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Side Hustle: The Evolution of Ideas and the Power of Creation

Words of Wisdom


It's Never just One Idea

Have you ever had an idea and as it continued to evolve and develop you started to come up with more ideas and subsets of those ideas and you then found yourself with this long list of thoughts that seemed never ending? I have. In fact, I am in that exact place right now as my idea for "Entrepreneurial Hustle" has spawned into more and I love it.

One of those many ideas was triggered from my exploration of both Spring and Redbubble. I am right brained and have a very creative and intuitive mind that has driven me to dive back into the art world. The idea first came from the interest of creating a clothing line or clothing brand, which I was always nervous to share with others because I was afraid to be met with criticism. But I decided to take a leap of faith anyways and I first jumped into "Spring." I had created a line of sweatshirts and they had different sayings and slogans that I've been known to express to family and friends over the years. It was tough to expand my creative thought though on that platform with some of the ideas I had so I jumped into Redbubble. I did a write up on Redbubble which you can find the link below to that review. At this point, I also realized that it's better to have multiple sites rather than just one. I was able to create a new store front and after a couple days of thinking through ideas of what to name my store front, I landed on "Miscswag Clothing Co." which stands for "Miscellaneous Swag" which encompasses ALL of my ideas, creativity and thoughts into one phrase.

I have the main line that consists of the logo and generic designs like "Hustle," "Go wild," and "Are you basic or do you have swagger?" and I am currently working on a few more collections. I will be adding more designs to what is currently up, but I've been working on keeping things simple; hence, why I am also only offering designs on the long t-shirt and in limited colors. The newest collections to drop soon will be my "Celebrate Mental Health" and "Hidradenitis Suppurativa Awareness." I did create a "Pride" collection that goes out to everyone and anyone that identifies as bi, gay, trans, straight etc. Love is love and we should all be able to express who we are without criticism, hate and prejudice.

All of my collections have a personal meaning and through this process of having an idea, to loving and evolving that idea, I have come up with this whole radical movement. Miscswag Clothing Co. is the first of those many ideas. My next collection "Celebrating Mental Health" that is scheduled to drop on 8/1 is an attempt to start talking about the elephant in the room.

Since the pandemic, I feel that the world has been slapped with this eye opening and jarring fact that we need to focus more on mental and emotional health. Muscling through problems and saying "I'm fine," isn't going to cut it anymore and being an alcoholic in recovery, I hit my own emotional bottom at the end of last year. I am young and a woman of color and I hope that someone will find some solace in my content. Doubling down after my emotional bottom in November of 2020, allowed for me to find my "humanness" or what my friend Nisha likes to call it, "my humanity." We are all human and what's ironic is that the very thing that is keeping people connected is probably in fact creating more of a divide between reality and fantasy. Technology has allowed for us to work from home and create more of an online real estate, but it's subconsciously promoting isolation and space. How do we break that barrier?

I found my "golden nugget," that November and I will save that story for another time, but for now, we have the power to effect change and bring about more positivity in the world. My simple idea of testing out side hustles and writing about them has evolved into so much more and I am so excited to continue to share with you my journey.

Review on Redbubble

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