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Sam Walton/Walmart Trivia

Articles that I have written with social work in mind, to educate others, in hopes to lead better lives.



As a job coach, I have attended so many Wal-Mart (and their affiliates) orientations, in the State of Missouri, that I could probably do an orientation with my eyes closed. (Which is what was said by another job coach at my firm, many times.) I have met some great managers and supervisors in many area Wal-Marts. I was sad to see someone from personnel leave one of the stores I frequented. However, I was ecstatic to work with her again, as she held an orientation for one of the new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets. I have a client that is still working at a local Neighborhood Market, and likes the job. I have several other clients that are working at two different Wal-Marts. Wal-Mart isn't the only store I frequent, but Wal-Mart is so huge, it tends to be one of the main conglomerates that I frequent.

Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are a couple of the top corporations that hire the disabled, per the website.

On the flip side, I used to work as an overnight stocker at the Walmart in Wentzville. I was only employed there a month. Personnel put me down as leaving a temporary job because I had a medical issue that was not getting resolved in a timely manner. This way, I could be hired again at this Walmart. However, that is when I found my job as a job coach. Which was affiliated with my degree in social work, so I took the job. I feel fortunate to still be able to help my clients work in retail, as my first job was also in retail. (Kmart - which has become extinct in my area. Later - Famous Barr - which is now extinct in my area - JCPenney - just like Sam Walton himself.) I have coached clients at a few different retail places. However, my favorite places to coach have always been Walmart affiliated.

Sam Walton/Walmart Trivia

My very favorite person who works as Personnel for one of Wal-Mart's affiliates (and reminds me of actress Melissa McCarthy.) likes to start off her orientations with a bit of Walmart/Sam Walton trivia.

1. What college did Sam Walton attend?

Sam Walton went to Mizzou (University of Missouri).

2. The first Sam's Club opened.....1983.

3. Sam Walton once worked at JCPenney's.

4. Walmart bought out Woolco stores in Canada to create their first Walmart in that country.

5. The very first Walmart SUPER CENTER was built in Washington, Missouri.

6. Things you may not have known:

The Neighborhood Markets will be a little bigger than the first Wal-Mart.

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Walmart's #1 charity is The Children's Miracle Network, but did you know that each individual store has their own charities in their own cities? They donate food to soup kitchens and different churches in each stores individual areas. I know one of the stores that I have frequented donates to the Domestic Violence Shelter in their city. Plus, Wal-Mart recently donated money to aid after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas.

There is also a "Walmart Museum." I haven't been there, but some of the Personnel Managers that I have worked with have been there.

Wal-Mart Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Fort

I couldn't believe it when I heard that there is, actually, a video online about people going into Wal-Mart and making a fort in the toilet paper and paper towel aisles. I wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen like 5 to 6 girls coming out of the bottom of a paper towel display at the O'Fallon Walmart. Seriously. I got to witness this as I was job coaching, and the actual employees that zone the paper towel and toilet paper displays are none too happy about having this done.

People, you do realize that there are cameras in Wal-Mart, right? This particular incident was viewed by a manager, and the children walked away just as he was walking out of the stockroom. I can just imagine prices going up at Wal-Mart because people just completely destroy the department that employees are paid to keep neat. Hope your fun was worth the price increase for everyone else.


Those extreme coupon people that are committing a crime by printing coupons again and again. This is a crime that they are now calling managers to registers to question most, if not all, coupons, before they are acceptable for use. Therefore, trying to get someone at check outs that are new and seem to not know what they are doing, or seem gullible to you, is no longer going to work.

People need to realize that the more this is done, the more you will have roll UP deals and not roll back deals at Wal-Mart. (Even Walgreen's is no longer putting up with this. If you are getting coupons from online, you best make sure that they are from a legit site. Some people are trying to get items from Wal-Mart at the lowest possible price and then going on Ebay and selling it for the full amount. This has actually become a way of life for some people.) Needless to say, if you are caught, do not say you were not warned.

Walmart: Not all created equal

I have coached clients at four different Wal-Marts, and I have found that not all of them are created equal. Yes, they are all Wal-Mart, but the people that work there, and their management teams make for a difference in each environment. I recently found that those Wal-Marts that hire more disabled individuals in wheelchairs are safer than the Wal-Marts that do not. Those Wal-Marts that hire those in wheelchairs appear to see MORE of their MyShare than those that do not hire those in wheelchairs. MyShare is a bonus that Wal-Mart gives to their employees every quarter, based on each individual stores performance. How much you get depends on how many hours you work. Plus, they deduct amounts if there have been any safety issues in each individual store in that quarter.

Therefore, part timers see a bonus to. However, it is not as much as it would be if you work full time. There is a probation period between when you first start your job at Wal-Mart until you see your first MyShare bonus. However, I have heard about some pretty good amounts from the stores that hire those that are visibly disabled than those that only hire a few that their disabilities appear unseen. Keep that in mind if you work at Wal-Mart. Maybe test out that theory for yourselves.

CAP2 Associate: A CAP2 Associate is a Wal-Mart employee who helps unload the truck and stock shelves. I have only coached for this position at two stores in my area (one at the O'Fallon store, and two at the Wentzville store). Of course, not all CAP2 supervisors are created equal. I am a fan of one previous CAP2 supervisor, in particular, he actually eats his meal at the same time as the rest of the CAP2 team. He has a team building technique all his own. The team respected him. I have witnessed CAP2 associates ask for this particular supervisor before anyone else, and then they find out that it is his day off, and, only then, does the CAP2 associate(s) ask for the other supervisor. It is very rewarding to see a supervisor earn the respect that he has earned. Of course, he is probably so humble and modest that he does not even realize that he has earned the associates respect. There really needs to be more people like him on management teams. Which he has since moved to another department, and to another store. I am sure that he will always be successful no matter where he is. Kudos to you. I miss you already.

February 16, 2017

On the evening of February 16th, my client, was threatened by 5 teenagers that they were going to jump him for speaking out about using company property inappropriately. Another company associate heard this threat. My client went inside to let things de-escalate outside, and was allowed to go do his computer training.

Of course, I did not hear about this until the next day, in which I made sure to talk to personnel about the issue, as well as management. Later, I saw the company's security team outside assessing the area. It turns out that these five teenagers had tried to steal from this establishment before. However, I am glad that precautions are being taken to protect all the associates.

Just because Trump is the official President and he has no values, it does not make anyone above the law. Please think before you stoop down to President Trump's level. Trump cannot save you from being judged by God. Many want Don the Con impeached, and what will happen to you then? No get out of jail free card? It was parents like Donald Trump's who created white supremacy. I don't see any improvement in Trump's America. Many of my clientele see the worse in America. Is this really what Trump supporters want? If so, it looks disgusting. Just polluting the country God gave to the Native Americans first. So disappointing.


No matter what walk of life you are in, Walmart, Sam's Club and NOW the Neighborhood Markets have, or will eventually, become something for someone. Especially, now that you make about $11 an hour to start, by the time you finish the 6 month Pathways computer training program. Walmart isn't a bad place to work, if you have any type of disability, and for any reason, can only work part time. Here's hoping with the changes that Walmart is going through, they can continue to help their communities, as well as keeping their employees employed. I always enjoy seeing the Walmart logo on the Ellen Show and the people that Walmart donates to help.

Another new Walmart program called "the happy to help program," where managers of SuperCenters as well as the smaller Neighborhood Markets reward their employees that go the extra mile to bring great customer service to each individual store. SuperCenter Managers now give out 5, limited edition smiley pins, a month, while Neighborhood Markets give out 3 pins a month, to that employee that goes the extra mile. (So far, I know a couple people who have received one of these pins from a store that I frequent. In fact, one of the people that I know is the #1 award recipient for customer service in our metropolitan area.) Each month, a new pin design is voted on from the employees, and their stories could be featured on Walmart Radio, Walmart TV, and/or Walmart World Magazine. There are quite a few liberating employee stories to tell. I have, personally, heard quite a few in my line of work, where I get to see many disabled individuals be successful.

Congrats to two of my clients (who work in two other retail establishments): One made Employee of the Month for November last year. Another made Teammate of the Month for February of this year. I couldn't be happier for both of them.

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