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Side Hustle Idea #5: Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex


Being Your Own Boss: Making Deliveries

I had to do it. I heard of Amazon Flex but never really understood the concept until I took the time to go through the hiring process.

The process if very easy. All you need to do is download the app called Amazon Flex and either login or sign up with Amazon. You will be asked to answer a series of questions like availability, type of car and desired number of hours to work and then you will be prompted to fill out a W-9 form.

From there, you are brought to a list of videos that you need to watch which is very straight forward. The videos are short and simple and give a high level overview of what you would be doing. What's cool about Amazon Flex is the ability to be your own boss and make your own schedule. It's easy to track your payments on the app and you are paid twice a week.

I signed up to work between 11-20 hours and just work Saturdays and Sundays. I also liked that I had to "heart" my top choices like top hours and days to work. The series of videos cover everything from what to expect to safety precautions and pick up locations.

This process reminds me of Instacart and DoorDash business model. The concepts of safe travel and delivery are the same as well as offering outstanding customer service. You are also expected to use your phone to check off items as you are delivering and it's beneficial to have a phone holder in the car.

I will come back with more updates once I make my first delivery, but in the meantime if you are looking for an opportunity that requires movement and a change of pace, check out Amazon Flex!

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