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Side Hustle Idea #2: Textbroker

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Get your writing caps on, it's time to make some money!

Textbroker acts as the middle man for businesses to find content and serves as a platform for freelance writers to pick up odd writing jobs. Anyone can sign up as a client or as an author. I am going to focus on the author piece of the platform for right now, but I do plan on adding more content in the future on the client side of the business.

Anyone that signs up will need to go through the approval process. This consists of writing a 200 word essay on a specific topic provided by Textbroker. It's fairly easy and doesn't take more than 15 minutes to apply.

Depending on the written submission, Textbroker will then rank you one through five, five being the best. The higher the ranking the higher the potential payment for each article that is written. Some articles pay as low as 45 cents per submission and as high as $5.

In order to generate a significant amount of income, you have to submit a high number of articles. It's easy to find articles that need to be written and the business that needs the content will give you specific guidelines.

Writers are given a timeframe of how long they have to research and write the article. Once completed and submitted, the business will review and hopefully accept. Upon acceptance, you should see a pending payment and potential rating from the client. Textbroker does conduct periodic audits of your account and rank you based on what you have already submitted. In order to increase your rating, you can always write more articles and have them posted to your profile. I am currently rated a 3, but I have had some opportunities pop up recently giving me the chance to be part of a team writing group where I will have access to more content and more money.

As mentioned above, there is so much information that can be shared on Textbroker. I will write more articles focusing on other features of the platform; however, with patience and focus, I imagine someone could bring in around $200-$300 dollars a month.

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I have experienced some success with this platform and here are my top 5 suggestions to maximizing Textbroker as a side hustle.

1. Set a realistic goal of how much you think you can write each week and each month.

2. Pick content topics that are easy for you to research and also are of interest. Make sure you can follow all instructions provided by the client. If you are on the fence of whether or not you can handle a certain client request, my suggestion is to move on to the next opportunity.

3. If you already have content written, upload that content to your profile so Textbroker can evaluate and hopefully boost your rating.

4. Use the speech to text feature in Google docs. This is a great way to work through multiple assignments in a day/week/month.

5. Apply for team and direct orders as a way to open yourself up to new and bigger projects that also pay more per word.

Happy writing!

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