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Reviewing the Streetbees App: a way to make some change

Streetbees survey app

Streetbees survey app

What is Streetbees?

Is Streetbees a social app for beekeepers or a locater for farmer's markets that sell honey? No! Streetbees is an app that uses a simulated text conversation (a chatbot) to survey users that they call "bees" in return for actual money sent to Paypal.


How is the data used?

Streetbees calls itself "The world’s first human intelligence platform" and has worked with big-name companies like Pepsi, Unilever, and Mars. Basic surveys are used to collect information about trends from real consumers. Companies then use the analytics to drive the development and marketing of their products.

For example, Streetbees may have a survey that asks users about their laundry habits. Bees respond to questions about what products they are currently using (detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc) and provide feedback about the brands, scents, and effectiveness as well as potential features the product is lacking. The survey may ask what brands are used but doesn't suggest or try to sell new products. The survey results are then combined with those of other users to see what different demographics are experiencing or want out of their products. A company like Unilever may use those results to see that consumers like certain features like more scents or "all-natural" formulas.


What are some typical surveys?

Survey topics range from "What are you eating?" to "What are you buying?" or ask about tasks you are currently doing like housecleaning or watching television. Throughout the pandemic, there have also been opinion surveys asking how users feel about Covid-19, masks, and the vaccines, and enquiring about safety precautions users expect from businesses. A common question asked is, "What would you like to hear from this type of business?"


A walkthrough of a typical survey

You are scrolling through the Streetbees app, and a survey about oral care that pays $1 catches your eye. You tap on it once, and it shows how long the survey should take and if it will need you to take pictures or video. You tap again to accept and launch an immersive experience that is like texting with a friend. Well... Maybe not a friend, but it is like texting with someone that is interested in what you are doing and how you feel about it.

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The beginning

Surveys typically begin with a friendly greeting and ask how you are doing. This is an easier and funner way to make sure you are a real human, as opposed to using confusing Captchas and answering nonsense questions that are not part of the actual survey.

The questions

The chat leads you through questions about what products you are using, prompts for pictures of the products, and then asks how you feel once you have used the products and if anything could be changed. Questions are a mixture of multiple-choice and open-ended, and surveys are usually between five and fifteen minutes long.


The end

Once you have answered all of your oral care questions, there may be a couple of quick extra questions on an unrelated topic like cleaning or opinions about Covid-19 and confirmation of general demographic questions like your country or age. When all of the questioning is over, Streetbees thanks you for your time and tells you goodbye.


And then what?

Once your survey is completed, it gets submitted for review. The review process usually takes between a few hours and a couple of business days. If the survey responses meet Streetbees' criteria (thoughtful responses without excessive typoes that are in the native language for your country), Streetbees will send the payout directly to your Paypal. There is no need to wait for a difficult to reach minimum threshold or request a payout. There is no points system and prizes with unrealistic values. There is just money in your Paypal for you to use as you wish.

My opinion

I have been using Streetbees periodically over the last year, and I have made a little extra walking-around money (over $100). While surveys can range from ten cents to five dollars each, the quantity of available surveys can fluctuate, and the number of five-dollar offerings is rare. Most surveys take around five minutes and are worth between ten cents and a dollar. The approval process is pretty fair, but I have had a couple of surveys rejected. When a survey is rejected, the reason is not readily available, and you have to email them to enquire. Streetbees' customer service usually responds within a business day.

The payment process is the easiest I have experienced with any survey company. It is simple since it is automatic, and there is no minimum needed.

The app itself is unobtrusive with an occasional reminder to check for surveys. The survey list is friendly with large pictures and descriptive titles so the Bees know what they are getting into before launching a survey. This also limits getting knee-deep in a survey only to get rejected for not fitting requirements. The survey format is different than the usual rapid-fire questions, and the occasional open-ended question keeps users engaged.

Sign me up!

You may be asking, "Where do I sign up?!" First, download the Streetbees app from the App Store or Google Play. Fill out the basic questionnaire that asks for your name, location, age, language, and gender. I would appreciate it if you use my referral code 6303X6. Try it out, and let me know what you think below!

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