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Short-Form Videos and Its Importance for Businesses


Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Facebook video are examples of popular video platforms. The way that we navigate through and take in social content has been fundamentally altered as a result of the widespread adoption of short-form video across all social media platforms. Our browsing habits have been altered, and it has even become the foundation for in-person talks and the process of forming social ties. The days of reading text and the requirement of constant concentration are long gone. Moving pictures have a greater ability to capture the attention of the modern eye. We have primarily witnessed the meteoric rise of the short-form video boom throughout the past few years, and it has ultimately developed into an indispensable component of our culture today.

It also seems unlikely that it will disappear anytime soon (until we find another format to move onto). It has now been ingrained in our day-to-day activities and it is also not unusual to hear, "Hey, did you see that Reel of XYZ influencer". We are also now spending hours transfixed to the screens of our mobile devices while immersed in the sea of short-form video material.

When one enters the digital realm of short-form video, time seems to stand still and before you know it, it has been hours of scrolling over these platforms. With the growing popularity it also provides an opportunity for brands to leverage these platforms to increase their brand awareness and expand their customer base. Content is king these days, and if used properly, brands can really make use of the short-form video content to their advantage.


What are Short-Form Videos?

When we speak of short-form video, it does not refer to high-quality, top-of-the-market videography; rather, it refers to short, choppy videos that can be created on any smartphone by absolutely anyone. These platforms offer a tiny toolbelt of basic editing tools that let the creator add text, audio, and transitions between scenes. It is quite easy to learn and new updates keep things exciting.

The length of these videos range typically from 20-45 seconds. Since the time is short, the information is kept basic, easy to see, and doesn't need an excessive amount of concentration from the viewer. As a result, the viewer won't waste their time watching something that they might not be interested in.

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Why Are Short-Form Videos So Addictive?

Ever wondered how you start scrolling on your electronic device one second and the next moment you realize that it's been hours since you started scrolling. There is a scientific reason for it and that is because this type of video provides us with quick doses of dopamine, which is why we keep scrolling back for more. The user is tethered to their phone screen since continuous scrolling guarantees that they will continue to receive dopamine hits in the future. As the user gets more engrossed in the supplementary content, this may be a factor that contributes to "falling down the rabbit hole" when it comes to video content.

Importance of Short-Form Video for Brands

As consumption of content is increasing with time, to succeed in marketing, short-form video should be prioritized, according to a recent HubSpot poll (2022), which found that it has the highest return on investment of any social media strategy. However, marketers must first understand a few essential aspects of short-form video and how to strategically employ it if they intend to provide customers with what they desire.

Short-form videos can help brands easily connect with their audience. Short video content is perceived as genuine and relevant, and if marketers can convey these emotions through short-form branded content, consumers are more likely to perceive the brand as genuine. Additionally, it is captivating and very shareable. It also forces advertisers to condense their messaging into shorter time frames, making the content easier for consumers to absorb.

Brands can participate in short-form video content trends which generally change quite rapidly. Popular trends frequently feature viral audio clips, TikTok/Reels dances, editing effects, and transitions - marketers must maintain a consistent presence on these platforms to comprehend what's trending and how it may impact their brand strategy. One should find ways to integrate their content with the trends on these platforms as a way to connect with the audience for the brand. Time is also something to be mindful of, since the world of short-videos is very dynamic, a brand should act on quickly if they want to be a part of the trend, while of course when it is trending.

Content can also be based on the events happening right now, buyer journeys can be incorporated, influencer content can be shown and content that shows "how it's made" or "behind the scenes”, seems also a great way to participate in short-form videos. Give some BTS of your employees or some fun activities that your brand is participating in. The range is extremely broad, and there is no limit to the amount of creativity that can be applied. To attract an audience, your material should be approachable and relatable; hence, you should mold it to fit inside this gap.

Also, gone are the days when brands posted the same content everywhere, it is now becoming imperative to create differentiated content for each platform as every platform has its own USP. It is also important to make content which looks genuine, if it looks fake, it becomes difficult to capture the audience’s attention. Brands can make content around spreading awareness or educating their audience and potential customers. Content which focuses too much on selling the products/services should be avoided as it might not be able to capture the attention of the viewer.

Today, the audience wants to feel like they have a stake in the operations of the business they are buying into, therefore one should make sure that the brand is represented with a human face and demonstrate to your potential customers that they can relate to the brand as people as well as a business.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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