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Fast Growing Jobs in Rockland County NY

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High Torne Mountain, Rockland County, New York

High Torne Mountain, Rockland County, New York

Smallest County in New York's Hudson Valley

In the late 2000s, small Rockland County was named by economics and financial magazines to the Number Four slot in the Top 25 Best Small Cities for Jobs and Business in America, as determine3d by Forbes and US News and World Reports.

Rockland County abuts the Hudson River on its east side, New Jersey to the south side, and the Ramapo Mountain Range running from north to west. This variety provided an interesting setting very close to New York City without actually entering into the hectic mega-city.

The community is also an official Preserve America Community that dedicates itself to preserving American History from the early natives through early European exploration and the present century. The Delaware and Lenni Lanape Nations lived in Rockland County.

In the early 21st century, about 60% of Rockland residents work in the county proper and the remainder commute to nearby New York City and New Jersey.

Rockland County

Rockland County

Increasing Business Health

Many successful business ventures started in Rockland County as small businesses that grew to medium and large sizes. In the summer 2008, two such corporations in particular expanded their business operations in Rockland County and the Hudson River Valley by a significant amount:

  • National Automotive Parts Association [NAPA Auto Parts]-- This well known firm has begun the opening of an additional 12 new stores in the Hudson Valley Region around Rockland County. NAPA is this nation's largest auto parts distributors. It is growing by large percentages yearly, its strength based in the increase in the Auto Repair and Maintenance business sector in many American cities and certainly in Rockland cities. Ramped up maintenance and repair activities by American car owners is one way of increasing gas mileage and permitting an automobile to last longer in the light of increasing energy and auto costs.
  • Vision-Sciences Inc. is a medical device producer that has expanded its local plant and plans to double its employee base by the 2010s. Healthcare is another fast-growing industry in Rockland.

Nationally ranked in the Top 10 of highest-income counties by median household income, Rockland's median family income is over $86,000 annually.

— Rockland Economic Development Corporation, 2018

Successful Companies in Rockland County

Rockland County is rather densely populated and covers 176 square miles with 1/3 of that total area maintained as park lands with an additional 60 lakes and ponds. Few counties maintain that proportion of open space in a green and environmentally friendly initiative.

The area contains as least 8 K-12 school districts, 3 major hospitals; 9 local colleges; 18 libraries in the county system, and nearly 100,000 housing units.

Local large employers specialize in

  1. Production
  2. Education
  3. Special Education and MR/DD Services
  4. Healthcare
  5. Government

Highlighting Successful Projects

WYETH Pharmaceuticals

WYETH has been awarded many citations for community service excellence, including American Battle Monument Commission Award for The National World War II Memorial as Patron; Boy Scouts of America Award; Earth Day Award, Morris County Rides, Inc.; Greater Valley Forge Human Resources Association Diversity Award; Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Award; March of Dimes/Walk America Silver Award; Presidential Award for participation in the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA training & PIC); and Working Mother magazine list of "100 Best Companies" at which to work.

Top 20 Largest Employers

  1. Hamaspik of Rockland County, Inc.: Health and human services non-profit. Visit for information and 24-hour hotline.
  2. County of Rockland: Government
  3. Nyack Hospital
  4. Good Samaritan Hospital, Bon Secours Charity Health System
  5. Rockland Psychiatric Center
  6. Jawonio Inc.
  7. Boces of Rockland County
  8. Helen Hayes Hospital
  9. Verizon Wireless
  10. Rockland Community College
  11. Northern Services Group
  12. St. Dominic's Home
  13. Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc.
  14. A & T Healthcare LLC
  15. PDI NicePak: Pre-Moistened Wips
  16. ARC: Workshop employment for MR/DD and similar populations and product sales.
  17. Pfizer: Drug manufacturing
  18. Camp Venture Inc.: A Community Based Organization that serves the MR/DD and other populations with high quality recreation options for health and personal development.
  19. Par Pharmaceutical
  20. Aide Services Inc.

Top 10 Fast Growing Jobs

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  1. Management Jobs across all fields at all levels of responsibility
  2. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  3. Sales and Sales Related Occupations
  4. Teachers K-12, including Special Education and Vocational and College Level Instructors and Professors
  5. Auto Repair and Maintenance Technicians
  6. Secretaries, including Executive, Legal, and Medical
  7. First-line supervisors in office and retail settings
  8. Home Health Aides and Personal Care Assistants
  9. Child Care Workers
  10. Accountants, Auditors and Support Staff

30 Jobs/30 Days - Sandwiches & Energy Crunch in Rockland 10/08

High Education Facilities

  • Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Dominican College
  • Empire State College/SUNY
  • Iona College
  • NYU School of Social Work at Dominican College
  • Nyack College
  • Purchase Extension at Rockland Community College
  • SUNY Rockland Community College
  • Rockland Graduate Campus, Long Island University
  • St. Thomas Aquinas College

Spotlight on Rockland Community College

Just 25 miles away from NYC, RCC offers lower-priced education per credit hour than many schools in programs with over 1,400 course offerings.

Educational credits transfer smoothly to 4-year colleges and universities elsewhere, with no hassel.

Always innovative, the school has performed regular environmental studies to offer the healthiest surroundings for their students.

RCC welcomes many Hispanic and International students and offers an advanced honors program as well as adult continuing education for even retired senior citizens.

Two-year degrees and shorter-term certificates are offered in business and technologies that include IT as well as in health, arts, nursing, justice, culinary arts, fitness, business ownership, and several others.

Hottest Technology Jobs

Automotive Technology is one certificate from RCC that is much sought after, since this profession is one of the fastest-growing int he county, spurred further with the growth of NAPA since 2008. NAPA sponsors the Number Nine Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 stock car driven by Chase Elliott in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup series.


Lamont-Doherty Observatory in Antartica

Hispanic Festival

Sports and Recreation

The Rockland County Sports Hall of Fame is a fun museum and sports facility that honors a new list of all-time greats yearly. provides a large number for team sports activities for groups and families in Rockland.

Local recreational sports include seasonal and year-‘round activities like cycling, boating and fishing, hiking, camping out, horseback riding at several local stables, golfing at 12 golf courses, and tennis. Additionally, there is ice skating at indoor and outdoor rinks, snowboarding and sledding, cross-country skiing, and winter hiking. See Hudson Valley Outdoor Sports.


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© 2008 Patty Inglish MS

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