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Shopee Cashback How Does It Work


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Shopee Cashback How Does it Work

Shopee Cashback How Does it Work

Why Shopee 10% Cashback Voucher is Better

Do you know that sometimes it is better to use Shopee 10% cashback voucher on your purchase instead of 35%, 50%, or even 70% cashback? You actually get more coins deposited into your account by using the 10% cashback.

Don't believe me? Try it one day and see how many coins you get by using the different Shopee cashback vouchers. Better still, see the comparison table below.

What is Shopee Cashback?

The Shopee Cashback program was introduced to help sellers drive more sales by giving buyers the Shopee-sponsored 10% or more coins cashback. Sometimes there is a minimum spending amount required to qualify for this voucher. During a certain promotion period, no minimum spending amount is set.

You will receive cashback in the form of Shopee coins to offset your future purchase.

Shopee, however, has different cashback programs for their different marketplace. For example, the program for Shopee Malaysia may be different from Shopee Singapore or Shopee Philippines.

This article highlights the program for Shopee Malaysia only but the main gist is similar.

Benefits of Cashback Program to Sellers

This program gives participating sellers additional marketing exposure as buyers usually choose sellers with cashback incentives. It can increase the size of each order and also increases traffic to the seller's shop.

Benefits of Cashback Program to Buyers

Shopee’s cashback comes in the form of coins. Currently, 100 Shopee coins are equivalent to RM1 in value. You can use these coins to deduct a certain amount for your next purchase.

For example, if you used the 10% Cashback voucher for the RM30 order, you will get 300 Shopee Coins. This equals RM3.00 and you can use it on your next purchase.

How to Claim Shopee Cashback Vouchers

Cashback vouchers are released from 12 am daily and you get it by clicking on the daily 10% Cashback icon on the homepage of your Shopee App.

Depending on the promotion, some of the vouchers are valid for a certain period and some may last for a month. Some may have limited redemption and therefore, best to use it as soon as possible before it is fully redeemed.

The vouchers that you claimed will be saved in your "My Vouchers"

Screenshot: Shopee Cashback Vouchers Are Saved in "My Vouchers". Total Coins Collected Will Be in "My Shopee Coins"

Screenshot: Shopee Cashback Vouchers Are Saved in "My Vouchers". Total Coins Collected Will Be in "My Shopee Coins"

Terms & Conditions of Shopee Cashback Vouchers

Different cashback vouchers may have specific T&C but generally, most of the vouchers will be subject to:

  • Certain validity period
  • Can be used on Shopee Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Only for products from coins cashback sellers
  • Payment through ShopeePay
  • Each user can only use the voucher once per transaction

How to Use Shopee Coins

You use Shopee coins to offset payment on your purchases. Just click on the Shopee coins bar during checkout to use your coins.

However, you can use only a maximum of 3,000 Shopee coins or 25% of the cash payable for your order. There is also a maximum daily spend limit of 3,000 Shopee coins. On a weekly basis, the maximum spent limit is 15,000 Shopee coins.

Shopee 10% Cashback Is Better

Shopee 10% Cashback Is Better

Shopee 10% Cashback vs 70% Cashback

Remember I mentioned earlier that sometimes it is better to use the 10% cashback vouchers instead of, say, 70% cashback on your purchase?

Why? Because the terms and conditions for each of the cashback vouchers determine which voucher gives you more Shopee coins.

Look at the comparison table below to understand why. (highlighting only the 'minimum spend' and 'coins capped at'. Other T&Cs not relevant for this comparison)

The amount of 'coins capped at' and 'minimum spend' might vary slightly depending on the seasonal promotion. However, the comparison table suffices to explain why you get more coins with just Shopee 10% cashback vouchers for your purchases.

CashbackMinimum SpendCoins Capped atCoins to Receive for RM500 Purchased Items

10% Cashback


5,000 coins

5,000 coins i.e. RM50

10% Cashback ShopeePay Only


5,000 coins

5,000 coins i.e. RM50

15% Cashback


2,000 coins

2,000 coins i.e. RM20

30% Cashback


300 coins

300 coins i.e. RM3

35% Cashback


300 coins

300 coins i.e. RM3

50% Cashback


300 coins

300 coins i.e. RM3

66% Cashback


400 coins

400 coins i.e. RM4

70% Cashback


300 coins

300 coins i.e. RM3

The above table clearly shows that for RM500 total purchased price you get the maximum Shopee coins if you use 10% cashback. For other cashback percentages, you lose as it is capped at a much lower threshold level. So, for Shopee 70% cashback you get a miserable 300 coins i.e. RM3 against 10% cashback where you receive 5,000 coins i.e. RM50.

Thus, if your total purchased price is higher than RM100, it is better to use Shopee 10% cashback vouchers.

When to Use Shopee 70% Cashback?

If you run out of 10% cashback vouchers and cannot wait for Shopee to release the next 10% voucher, then you use the other vouchers that you have in your account such as 50%, 70%, etc.

These vouchers also give a better payout compared to 10% cashback if your total purchased price is low as shown in the table below.

CashbackCoins Capped atMax Purchased Price to get Capped Coin Value






















Therefore, if your purchased price is very low it is better to use the higher percentage cashback vouchers. For example, with RM4.30 you get 300 coins i.e. RM3 with 70% cashback. If you use 10% cashback for this item, you get a miserable RM0.43.

Will I Lose My Shopee Coins if My Order is Canceled or Refunded?

If your order is canceled or refunded, your redeemed Shopee coins will be returned to your account.

If it is a partial refund or return, then you get back the prorated Shopee coins.

But if you use Shopee coins to redeem vouchers on the "Coins Rewards" page, they will not be refunded.

Other Ways to Earn Shopee Coins

If you shop often on Shopee it is worthwhile getting as many Shopee coins as possible to redeem for your next purchase. In addition to Shopee Cashback vouchers, you can also get more coins by:

  • Buying from any Shopee Preferred and Shopee Mall sellers - you will earn 1 coin for every RM1.
  • Through "Daily Coins Rewards". Click on the "Daily Coins Rewards" icon on Shopee's homepage to check-in and get 1 coin.
  • Giving a review on your purchase. If your review is 50 characters or more and you include a photo you get 3 coins. But if add both photo and video you get 5 coins.
  • By watching "Shopee Live".
  • Participate in seasonal marketing activities and games.

Now That You Know

Now that you know how to use Shopee Cashback and Shopee Coins, you can strategize your next purchase better and get more discounts at your Shopee Marketplace.

Remember; Shopee 10% Cashback should be used if your purchase price is RM100 or more. Otherwise use the other Shopee Cashback vouchers.

Have fun shopping!

P.S. Do you like to share your online shopping experiences or tips? Please leave them in the comment section below. Cheers!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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