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Side Hustle Idea #9: Canva



Canva: Bringing Creations to Life

Let me start off by first saying that I love Canva. Canva has given me the freedom to create a multitude of designs such as logos and graphics for my sweatshirt line. Additionally, I have been able to use Canva to create multiple Instagram posts and Facebook covers as well as Pinterest posts and other graphics. I added some of the creations to this blog below. The first was created for a leadership course I've implemented with my team at work. I work in a financial contact center and manage 21 representatives. I've used the graphic to help give a visual on what I mean when I talk about integrating business with mental and emotional health. The second design is a design I created for June 2021 which is Pride month. And the last design is the logo I created for my clothing line called "Miscswag Clothing Co." Misc stands for miscellaneous much of what the line embraces - motivational sayings, witty statements and fun/creative graphics. Check use out here on Redbubble! We are also on Spring!

I've opted to pay $12.99 a month to use the pro version which is totally worth it since I have an unlimited reserve of options when it comes to elements, fonts, animations etc. I have used Canva to build my business but I have not used it the conventional sense of creating PowerPoints, graphics for websites, logos etc. as a business for other people.

I would like to eventually get to a point of being a freelance designer, but for now I'll enjoy creating and expanding my portfolio. It's really easy to sign up with Canva. You simply log in to the main screen and create a username and password and then choose the plan you'd like to use.

The free version is great too, I just found myself wanting to sue a lot of the pro version items which is why I upgraded. When you log in you will see on the left side a number of different items to choose from. I am just getting into some of these options, but the one that I frequent most is "all your designs." If I need to replicate a design, I am able to copy an already made design and then rename it. Additionally, it's easy to pick a template like a Facebook post, website images etc. or I can even create my own dimensions.

Canva also allows you to move your designs into different folders as to keep things organized. I've done this because I use Canva to create images and graphics for multiple side hustles and ideas for my current job. And when it comes time to saving my designs, it's easy to do so for both my computer and cell phone. In fact, when you save an image on your cell phone, the image is immediately loaded into your photos.

There is also a feature called "Brand Kit," which allows you to upload your brand logo as well as add a color palette (or several) and brand fonts for the heading, subheading and body text boxes. Once that's complete you can rename the brand kit, meaning you can has many kits as possible and then create a design from that specific kit. In this case, when I clicked on "create a design" I was given a number of different options to create. I chose "website" and when I was looking through my initial design options I saw that my chosen color palette and fonts were pre-loaded. This feature would be a great feature if I had a team of people that made designs and needed some direction on what colors, logos and fonts to use. This could be something I use for the future as Canva does allow users to create team and add people to an account.

The next feature that I've started to explore is the "content planner." In order to be wise with my time, I've started to make my designs in bulk especially if I plan on submitting a bunch of content on this blog as well as my other blogs and side hustles. I am in the early stages of building Entrepreneurial Hustle, but I would like to begin to automate processes like making designs and posting on social media sites and Canva allows for end users to do so through its content planner. It's fairly easy to set up, all you need to do is choose your date and click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner across from where the date is located and choose a design or create a new template. From there, you will then be prompted to choose a channel and Canva allows you to choose from 9 different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are the most popular that are listed.

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There are many other areas of Canva to learn and leverage for example, I would like to take one of their suggested design courses and explore more of their blog. I have utilized the search bar to find different template ideas like Tik Tok videos and Tik Tok Ads. I normally would do the manual search if I couldn't find what I was looking for in the template drop down. My suggestion is to use the tutorial when first getting started to see how you could maximize this platform. There are so many features I am still exploring but I wanted to share my thoughts based on how vital it has been in my process of getting some of my side hustles up and off the ground.

Stay tuned for more!

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