the time it was published already became old. As for letters you have to send them earlier than it’s intended so that they may reach their receivers on time and fulfill their purpose. In some cases, it’s even seen that it has lost its purpose by the time they receive their letter. Now you are thinking what does all this have to do with the introduction of digital technology?

Well, many features of the digital world especially the internet have solved this problem. Like with the introduction of SMS and email passing information in long distances has become quite easy also they are on time. As for news, there are various newspaper platforms and blogs that deliver the news right as it occurs. There is technically no delay. In other words, you would receive information that has its value intact.

Also with the daily improvement and appearance of new various platforms new opportunities like earn from home online through your writing. Though they have their privacy policies regarding what can you write and what not but it doesn’t change the fact that you can earn from them from writing. Some pay for the number of views and subscribers, some pay using ad programs, etc. In the end, it is up to you to decide which platform fits you and your writing.

As I have already said the decision is yours in which platform you want to write. Remember writing is also a talent( and you need a place to show it. Thus all I can do is share some of the platforms that I found promising that should enable you to earn from them.

  • Vocal - (
  • Medium - (
  • Blogger - (
  • Hubpages - (
  • Streaming Plug - (
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Let’s learn what they are used for and how can you earn from them.


Well, Vocal is a blog posting site where writers of any category can write their blog posts and get paid for their views and reads. Hereafter you write a blog you have to submit it for review and wait for the editorial staff to evaluate it. If your post doesn’t have any grammatical mistakes and meets their quality standards then your post will be approved within the next few hours. But even before submitting your post must contain at least 600 words only then will you be able to submit.

If you are a free user, you won’t be able to quickly edit the post later. Also, free users must have more than $35 to withdraw the balance. But it’s different for premium users who only need $20 to withdraw the balance and also you can quickly edit your published posts as well.


Medium is another well know publishing website which is used by many. In a sense, publishing is easier in the medium rather than vocal. In a medium, you don’t have to wait for a review to post your site. You can just post it. Like other online earning sites or blog sites where people can earn through the support of their fans medium similarly has a system called clap. Here subscribers who have subscribed to medium for $5/month give away a portion directly to the article that they liked. Besides medium is one of the highest DA(Domain Authority) and AS(Authority Score) holders on the web. And believe me, increasing the DA of a site isn’t that easy. So you should know how valuable is it. As its a very important factor for ranking in search engines.


Blogger is a well-known blogging CMS that is made by google. Since it’s google then you should know its value. In the free version of blogger, you can create your website and choose one theme that suits you. Also, your site’s name will have at the end of its name. Though it’s a subdomain doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its value. Besides since it’s google’s you should have already guessed that you earn from Adsense. And if you use its premium version you would be able to give it an independent domain of your choosing.


Well, there’s nothing much to say about it. It’s one of the best and values blogging sites out there. It’s divided into various sectors so that users can video the posts of the category they prefer. Here you not only earn from google ads but also from the Amazon program as well. And also its popularity is very high and hundreds of readers come to read here regularly.

Streaming Plug

Unlike the above sites where you can earn from home online either through views or ads there, it’s more like Patreon. It also has other features besides written posts. You can also stream videos or music, etc. And since I said it’s like Patreon I think you understood here your main source of income are your fans. Also there payment methods that they offer are quite secure and easy to use. They also have an affiliate program as well.


These are just some of the sites that I feel have potential. There are a lot more out there. You can start freelancing or become a scriptwriter and many more. In modern times if you just put your mind to it you can easily earn using the skills that you possess. With enough hard work, you can even grow crops in a barren field so what’s stopping you to earn money.

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