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Salon Industry Trends 2017

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The Organic Product & Lifestyle Movement

The demand for organic and natural-based salon products is sky rocketing!

Not only is the organic salon product market growing, but so are the salons that have chosen to be a part of the movement.

"Organic salons" are popping up all over the nation, leaving a trail of closed-down, traditional salons in its path. While the number of traditional salons is still greater than organic salons, the organic salon growth rate suggests things are in fact, greener on the other side.

Organic Salon Growth


The demand for natural-based products isn't just exclusive to the salon industry, but is an overall culture trend. And with greater access to online information, consumers are armed with more knowledge than ever.

With the rise of the tech-savvy consumer, comes the rise of the well-informed client.

Now, with the ingredient lists of salon products available at the push of button, it comes to no surprise clients are demanding safer products, that still perform. In fact, the organic personal care market is projected to grow an astounding 10% a year, totaling $25.1 billion dollars (yes, billion) by 2025.

What's even more signification? Organic hair products are projected to be 2nd most popular organic personal care product, right behind makeup.

But clients aren't the only ones demanding more natural salon products, Hair Stylists are, too.

Since occupational hazards faced by Hairdressers have been categorized as carcinogenic by The World Health Organization in 2013, this also comes to no surprise.

However, with the rise in demand of organic salon products, comes a rise in supply.

Since organics have become one very hot trend, there has been a rise in dishonest companies with false claims and great marketing gimmicks.

It's very important to research the claims made companies through verifiable third-party sources.

Color Services Are King

Color services have always been a big income provider for salons, but in a recent study by Salon Today, we see just how much of the pie color services own.


What the above graph shows is undeniable, color is KING!

Now, more than ever, it's important for salons to put an emphasis on their color services.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize the number one money-maker for salons:

  • Move the color bar to the front the salon (don't hide it)
  • Make sure color is well integrated into the service menu
  • On that note, take the technique used off the menu
  • Have an across-the-board standard for color consultations
  • Monitor color developments (look for the newest innovation in products)
  • Create a seasonal look book with the latest hair color trends
  • Promote your work on social media outlets like Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook
  • Hire well-trained colorists, and specialty colorists
  • Offer different color types (you can carry both traditional and organic hair color)

Salon-Spa Hyrbrid: The Spalon

We're not talking a full out spa, but many salons have opted to become a full-service Spa-lon.

Specializing in services that reach beyond the hair, and focus on overall health and wellness, spalons offer many unique treatments not found in typical salons or spas.

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Healthy Hair Starts at the Root

In particular, scalp treatments have been growing in popularity, and are a favorite treatment of spalons.

Since the scalp is truly at the root of healthy hair, it seems only natural they'd start getting more tender love and care.

Scalp treatments are widely popular in Asia, and are just starting to catch wind in the United States. In fact, many spalons are now even adopting the term "head spa" as a place of healing and care for the hair, scalp and mind.

This involves offering services such as specialized scalp treatments that help heal common scalp ailments like hair loss, eczema and psoriasis. In addition to these treatments, aromatherapy is also a trend on the rise in salons. With the many essential oil companies that have risen in the past few years, this should come as no surprise.

Some salons are even beginning to sell natural and plant-based supplements as complements to their healthy beauty services.

Have a Curl Doctor on Staff

Here's the thing about a voluptuous head of curls, very few Hair Stylists know how to cut and care for them.

Curly-headed clients who find a stylist who understands their curls, become lifelong clients.

If salons find themselves turning away curly headed clients, or are unable to work on most types of African-American hair, they should consider hiring a Curl Specialist.


Not only have natural curls seen a rise in popularity, but so have other texture services, like perms and waving products.

If you haven't noticed the 'wave' of "wavy bobs" or "beachy hair," then you haven't been paying close attention.

There are many innovative salon products that now cater to this rising trend - perms aren't just for Grannies, anymore!

The Rise of the Blow Out Bars

The Blowout Bar craze isn't just exclusive to bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles; cities everywhere have seen a rise in these stations or salons that just offer great blowouts.

Advertised as "you're not cheating on your Hair Stylist, it's just a blowout," is enough for the salon industry to turn heads and take notice of this disruptive trend.


With the most blowouts averaging $15-20, women feel it's an affordable price to have a beautiful head of hair and a boost of confidence.

By the end of 2013, one Blow-dry bar (that started in New York) started a chain that has over 3,000 employees, and posted $40 million dollars in revenue!

Blowbars aren't just for the young professionals and celebrities, women of all ages and income levels have shown a serious love for their newly affordable and convenient blowouts.


lcrystal on October 23, 2017:

yeah but there are no such thing as organic hair color. So how can a salon call themselves organic. There are no standards written for organic color certifications.

SabOnClickchd on June 16, 2017:

Nice Article about salons Thanks for share this awesome ideas.

BlowDryBar on December 15, 2014:

The blow dry bar concept is still new but it's growing really fast. A blow dry bar called Blow Blow Blow ( just opened near me in Los Angeles.

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