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SEO versus Google Ads

Hi, my name is Andreas Pepas and I have been implementing SEO and Google Ads for 8 years in South Africa.


SEO Versus Google Ads


This article will discuss the two types of powerful marketing platforms available on Google for advertising purposes. It will explain each platform as well as highlight the advantages and disadvantages associated with both forms of marketing.

SEO Overiew

SEO refers to search engine optimization. This includes making edits to your website along with backlinking and blogging strategies to improve your organic position on Google for specific keywords. Websites that perform well on Google usually have quality content and provide insightful information. When websites offer value, often other websites link back to them. The more websites that link back to a website, the higher the search engine rankings obtained. The process takes longer to rank organically on Google but when it does, it can be a powerful and targeted traffic solution.

Google Ads is similar to SEO, but involves paying for the position of your website on Google's search engine. When a person clicks on your advert displayed on Google, you will have to pay a required rate, depending on what your competitors are bidding for specific keywords. The more money you spend, the more traffic you will receive.


1. SEO is the most trusted form of traffic on the internet today and has the highest conversion rate compared to other traffic sources.

2. SEO is implemented by SEO companies, and usually, when the SEO company provides the correct techniques, the traffic received will be way worth the costs.

3. SEO does not worry about click fraud, whereby competitors click on your website on Google Ads to use up your daily budget.


1. Google Ads allows a website to reach the top positions on Google, even above the organic ranking websites.

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2. Google Ads works on an instant basis, a website can be ranking from the moment you launch your Adword campaign.

3. Google Ads have more engaging features than organic ranking websites, as you can call directly from a Google Ad, plus many other dynamic options.


1. SEO is a long process. The magic normally takes between 3-12 months to rank well for keywords organically on Google and receive good amounts of traffic.

2. The SEO game is always changing, if your SEO provider does not comply with the algorithm updates released by Google, the provider's efforts might not be effective.

3. SEO is a new industry, and because of people's lack of knowledge, this opens up the door for deceit as people do not know what goes into a good SEO campaign.


1. Google Ads works on a daily budget, once your budget runs out, your advert will disappear from the search engines, it favors bigger companies and not smaller ones.

2. Competitors and programmed bots click on your advert on Google to use up your budget, you have to pay more money to companies to protect your adverts on Google from click fraud.

3. Google Ads require Ads specialists to set up campaigns, as people will not know how to obtain top positions on Google without having completed the Google Ads certification.


For businesses to be successful, it's important to utilize both SEO and Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads works on an instant basis while SEO is a long term investment. If you are working with a limited budget, you should rather use Google Ads to gain more clients or sales, as SEO can take some time before you reap the benefits.

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