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Is Rob Benwell's products part of a scam? Or Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur or Scam

Rob Benwell himself is an Internet millionaire, he leads you to believe this resulted from Blogging. In part this is only a portion of his income. It's more in likely his major income is from selling his products. Because this review is mostly a neutral to critical of various products of Rob, there have been several reports against this hub. So for those agents, we have deleted or modified any quotes from his stuff.  It should be duly noted that I have not purchased his products, nor use them.  What I have posted is commonly available information, on various websites, especially those reporting scams and forums.

It's like the successful investor, commodity trader setting up courses to teach you how to invest your money. He's making far safer money from the course then his investments. Now some people really do desire to teach others how to be successful, but they are few.

Before we go on let's define Scammer and Entrepreneur.


  • someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it
  • Individual who starts a new business. Venture capital is often used to finance the startup costs in return for an equity share. Once the business is established, an entrepreneur may choose to raise additional capital by selling equity shares to the public through an initial public offering.


  • Swindle: to obtain money or property by fraud or deception .
  • Con: to swindle someone by gaining the person's confidence
  • Con: to trick or fool, esp. by glib persuasion

An Entrepreneur may see a business advantage or opportunity. It could even be something that is free, or readily available. But by providing guides, books, or means of pointing to these free sources he provides a service (like tour guides). He can provide a product, or business connection.

The scammer is interested in making a fast buck, and usually not for the long term. Though a current modern day scammer is the Ponzi scheme of Madoff's. Signs of a scammer are poor customer relations, poor service, poor quality products, a lot of hype, glossy presentations, promotions of "results are fast", get rich now, miracle cures, so on. They tend to the oversell what the product can do, don't disclose all the pertinent facts, cover up.

It should be noted, that a lot of business do a scam like presentation or there sales force do. Also you the reader what do you do? At one time or another we all may be guilty of these offenses. So it's not so much the presentation but the overall attitude and conduct of either the business or individual. Do they stand behind there products or not?

Well let's investigate this campaign on Google Annihilation, then you the read judge.

The Google Annihilation Campaign

First when I usually want to check on something being suspicious, it's pull up a search engine - type in '<business, product, name> scam'. Then read a few articles. If it is a legit business, you won't find much. Yes there will be results, and most companies will have problems. Well the results where dismal for "Google Annihilation".

Why? The affiliates and associates with "Google Annihilation" are coy. They had sites, and blogs out their titled "Google Annihilation Scam". Which were just reviews, and promos, and rehash of promotional literature. Some would proclaim "Google Annihilation Reviewed" - these were shameless promotions, NOT REVIEWS. Both of these were designed to mislead the consumer. One site was setup like this "Ripoff Report: Google Annihilation" - again another promo site, designed to keep traffic away from the real "Ripoff Report Site" ( a good site for check companies).

OK maybe just overzealous affiliate promotions. Possible, but doubt it. These speak of cover ups, and only brought more suspicion.

Next in the video,there is a claim that in one year Rob Benwell's site generated over 2 million visitors, in a year. According to the video, you are kind of lead to believe this site was about a year old. Well question why does Rob have the site blurred out if it so successful? Out front after the test period it wouldn't matter. Sorry careful examination of the site he refers to points it to nothing but and according to the Way Back Machine he had this site up since 2006.(according to Alexa it was up Jan 24/2006 and has 129 sites linked to it) With all his associates and avid affiliates it no wonder he has over 2 million hits.

He than claims another site setup generated over 38,000 visitors per month. The question is how? He states by his tool Google Annihilation. Well how much where his affiliates involved? The same for his click-bank earnings, - how much is generated by his affiliates through clickbank or by his own independent site. Sorry without an independent (reputable) auditor to verify these statements, and considering the coverup for the first video, these are also statement without all the truth up front. He doesn't disclose what site it is that generates the 38,000 visitors, nor clearly shows this on his click-bank statement.

Why hide your successful site? Because it will expose the real strategy, ploy, or con. It will open it up, for a thorough examination and expose it to some thorough cross examination. Of which it would probably fail or could pass.

A man with "The man that's got good gold don't mind going to the testing stone".

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Further problems with Benwell's information.

The following pictures show also information taken from his sites of and Again, these are sites with a heavy base of affiliates, not just a new site erected with new products or services. He is making money by two ways the sales of his methods and books plus those sales done by his affiliates through click-bank. He may have a had small start, and in examining his first blogingtothebank site from the Wayback Machine. But what he has done is built on promoting his products, repeatedly in his blooggingtothebank site.

It's the sales of those products that are generating his income not blogging about things of substance, or products, or services.

A common trademark of scammers is the often used word "honest", or true. As put before if you have real gold you aren't afraid of the tests. Your products and services will speak for themselves.

What is being said about Rob Benwell's products.

Let's see how some of his customers and those who supposed really looked at his products.

  • First Google Annihilation:Costs 37.00 per month for up to 30 websites being allowed into network.
  • Uses NO relevant website matching methods, only manual categories at present.
  • ONLY 3 anchor keywords allowed per site.
  • NO article marketing built in.
  • NO social bookmarking built in.
  • NO user options for selecting relevance of your anchor text links.
  • NO ability to reject any inbound or outbound links.
  • NO tutorials or instructions at present.
  • NO forum.

Competing sites have forums (great places to get help and advice), For every NO above the competition has a YES, they can cost $27 -47 per month. But a word of caution with Link farms, they could get you delisted on search engines (there has been reports in forums)1

From a commenter at a review site

  • "You are absolutely correct. This product does not work. No support. No answering emails. etc. etc. etc. I wish I had found this review before I was suckered into the hype"1
  • Just a note..seems like there is quite a few people in the same boat.. The refund rate is close to 40%!2

Also can you control the links you get and are linked to. Some of us do like to maintain professional and ethical looking sites and content. From a Ripoff Report.3 : it's been reported the links are pornographic sites, and again a complainant about support.

So what about his other products:

Niche Annihilation Method

  • No Step-by-step tutorial in this e-book.
  • It is assumed that you have certain level of knowledge and experience online. (which in one Ripoff Report this is tossed out in response to one email) So for the uninitiated out there you will be left floundering. Without a software program or some sort of setup how would you manage your email list, and contacts you are allowed to mass mail. There are companies out there that help you with those things, and your domain provider might have the tools for you. But do you know how to use these tools and their power in the market place.
  • He promotes advertising your product on an online magazine and then claim “as featured on…” (not very ethical in any ways)

Bloggingtothebank v1

  • poorly written and full of spelling mistakes (sorry that plain poor - we've had spell checker for a long time - no excuse). That spells hastily put together, not always but usually.


  • From Ripoff Report this soul lost $750.00 and no refunds. According to the latest updatee. *UPDATE *UPDATE ..Niche domination system - Blogging To The Bank is a Ripoff, scam, and the refund policy was not honored; Video Tutorials and downloads did not work4

Finally if one wants to follow some of the people who dealt with Rob's products and affiliates. Just follow this forum robertbenwellexposed .

  • From this you find several people complaining about being taken or having problems getting their monies back. One fellow supposedly lost $4000.005. He has also filed a Ripoff Report to be read in detail. (


The reports of negative feedback is mounting. True there are those who don't like successful people. But if it is an attempt to be honest in the presentation, the customer service skills are very short, and needs to drastically improve. Also making suggestions that are misleading must be dropped, this will increase the honesty level. If you start fresh, it's a real fresh start.

The latest venture is bloggingtothebank 3.0. Just his regular bloggingtothebank site renamed within. And as with all other companies with a lot of fluff, with offers of of extras that are worth thousands, to entice you to buy and that it is a bargain. A lot of stuff being offered are already available on the internet for free. Are the extras worth it, if when puts it to practice, unless deceptive.

My recommendations "Don't buy". Check out the products thoroughly, if you are even thinking about biting. To get the results claimed you must duplicate what is being done, which is just selling a program. It's like this: Joe Someone makes a $100 in a week and sells his methods to every one (with a lot of claims) and makes $10,000 for the month (from selling the program). So guess what now he can say I"ve made $10,000 a month, and sells the program with a different twist, and makes now $20,000 a month from you. In one sense yes he made money from a blog, but it's really from selling the program.

Blogging to the Bank and it's sister products, all need:

  • Better customer support.
  • Reliable refunds
  • Durability: The sites sold or services, must last and continue
  • Honesty: Show your startup sites with a full disclosure (no need to black out)
  • When claiming 300 packages for sale -- do exactly that, and that includes affiliates buying the products too.

If one wants to Blog and make money at it.  Find your expertise, and hone your writing skills and style.  Write about your passions, if you love Gardening/autos/etc, or better still within those, a specialized site or articles ie: growing a particular squash, or polishing a bumper, etc.  If you want to be number one on a search engine, pick a good name, and interact with your commenters.  In other words it is going to take effort.  Or design your own system, and if it works promote it.

It should be noted that the vast majority of the comments below are negative about, and quite a few have tried Rob's products with very dismal results and expectations.  The spelling mistakes, and deceptive practices he supports.  Additionally there seems to be no real customer support. All speaking of a SCAM.  

Latest Rob Benwell products

If anyone knows of any more products he is putting on the market or his brother. I will gladly list them here. It is also well known that Rob Benwell works with Chris X.   Also in comment on other products please leave a note about their service to the product or if the product worth the monies.

Update:  Oct. 2010

Well from the input of my commenters here are a few more products of Rob Benwell's to avoid.

 Blogging Espionage: (gleaned from comments)

This involves a deceptive practice of getting a domain that was once out there, and then creating lies on backdating to it, as if this has some credibility to it.

 Auto Blog System X. (gleaned from comments)

This is a system of generating a bunch of blogs automatically.  And however it is done feeding them in a RSS feed.  For us who blog, a lot this RSS feed is available.  However he goes on discussing avoiding Google's banning, which sounds like suspicion to me, Google bans for reasons to provide quality content.

References - Available on other sites

Survey: Are the Products worth your money.

Comments are welcomed.

Your comments add content, and tell what is currently happening.  Whether the product support is improving or not.  So they are welcomed but attacks against Rob Benwell are not endorsed or supported.  The interest is whether there are improvements in the products being sold.  Or are deceptive practices still being employed.

No links are allowed to something claiming a honest review.  Affiliates are welcome to post, but post your own personal review, not a canned comment, and if you use the products at all.


eaglegordon (author) on December 01, 2012:

Thank you Freescam

Like a lot of sites he has a slick campaign but delivers little on the service end. If one chooses to search his past sites on this subject or his similar products - there is search restrictions in Internet Archives. Why? - More likely he is hiding something. I have to modify my links because of this.

Honesty is not being projected, cover up is. Several images, and historical documents (Internet Archives) show when he said within a month he made " such and such" - his site had been up a long time before that.. Unfortunately for the consumer those past images are now not available readily.

Freescam on November 30, 2012:

That man is probably a scammer! He' always kept convincing people about earning money through blogging but was unable to make any good return of the money that people invested to him.

Be ware of this man coz he will definitely give you a problem. He will just get your money and gone with the wind.


eaglegordon (author) on October 13, 2012:

Someone who may want to take legal action against him may want to know.

John Tee on August 13, 2012:

Robbert Benwell no longer lives in YORKSHIRE, i actually know where he lives.

He rents luxary properties and has changed address, no boubt to make it difficult for people like me to find him.

I do not wish to take any action personaly but i am willing to provide details of his where abouts.

Jenson George on November 25, 2011:

This guy is NOT worth investing in. Believe me, i have been blogging for a few years now and there are so many other LEGIT people out there who provide an HONEST service.

I bought Blogging to the bank years ago and immediately found out that most or even all of the information was just copied from other people material.

i immediately wanted a refund and it took around 2 months of email headaches to get it. His customer service absolutely sucks !!!!!!!!!!

I even heard a rumor that Rob Benwell is not even his real name ! who knows, maybe the photos you see of him are not even him?

anyway, my advice is to stay very, VERY, V E R Y far away from anything what-so-ever that this professional scam artist sells.

Its Pure Crap !

eaglegordon (author) on September 15, 2011:

Rocky: Thanks for your comment.

Some of the affiliates will go out and spam. Which isn't good for any company's reputation.

Rocky on September 14, 2011:

Got spam email about this

eaglegordon (author) on September 08, 2011:

Is it Joseph Levitt or Robert?

Thank you for your comment. It's rare to get positive feedback on this character. But several things puzzle me about your comment first who you posted as and signed off as? Another if you have been using his products, how come you stat newbie? Newbie at what? Blogging? If you have been using his products that is what he has been promoting for the last few years is Blogging?

So what other products of his are you using?

And if you could clarify your answers a bit, it would be appreciated. How long have you been using his services? and have you had any problems with his customer service? To me he has failed in this department, but one can change, if they desire a change.

There are a lot of informational products out there, and some from very honest sources, but unfortunately most aren't and most are just hyped up. Also the skill level of the user is a factor, but I think a lot of people do understand.

If your a newbie, then you have a few miles to tread, and then maybe your opinion will change. So give Rob Benwell a go, and then repost a comment after a month or two, and tell us your results. Others have tried his products in these comments and have had very poor feedback from Rob's company and very poor service.

Joseph Levitt on September 07, 2011:

Hello I came across this page looking for more of Rob's materials as I am a big fan and I have bought many of Rob Benwell's products and have learned a lot from his marketing.

However after reading through a lot of the negativity here it has become certainly clear that many of you don't understand that people come from different skill levels and backgrounds who buy informational products.

I am a newbie and now have my first blog up thanks to his advice.

Thank you Robert.

eaglegordon (author) on September 04, 2011:

here is the full link.

Thank you colegemoneyguy. Good review. shows the character of this company.

collegemoneyguy on September 02, 2011:

There's a New Blogging To The Bank Warning At Eagle Research Associates here:

Blogging To The Bank Warning

Eagle Research Associates is a non-profit organization run by Lynn Edgington who works with an Assigned Federal Agent from the Secret Service, Assigned U.S. Postal Inspectors, along with other U.S. & Non-U.S. law enforcement agencies he isn’t allowed to disclose at this time.

eaglegordon (author) on July 23, 2011:

lubricants additives -- thank you for you comment. I haven't used twitter much, but if you can develop a following, it can be a great tool.

swimming pool karachi --- thanks. I have no commitment to making money from selling, so the approach allows more freedom, and than my analytical nature to categorizing and approaching in an organized fashion also influences the input in this article.

swimming pool karachi on July 11, 2011:

Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it have so many valuable things to learn.Thank you for your sharing!

lubricants additives on July 11, 2011:

Helpful advises above. I have noticed that many people are using twitter for marketing. I would love to try this too for my business.

eaglegordon (author) on June 10, 2011:

JOC Reviews

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your input.

The best advice is to blog about the things you are avidly interested in or an expert on. In other words your own niche (niche domination).

Or some bloggers are great with their opinion, others are into news. Your main revenue is going to come from Ads, unless you are a sought after expert and a subscription service is provided.

Having a good word processor, making sure your grammar and words are right. Your article flows, and grabs the person's attention and makes them want to read more.

JOC Reviews on May 16, 2011:

Thank you for that article, I, too, was looking into Blogging to the Bank, thank goodness I read your article. I have my own blog, with original content (I write myself). Now if only I could get some sort of direction. Maybe you could take a look and give me some tips? :)

eaglegordon (author) on March 27, 2011:

Dave: Thank you for your comment.

Dave on March 23, 2011:

Rob Benwell is a SCAMMER!

eaglegordon (author) on February 11, 2011:

Graham: Thank you for your input, sorry about your dealings with Rob. But it's experienced gained, and wisdom shared with others. His support is evidently lacking and or poor which is usually typical of scammers.

Rafay Baloch: Thanks for dropping by, What you are saying about the Affiliate people is so true. In doing my research on Rob, I had to sift through loads of "Garbage" fake reviews -- a lot claim to be honest reviews but were merely nothing but for the most part canned promos.

Smarter people know there is no guarantee in any business, but how they gain the smarts is another question, some of us it comes from the school or hard knocks, others a good mentor, and others by observation.

Rafay Baloch on February 08, 2011:

I am a Internet marketer my self and have read his e-books and personally think that this information is easily available on the web and I don't think it's worth the price.

If you have read seth godin's book "All marketers are liars" you might have heard him saying that "ALL marketers make claims", that's the strategy rob is applying.

He makes guarantees that using his system one can make millions, Smarter people might know that there is no guarantee in a business

He shows screen shots of his clickbank accounts, but what's the proof that the account belongs to him.

One of his smartest move is the affiliate program he introduces with his every product so people can write fake reviews and testimonials for the sake of money.

Graham on February 05, 2011:

Oops, I wish I had read this information a couple of weeks ago. Like many commentators above I got pulled into the Rob web and bought a couple of his products. I have been so keen to learn about blogging and making money from it I was to quick to take his bait. There is no way of contacting him or his 'team' - all so called support is non existent. I have emailed some one... or at least I think it is someone, but reading the answer to my email I am now thinking it's been 'written' by a machine.... formatting and answers are unnatural in my opinion. Anyway.... if anyone is thinking of buying from or getting involved with this guy and his products... DON'T.

eaglegordon (author) on January 28, 2011:

Art Gaz: Thank you for you comment, it is quite lengthy and thorough. Yes any one of us could put on a deception. Now some people do want to help others, but most usually the technique like Rob, are just bandits, to further line their pockets.

They aren't interested in helping you, except lightening your pocket book, bank account a bit.

Len: Thank you, yes if we everyone that got conned, would get together in a forum, it would squeeze the bad guys, and help the good. But watch those slim buggers, worm their way into that too.

Sebastian Inwood: Thanks for dropping by, "alot of hard work and clever marketing tactics." Exactly, that is how one, gets a head, it takes effort and application, refusing to give up. Plus a good idea, either new or an application of an old one in a more efficient way.

Sebastian Inwood on January 27, 2011:

I've seen his money making sites, they reek scam.

I mean come on, boasting about earnings and saying you can do it in a matter of days. What a joke.

Any internet marketers will know that money = alot of hard work and clever marketing tactics.

Len on January 25, 2011:

Good on ya mate, about time someone revealed these low life rip off's. I'm sick of them, I was just about to purchase that BTB 2011, but after reading this, no way.

How I found your Hub I was looking up Rob Benwell on Google because I wanted to ask him a few things, you see he has no contact on his site. This flagged warning to me immediately. Do you know what, I think all of us who buy things off these con artists should rebel and start a group and research together to find something real and credible, where we can all make a quid online.



Art Gaz on January 24, 2011:

I too received an email to Rob's BTTB link, after hearig the same old internet marketing spill as I've heard 100's of times before, I thought to also do a search on Rob and his product which led me to here.

Firstly, what rang alarm bells for me was (and i do this with all internet marketing promo's nowdays, is too do a search on them)why is some one who claims to be making millions within a year, and a million plus within 90 days care to sell me and a lucky 250 others, some kind of package for $37, well actually $27 when you try to X out of the page.

Is he doing it from the goodness of his heart? I dont think so, Is he doing it out of deperation to fuel another holiday to the Maldives? quiet possible.

Which brings me to the other point, who really knows whether he really does have millions like he claims to, I mean, i too know friends with both ferraris and lamboginis, and friends with huge houses that i can photograph and claim as my own, not too mention the many holidays I've taken in Thailand, Greece and many other mediteranean countries with nice beaches and put them up on line claiming to be a multi millionaire and scaming people into some kind of get rich quick scam etc (not that i would).

And to rip poor pensioners like john above, i wish i too was in the UK so i can accompany John and his sons to Rob's supposed $7 million property, yeah right lol, we'll probably find we're knocking on another poor souls door answering Rob who? No Rob lives here, the Rob that robbed you? sorry not here.

Anyway thanks for the post and confirming my instict with this person and this offer.

sometimes i even wonder why i even give them the time of day to hear them out, maybe it's just my curiousity as to what scam people are gonna try sell me this time.

eaglegordon (author) on December 23, 2010:

Kevin: Thanks for your comment. As to your assessment as "a foreigner trying to type English" -- Which English: Canadian, British, Australian, American? (versions).

I am open for correction, and if you provide them I will correct it.

Which is better then What I have perceived about Rob, as he continues to do so. The remark about Rob's language was picked up from other critics too. But if someone wants to provide some corrections I sure will do it, but please state which English version you are talking about.

Oh and you should note English, should be capitalized, and if your going to comment about language corrections you should be perfect too!

Kevin on December 22, 2010:

Nice page I guess but if you're going to penalize Benwell on his grammatical and spelling mistakes, you should probably have a neat article yourself. It seemed like you were a foreigner trying to type english at one point...

eaglegordon (author) on December 22, 2010:

Julian: Good question, it's definitely a British Character, and from Whois, it's registered under Personally I wouldn't trust the site, especially if the number of packages it states available doesn't change. It never changed once for me. Which is usually part of scam or high pressure technique to get you to purchase their goods.

Julian on December 18, 2010:

is also his product ?

eaglegordon (author) on December 09, 2010:

john: Thanks for your input.

By all means dropping in on this fellow sounds like a good idea, and do take witnesses and above all else remain calm and cool.

But that aside.

1. File reports on him and his business with whatever authorities there are in the UK,

2. and with sites like

The more negative reports there are on this man, the more he will be disabled from doing his "so called money making plans".

If anyone else is in the UK and have experiences with Scams and what resources are available out there, your input would be appreciated to helping john.

john on December 08, 2010:

I purchased " Bolgging to the bank" registered a domaine name, hosted the site. ALL COSTING ME MONEY (I am disabled on £380.00 per month to live on + bills) in 24 hours or so the blogg site was up, and within 24 more hours the site was GONE, all I got from the browser was diagnose problem which I did and got was DNS may be having problems, can not conect to server. NO I have had no response to my support ticket, dispite upgrading the ticket from low to high to emergency to critical. I wish I had read this first. I am out of pocket, and out of food.I don't know what to do next, as I can't (if i an honest) pay for next months internet bill. I may borrow the petrol money and go pay him a visit as he is in yorkshire and I am in kent. Might take my sons with me.

eaglegordon (author) on November 17, 2010:

Jake Draper: Thank you for your input, and comments. I agree with you, if he says to back date something to create an illusion of being around that is a lie, and where else are there such things too.

Collegemoneyguy: Glad you got that fixed, more honest reporting on his activities will help to drown the many phony Scam ones the affiliates perpetrate, that are only canned sites.

Also if more people, especially those who got "took" would report the matter to the FTC the more evidence that would accumulate.

collegemoneyguy on November 16, 2010:

Thanks EagleGordon - turns out that my issue was actually related to HubPages policy about linking. I had only linked to one domain, so I fixed that to link to several domains, including the FTC, etc.

I actually provided extensive documentation to the FTC and agreed to testify on one their cases against one of the top 100 spammers in the world after getting a C&D from him so the take down stuff doesn't really phase me when *I'm* in control of it - I was more concerned about what HubPages was doing as I am pretty careful about how I word things or at least present incontrovertible proof if I claim something is "fake".

Jake Draper on November 16, 2010:

Yes link farms will get you in trouble with google. Scam or entrepreneur? He's a scam. There have too many numerous reports of him taking people for $1000's...and the link farm. Well the link farm only delivered very little links. he lies. Yes, there are better products out there with support forums and such.

eaglegordon (author) on November 12, 2010:

Lauren: First thank you for your comment, it has some good adivice. There are no miracle buttons to push, and scammers and some over zealous purveyors would have us to believe. It is going to be hard work and effort.

Second: Sorry at the moment not much I can recommend, but get a blogging site with Wordpress, or Blogger. Find a subject you are interested in, and start writing. I've known one blogger to get an offer because of her site to write reports for an internet site. She got a contract. There are no promises, but write, get your feet/fingers wet. With blogger you can some adsense ads, but get a niche or show off your wrtiting skills. Your comment shows some of that.

Lauren Wayne on November 12, 2010:

I read a few of the comments but there are so many that I can't read them all, so I'm sorry if my comments are redundant. Alot of people, unfortunately, who come online to look for opportunities, don't have critical thinking skills. They read the hype, without doing due diligence, and buy into the program, i.e. Blogging to the Bank, etc.

It's very unfortunate. I, too, checked out Rob Benwell's promotions and unfortunately, you have to opt in. The day after you sign up and every day, thereafter, you get all these email promotions from Rob Benwell, to hopefully sucker you into the next best thing, according to them. I mean, why would anyone believe that just by "pushing buttons" for 20 minutes a day, you, too, can generate $24,000 a month or some other ridiculous amount.

That being said, because I am new, what do you recommend, in terms of tools to buy, for the brand-new blogger.

After wading through so many "reviews", I, finally, found a post that exposes the truth and validates what I have come to conclude.

Many thanks.


eaglegordon (author) on November 09, 2010:

collegemoneyguy: First I have found that when you get a takedown notice, is to be proactive, and act immediately. If need be, find out what is being flagged.

Sometimes rewording a statement, still gets the message out, but stops the charge.

If it concerns that DMCA notice, images can be copyrighted, thus even a screen capture of a web site can get one on the wrong side. So the bad guys can use DMCA to stop illustrations of what they are doing, if that's a case an alternative approach is needed and some creativity.

So try again, but use your own images to illustrate what he is doing. Also watch any direct quotes of stuff too.

It means more work.

TJ: Sorry for you. But you can give a report that may save someone else. So Thank you for your comment. Some cons are so slick, that someone has to be inside to know.

TJ on November 09, 2010:

Got conned by his "Premium Money Making Blog." No blog, no emails answered. No wonder he makes a fortune - Charge Big, Deliver Nothing - What a Business model!


collegemoneyguy on November 08, 2010:

"Truth can stand the test of examination, provides reliabliity, and shows honesty."

Well said!

Well, I'm glad YOUR Hub is still up at least. I think you mentioned that people have tried to have it taken down a few times?

I did a Hubpage around his recent product covering some additional information and multiple strategies to show people some other ways to research questionable practices and it's been taken down twice - and it certainly was NOT duplicate content of what is over at the WorkAtHomeTruth site so I'm baffled as to why they would flag it.

Meanwhile "lovely" Hub pages promoting deceptive marketing practices live on.

eaglegordon (author) on November 08, 2010:

In the beginning Rob, slipped under the radar, his practice was a bit shoddy. But one I first reviewed his products, I notice him poorly blanking out the site in question. Which if it was an honest claim why on the world would you do that? Only real valid reason is for protection/rights if someone's else.

The wayback Machne showed the existence of the Website, well and good by over a year -- thus making Rob's claim an outright lie.

He's improved his blacking out skills, and seems the style of deceptions. But hans't made one improvement in his Customer service skills.

What you point out in your video, is what he does to mislead and high pressure, and create false impressions, all part of a con artist way of working.

Rob has a choice improve his imagine or continue deceptive practices. It should be noted in one of packages it's mentioned to backdate posts (so he promotes deception)

WHY? Deception. Truth can stand the test of examination, provides reliabliity, and shows honesty.

collegemoneyguy on November 07, 2010:

Wow, it was nice to find someone willing to write something like this who isn't promoting a product like this no matter what.

Having provided extensive documention to the FTC and talked to one of the senior attorneys there at length about one of the Operation Shortchange cases I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years this new onslaught of false scarcity tactics finally catches up to the people using them on a regular basis.

I just did a write-up with video documentation about that with this current Bloggers Payday product here:

Maybe he thinks that because he's in the UK he'll be out of arms reach of the FTC, but that's exactly why the Safe Web Act was instituted to enable information sharing between consumer protection and other governement agencies across countries.

eaglegordon (author) on November 05, 2010:

Ann: Depending on how you paid for Rob's product, you may be able to get your money back. Clickbank allows refunds, get in touch with them. Now if a lot of time has passed, you may be out of luck.

Sorry you had that experience, but it's a lesson learned. However your experience and information can help someone else to avoid the same experience.

Ann on November 05, 2010:

I wish I had found this site before I sent my money in. It is a total scam, I didn't even get finished setting up my blog until I was boothed off. When I tried to go back and finish, couldn't get on luckily I was only out 24.95. They hook you in with that deal then it's one more deal after another. I don't have the income to make someone else rich. I see now how they have the 7-8 figure income they promote. Stay away far away.

eaglegordon (author) on November 04, 2010:

Thank you Blogtipss, for you comment

Blogtipss on November 04, 2010:

That is what iam searching. Thank You for Honest Post about Rob Benwell. You save a lot of people`s money

eaglegordon (author) on November 03, 2010:

A quick google search reveals Rob's name attached to Bloggers PayDay. Reading some of them again further's the link. So Rob has a new product to entice people with.

Want to make money blogging. It takes perservance, finding your niche, and above all else work/writing something. As with all professions/trades there will be the top 2% 5% 10%. These will be succesful. The rest will be contributing. But to make it successful blogging you have to have creditable. Know what you are talking about. Or able to paint a good story and keep your readers coming back.

Also interacting with your readers is a must. (that takes time and effort) it keeps the blog updated and current. Plus provides content to your blog and moves it up with Google.

eaglegordon (author) on November 03, 2010:

Andres and Jacque: Thank you for your input. I will have to check this one out. If Rob's product, it will have the same support he's givne his other products.

Jacque on November 03, 2010:

Hi guys, there's one new product Bloggers PayDay. Notedly under Rob but he says system was started buy a 19yr old kid. Anybody can review on this or gives any opinions? Thank you.

Andres on November 03, 2010:

Here's another product from Rob Benwell "blogger payday". It is not necessary to say that this is SCAM. Don't buy it !!

eaglegordon (author) on October 28, 2010:

Robert F. - first thanks for your comment.

Secondly my condolences.

It always pays to investigate deals. Most of us make mistakes at sometimes. But we learn. Your information, is valuable, as a warning to others.

Robert F on October 24, 2010:

Oh dear, oh dear. I wish I'd found this sooner. I too bought his latest blogging to the bank, and I don't have a site, don't have any money in my clickbank account, he doesn't answer e-mails, his support page is a farce. You get a ticket number, but there is no way to trace what is happening, and nothing does happen.

eaglegordon (author) on October 17, 2010:

Thanks bob: for your comment.

bob on October 17, 2010:

The premium blog promoted by blogging to the bank is a scam. They don't give any support and they just try to keep you paying month after month. It's a shame.

eaglegordon (author) on October 13, 2010:

somi: Thank you for your comment. Is it possible to list sites that make good on their promise?

Good question.

That may be a good one to try. But one person can't do it.

It would need to be a collective effort, with people commenting. Much the same as those that report scams or monitor scam sites such as Ripgoff Reports.

For now the Best way is to check around and do a search on those sites or products and see the reviews. This works great for most scams. But scammers and their like are always doing the new.

The good ones should be around and may have something listed in BBB. Some may do business through Ebay - which has a rating system.

If someone out there knows a site listing reliable entrepreneur sites -- feel free to post and I will put them in as a reference site.

somi on October 13, 2010:

oh my goodness! today i almost bought rob's product. thanx 4 saving me my money. is it possible to list sites that are reliable and make good on their promises.

eaglegordon (author) on September 20, 2010:

holdenon: Yes there is a way to check out scammers. There are some forums and internet sites that concentrate on Scams. Two sites that report a lot are:



Another method sometimes to flush them out is to google search this way:

, scam (or pro and con).

this will usually give reviews or hits. However the scammers if they have a strong affiliate following will flood the review pages with pseudo reviews. So one may have to do some filtering or more searching.

holdenon on September 20, 2010:

I'm a newbie trying to find work on-line in order to stay home and raise my daughter. Thank-you so much for your research on Rob B. I just searched him and your post came up. I appreciate it! Are there other ways to search out scammers?

eaglegordon (author) on September 15, 2010:

Mike: Some people are charmed by the British accent. Like those who buy a nice looking car without checking it out.

mike on September 15, 2010:

he lures u in with his accent..

eaglegordon (author) on September 07, 2010:

make money on the web:Yes it's unfortunate the corrupt make it bad for just about everything. They have to get in their and ruin it for others, in just about every deal - whether it buying a product or investing. The charlatans and con artists have to do their scams.

Sam: Thanks for your input.

Sam on September 04, 2010:

Hi everybody, this is his new trick ---- Do not buy anything from that site.

make money on the web on September 03, 2010:

It is too bad that no matter what you do online or buy online that you have to worry about it being a scam. The word scam is used some much now that you actually use it as a keyword in your site.

eaglegordon (author) on September 01, 2010:

ayuan: thanks for posting. A little more info, like was it good, badly written, poorly structured would have been appreciated. Also if successful in getting your refund. Also how can they ban you? Quite frankly if that is the case, just a scare tactic to brow beat a customer to buying === scammer!!

A good reliable product, or business that need to threaten.

ayuan on September 01, 2010:

I got an email promoting Auto Blog System X and I checked it, and when I closed the browser it offered me for $27, so I bought it. But I didn’t think it would work for me (I don’t want to get banned), so I asked for a refund and it is very soon to get my refund back from clickbank.

eaglegordon (author) on August 29, 2010:

americankitty: I can't say how his affiliates are doing. But after reading this report, and the comments why would someone want to promote Rob Benwell's products. If he is a scammer/con artist, than his affiliates are the same PERIOD. If he is an entrepreneur, then his affiliates are the same.

Personally there are far better and more reliable products out there.

americankitty on August 26, 2010:

What about being an affiliate? Are his affiliates making good money selling his products? I'm looking for products to promote and I found his "bloggingtothebank" on Clickbank.

eaglegordon (author) on August 24, 2010:

Harassed: it would be good to know how Clickbank refund went. Some of my commentors seem to have no problems. Thank you for your input

Harrassed on August 24, 2010:

I was also sucked in by the Auto Blog X system PDF book for 37 bucks - Totally agree with KodrutZ - have tried to contact Benwell and got no response - have contacted Clickbank for refund - waitin to see how that turns out

eaglegordon (author) on August 23, 2010:

KodrutZ: A big thank you on your input. Sounds like Rob, hasn't improved on his style since the first Blogging to the Bank. And if talking about avoiding to get banned --- Why? something not ethical it seems or upfront.

KodrutZ on August 22, 2010:

I bought the Auto Blog X system PDF book for 37 bucks, kept away from all those "big deals" offered during the purchase, then I asked for a refund.

The PDF is rubbish, 60 pages of which over 25% are pictures, and no really useful information (he's talking about creating entire networks of automated blogs and how this is not spam, but also talking about avoiding being banned by SERPS, when all I need is a decent solution of blending decent automatized content generation with real articles).

Fortunately, I got my money back and I also get to keep the PDF. Obviously, I didn't win anything with this. That piece of crap book is going to be deleted anytime soon, and it didn't help me at all. In fact... I think it helped me: best way to make money online is to spend a few years working for others, being paid less and gathering skill and information, then apply those to your own projects.

eaglegordon (author) on August 20, 2010:

Thanks: I cant say Rob is sick in the head. From the symptoms of responses to those who buy his products,there seems to be something amiss. Statements like that I can't endorse but people who are con artists are a sick lot.

So far from most of the responses I have had with those who got his system the jury is casting their vote on scammer.

designsimple: thanks for your input, now that you have the product what is it like? Poorly put together? Any support? Does it work? Are the methods suggested commonly availble already? Is it asking you to be decieptive?

How you share it is your business. Thanks for not posting a link. Now as to his Facebook, it would be better to create an Anti Rob Benwell site on Facebook, and those dissatisified can express their views there.

Gaz: I don't promote sharing. But someone who got took may be willing to give you a copy

Jan: Your input is a gem. Thank you very much. And yes people use accounts that allow you a recourse to get your monies back. A scammer usually has a poor support system if any at all.

Ron: Thanks for your two posts. Yes any product with a lot of hype = RED FLAGS. Room for 250 and a clikcbank base of 1200+ and 120,000 invites = deception and pressure. Con artists use deception and pressure to get their goods sold.

Ron on August 20, 2010:

Any product with hype like that and a price point of $37 should always have red flags.

Ron on August 20, 2010:

Any product with hype like that and a price point of $37 should always have red flags.

Ron on August 20, 2010:

For his new product for auto blogging he has a clickbank gravity of 1200. But he says he has room for only 250 people to buy the product. Then in the same breath says he has invited 120,000 people to buy this product.

I don't know maybe its just me, but with info like that I would be a little doubtful.

Jan on August 19, 2010:

I bought Auto Blog System X - Extra $10 Discount, Premium Money Making Blog and Auto Blog System X Video Training. I got the Auto Blog System X, but the video's do not work and I emailed them about 20 times for my Auto Blog and haven't heard from them

I am off right now to paypal and clickbank for a refund.

By the way I bought on Aug. 9 and it is Aug. 19 and no response from this character. Rob and his staff do not answer his emails and ther is no support. How stupid of me to get sucked in.

Thanks for you info I just made up my mind.

Gaz on August 19, 2010:

Would like a copy... Maybe make a link to it?

designissimple on August 18, 2010:

Hi All,

Just bought new Auto Blog System X from the dude - $36 so if anyone wants it let me know - for free of course i just really wanted to see what crap is he writing on about. Bought it totally aware its gonna be rubbish and the only reason why he can claim that he gets some money from web. While at it HE HAS ALSO SET UP AutoblogSystem x FaceBook page so would be nice if all of you joined and exposed him on FB too.



Thanks! on August 18, 2010:

Imagine this guy walking around somewhere... Rob Benwell is a bad spirit, a sick ghost. Is Rob Benwell a reincarnation of hitler? Rob Benwell is sick in his head, that's for sure!

eaglegordon (author) on August 17, 2010:

jamesp --Thanks for the quick note -- PS: I don't have any marketing sites only writing sites and no affiliates associations either. But the you info on Clickbank is an asset others need to know.

Cookie: Thanks for the input and yes the open discussion and information exchange is what is beating Rob Benwell sites out hands down. It allows discussion.

Cookie on August 17, 2010:

Hi there; really a good information exchange you have here; keep up the good work!

Just made me thoughts about the guy and his "new product"...the more open discussions, the better!

jamesp on August 17, 2010:

Thanks for your information. Bought the products autoblog system x and your own money making site... Fake products and fake author. Returned product and was refunded by clickbank - clickbank is a good place to buy, returne prooooooooooooved!!!!

eaglegordon (author) on August 14, 2010:

Dean" I can't say much about Grandstaff. But from what I see, on his GDI method is the same method as Rob. Using his own people, and doesn't provide new content to the web. Here is the ploy.

1: Want to be successful -- visit my site

2: Buy or sign up for our package

3: Promote the same deal only with a slight twist.

Within this ploy they nab new recruits to help their success.

Well the first ones will be the most successful and did you do anything really? NO. Rob's Blog is just promoting his products, and with affiliates promoting it - any of his products will appear as an instant success. Same for Grandstaff.

For people just starting a business, this isn't so. And as in all things whether good or bad dealings there are only going to be a few successful people. Some not doing too bad and some doing poor. Find what your good at and do it.

Some are Con artists and are top of their order, and the rest just follow.

Dean on August 14, 2010:

Yeah Benwell is a dirtbag! Funny too, I got an email from James Grandstaff who i thought was a stand up guy(he"s endorsed by Mike Filsame) and Grandstaff is promoting the latest Benwell trash product- boy does it ever stop?

eaglegordon (author) on August 13, 2010:

Elly --- I would need details as to what your problems are. Did you get software from Rob Benwell and it turns out roguish? If so be warned further folks.

Olie: Thanks for your comment. But unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much one can do. It may take someone to sue him in a class action type of suit, but he resides in the UK. Petitioning them may help. Or everyone who buys his products and gets ripped off should report it to the authorities, plus BBB, plus any scam reporting sites. The more bad news he gets the more he is likely to get caught.

Olie and Fighcell thanks for reporting his latest system. None of works start from scratch, and with the affiliate it's no problem in getting the inflated results quickly.

Bobblesox: can't endorse violence against the blok, but he does need to be reported.

Me: thanks for your input. His affiliates do spam.

dmoraleso: Thank you for your observations. If you got via a credit Card take action now. You can pursue a refund, let us know if he does it, (which I would be surprised if he does).

Ih: Thank you for your thanks

Kevin: Sometimes we learn from doing. Main thing is to learn from our mistakes. Better still from those of others because you won't live long enough to do them all your self. I would try to get a refund and if paid by credit card seek a recourse there.

IM girl: I feel for you. But it's a lesson learned. And thank you for your response, and info. The internet and it's free ideology policy allows these rogues to exist. It is going to take people to report these crooks to both their countries they live in and where the rogues live. Enough negative attention to the authorities will get them some attention they (rogues ) don't want.

IM girl on August 13, 2010:

Sorry don't mean to be off topic but as per my previous post Rob Benwell is linked to David Cavanagh.Anybody has had any experience with David Cavanagh who claims to do a course called getting started on the internet?- but once i paid him £940 via my credit card a few years back, and many email exchanges later, i got nothing delivered but empty promises. I Confronted him in one of his seminars which he still does to date in london, he promised to deliver the training online as he would not even consider giving me my refund as its what i wanted.The training never arrived and emails went un answered.I did follow it up with my credit card company later but the point is, how can these rogue Internet Marketers legally get away with scamming and robbing off unsuspecting innocent people?

So grateful to you eaglegordon and all contributors to this post who are helping expose these scammers.

IM Girl on August 13, 2010:

Thank you so much for this very useful info! Just came across Rob Benwell's Auto Blog System X at $37 and the sales page made such outrageous claims and instantly something smelled dodgy hence my google search of him which yielded this wonderful hub. Funny thing, I have come across another one of his earlier sites( and one of the 'testimonials' on there is from a guy who scammed me off over £900 some years back namely David Cavanagh! -a one to avoid like the plaque!- and he still does seminars in the UK and flogs his scam to unsuspecting Customers!Who can stop these guys?!!

Kevin on August 13, 2010:

Sure wish I'd come here first and read so comments. Three weeks, after paying for BTTB, no response from "customer support". Oh, and I loved "only 11 left" on the sales page. In the meantime every Affiliate Guru out there is salivating and pshing this crap. Must have meant "only 11 thousand left". This guy's got balls if nothing else. Just today he's at it again with his latest garbage "X" blogging product. I got in touch with ClickBank, asked for a refund, and told them about my experience with these scammers. Please do not buy anything from anyone promoting this wankers's rubbish.

lh on August 11, 2010:

Thanks guys.... I thought it sounded fishy. Came up in a spam and awful spelling.Guess I was really bored to have even visited the site.

dmoraleso on August 11, 2010:

Hi! ...think I bit the bait , just purchased Auto Blog System X...and you are right guys..the customer support is terrible! The training videos are incomplete...etc! Since I just bought it, still haven't find time to set up my blog yet!

Do you think I should ask a refund then?

Will he do that, considering that none of my tickets have been responded?

me on August 11, 2010:

Your people that work for you are annoying. Stop spamming our blogs which indirectly are spamming our email accounts.

Bobbesox on August 10, 2010:

Yep he got me for $163 NZ on August 9th. Facebook says he lives in Leeds. I hope someone goes round and breaks his bloody nose and gives him a right kicking at the same time.

fighcell on August 10, 2010:

There is another product by Rob Benwell, I just received an affiliate email promoting it. I think it's a rename of the v3 of Bloggingtothebank.

Name of the Product is Auto Blog System X. priced at USD 37.00

olie on August 09, 2010:

Olie on August 09, 2010:

His latest to have made him over 220k in 30 days...............and has all the hard sell if you don't buy whilst on this link you may miss the opportunity crap!

1k in your first week guaranteed or he'll give you $100 that would be interesting to see.............

Waste of time ...........somebody with some authority ...please stop it!

Olie on August 09, 2010:

cant anyone stop him ripping people off, surely there must be some authorities some where who can put a stop to this?

Elly on August 09, 2010:

I dont trust Rob Benwells products i just bought a new laptop and i am stuck which products to work on.Any suggestion out there?

eaglegordon (author) on August 06, 2010:

Mike the Web Guy: Thank you for your comments, and observations. Yes Blogging to the Bank (BTTB) and similar schemes (not just Rob Benwell's) flood the market with their affiliates, proclaiming "an honest review" which are canned sites/contents. They try to cover up or mask any true reviews, in hopes of blind siding someone.

Not only is BTTB's affiliates at fault for spamming but so is the myriads of similar programs especially drug ones/

Mike the Web Guy on August 05, 2010:

As a webmaster, one of my ongoing tasks is to moderate the comments submitted to our blog page. The reason I am posting here is that for the past few days we have been receiving comments that are nothing more than blatant adverts for BTTB... They all purport to be from different people and the posts do have different IP addresses (easy enough to fake) but the interesting thing is the posts are almost identical, word for word, including the same spelling mistakes! Needless to say this reeks of an organized campaign.

I turned to my best friend, Google, and found all of these so-called "honest review" sites, which are nothing more than affiliate adverts and almost all of them last updated 2 or 3 years ago.

Eaglegordon, this blog is one the best appraisals of BTTB that I have come across. This whole BTTB flood smells bad to me and I refuse to become part of their marketing campaign by posting any comment that plugs this questionable scheme.

Thanks for presenting the unvarnished facts!

eaglegordon (author) on August 03, 2010:

zionsphere: Thank you for your comment. Yes most are affiliates trying to mask or cover up what is happening. Using canned or premade reviews, they use misleading titles to make it sound like someone reviewed. But after reading one or two sites and the fact that they have a vested interest is clear they are biased.

zionsphere from Oregon on August 02, 2010:

Thank you for writing a REAL review of this product! You can tell that the other "reviews" are just affiliates trying to cash in on being scammed ...sad but true...KUDOS to you for being honest!

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