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Should You Join A Network Marketing Company?

I have been in a Network Marketing organisation for about 2 years. I think I have enough experience there to share about my stories.

Uncapped Income Potential

This is probably one of the greatest selling point of being in a network marketing company. There is literally no limit as to how much you are able to earn. As long as you are willing to put in the proper effort in it.

The nature of the job involves networking and recruiting, so the faster you recruit, the better.

Recruitment Done Right

Illustration to show successful recruitment.

Illustration to show successful recruitment.


Here are some common challenges that network marketers will face on a daily basis.

Losing Real Friends

This is a common problem amongst network marketers. This is all due to their out of the blue meet ups with friends. A friend you have never spoke to for over 5 years and out of the blue, you request for a meet up. This is as suspicious as ever especially if you are living here in Singapore. There are even memes about this.

The only way around this is to stop targeting your friend list for recruitment. They are your friends, they are not money. This is why I make it a habit to know which of my friend list are agents to avoid such meet ups. Of course, if I do need a policy or something, I will be sure to approach them.

Extremely Long Working Hours

By extremely long working hours, I really mean extremely long working hours. On a typical week, you will spend 6 days working. I will provide a breakdown of a typical weekly schedule for those starting out in network marketing.


This is one of the biggest challenges that you will have to face. Those who join network marketing are typically youngsters who are fresh graduates. So, by default they already do not have plenty of savings to sustain them. As this is a full commissioned job, there will be occasions where you will earn zero dollars. Be careful before joining one and understand fully the risks you can afford before joining.

Just imagine not earning any income for that day but because of the cult like activities, you would have to spend money after work for dinner, drinks and activities.


Being a network marketer, you will need a strong mentality to go far. Doing zeros repeatedly should not break your will to succeed. The moment, a big fat zero is able to break your will, you should seriously reconsider your life choices.

The same applies if you are way too optimistic even for doing zero and not growing in team size. You should seriously reconsider your life choices.

Typical Schedule Of A Network Marketer (Weekdays)



IC Meeting

Those who are in the position of leading the team down for their sales acquisition will attend their morning meetings daily.


Upskilling Session

Everybody will gather and learn something to improve their pitching skills. Seniors will guide juniors.


Morning Meeting

The whole organisation will gather and attend a meeting. The managers will normally be the ones leading the meetings.


Leave Office For Sales Acquisition

The different teams will head out to their different locations to earn. They will also consume their lunch at this timing.


Official sales start timing



Official sales end timing



Head back to office for activities

There will be different kinds of activities after work. From workshops, to meetings, to games, to even movie sessions.


Head home

This is the timing where people normally head home.

What About Weekends?

Depending on the type of job you have, weekends are quite similar. So, you will either work on Saturday or Sunday. Typically it starts from 10:00 - 21:00 but some there will be times where it will start from 08:00 - 21:00.

Your Off Days

Here’s the thing, on your off days, depending on the organisation that you are in, you could be doing some activities which involves meeting your team again. Well if that happens then congrats you are officially seeing your work colleagues for 7 days in a week at about 12 hours per day.

And if you’re doing badly in sales, well good job, you’re basically working 12 hours earning $0. You would have been better off volunteering your time.

Pros Of Being A Network Marketer

Fast Career Progression

If you happen to decide to join, you can rest assured that your career progression can be a fast one. As it involves recruitment, you have the full control over whether you progress fast or slow.

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There are endless potential as to what you can achieve in such organisations.

Be Your Own Boss

Technically you are not employed. You are your own boss. You decide which days you wish to work and which days you wish to not work. You decide your holiday period. You decide pretty much everything other than the sales timing. Even in Singapore, you can decide whether you wish to contribute your earnings into CPF.

Useful Soft Skills

There are some useful soft skills that you can actually benefit from such organisations.

Effective Communication

As you will be facing clients on a daily basis, you will learn to build up an impressive communication skills. During upskilling sessions, you will learn the best ways to convey your message across without sounding demanding or rude.

Self Reflection

Another one of the useful skills you will learn is self reflection. At the end of the day, you will self reflect and send this reflection to your trainer. This is to allow them to better train you the next day. This is also to allow them to understand how you think and work.

Should You Or Should You Not?

After going through all this, all I can say is sure, give it a shot. Before entering however, have a plan ready.

For example:

If I am not able to earn $2,000 in a month, recruit and train at least 1 guy per month, I should leave. By April 2021.

This way, it will motivate you to go all out and if it all fails, at least you will know when to quit. Staying and not progressing in such companies is a complete waste of time. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. These are whom I call "Puppets".

Puppets are essentially protected by the main leader of the organisation because they are gullible and follow exactly as ordered. Despite not earning much or progressing, they are still protected because of their status as puppets.

I mean by all means, go ahead and apply to be one of the puppets but you will just be wasting your time and not progressing anyway.

Bonus Content

I will not mention names, but the organisation I was with previously had a pretty bad reputation across APAC. It got so bad to the point that they had to rename the company.

Your Mileage May Vary

Still, whether you decide to join one or not is entirely up to you. There is no obligations for you to join. But if you decide to join then please exercise caution and exit at the earliest warning sign possible.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Muhammad Shairazi

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