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Reviewing The Partner With Anthony Program

I buy and test products and programs of all kinds. Some work and some don't. I enjoy helping people make educated decisions to buy.


About the Author

Thank you for reading this review. My name is Brian and I've been buying and testing peoples products for over 8 years now. In this time I have seen and tested many make money products. Some are great and some are complete scams. Some of the product creators really care about their students success and some are just trying to separate as many people from their wallets as they can. As you read on I will provide you with a thorough review of the Partner With Anthony program. The good and the bad. So let's jump in.

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison has over 10 years of experience as an Internet business owner.

He empowers entrepreneurs around the world through his comprehensive training programs.

In every business he has started (well over 20 to date), he has learned two important things:

“The Internet provides everyone around the world an opportunity to publish and build a business online by sharing information. The key to the success of that business is building a powerful e-mail subscriber list.”

Anthony Morrison has published and sold over 1 million books on Internet marketing

and he has been able to leverage a massive e-mail list building strategy to succeed at a very high level.

His main goal is to share this information with entrepreneurs around the world so they can reach their goal of having a successful online business.

What is Partner With Anthony?

Let's start with what Partner With Anthony is NOT.

  1. Partner With Anthony Ain't get rich quick. It's 30 separate sessions which can only be accessed 24 hours after the previous session has been finished. It takes a whole month to go through the entire course with action steps that must be taken each day.
  2. PWA isn't the typical make money online program. Instead of having a bunch of videos that are unhelpful and confusing; each session is broken down into small, manageable peaces that helps taking action easy. This helps to remove the overwhelm and anxiety that prevents success with making money online.
  3. PWA ain't just for beginners. Sure this course is friendly to "new comers," but there's information galore all throughout the course that seasoned veterans of the internet business would be giddy over.
  4. Best of all.... PWA don't cost a lot of $$$.

Partner With Anthony Explained

With PWA, Anthony's figured out how to let his students tap into his marketing network... the ecosystem as he calls it. And just in case your worried this ain't no pyramid scheme or multi level marketing system.

In the course, not only does Anthony teach theory, he teaches which tools are needed and how to use them with any online business. Now sure he focuses on his courses and programs, however the methods he teaches can be used to promote any affiliate product his students choose. Anthony allows students to tap into his ecosystem where they insert their affiliate links for the tools needed to succeed online. Tools such as email autoresponders, link tracking software, and landing page building software. While the tools and software he teaches his students to use with in the course are 100% useful for building a successful online business; they don't have to be purchased through the course.

One of the coolest things about the software suggested? A portion of people who purchase this course are going to also purchase the software discussed inside the course. If they purchase through the member's area.... It's the students of which referred them will have the pleasure of earning the commissions from the affiliate programs of these software as well.

Cons and Pros

There are cons and pros of any make money online course.

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1. Waiting 24 hours between sessions-Having a full day go by before you can start the next session is brutal. In the beginning the first few lessons are really basic...just teaching how to navigate the system and a little mindset training. So making you wait a day to advance wasn't cool. However later on, I learned why the wait is there. In many of the sessions there's a lot of information covered and it was nice having 24 hours for it to digest and implement what was taught.

2. Self promoting, sort of, in parts of the course. Anthony talks about some of his other products in the course. And while no sales pressure nor any kind of hype are used when promoting these products; there also not required for the course either. But it could come across like self promoting to some.

3. Support via email only-You might think a course of this detail and quality to offer some sort of phone support, it doesn't. Only by email is support provided. With that said, their response time and attention to detail in their answers has been great.


1. Price - Yep, I said price! This program will only set you back $7 bucks per month or a 1 time payment of $97. There's other courses in this space that provide very little training for a thousand dollars and more. PWA even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

2. Detail - As mentioned before, every session's broken down into several modules so the information can be delivered in great detail without becoming boring and stale.

3. Ecosystem - If you've struggled with getting people to buy stuff that other's make look easy, well then this is a way to do just that. This also offers a way to generate multiple streams of income.

4. Traffic Training - If you've had trouble generating traffic online or don't even know what I'm talking about. This course does a wonderful job of teaching multiple ways of putting your offers in front of the people who need them and want to buy.

5. Only 1 upsell - Have you ever found yourself spiraling down a rabbit whole of upsells? Wondering if the leak in your bank account will with stand the glacier of offers? Partner With Anthony only has 1 upsell. It's a traffic bootcamp for $99 where Anthony talks about different traffic generation strategies. The best part? If you don't want to buy it up front, you can email support later and they'll let you buy it when you are ready.


It's my opinion that for anyone looking to start a side hustle or wants to learn how to build an online business then the Partner With Antony program is a must buy.

Anthony's an excellent teacher and he really cares about his student's success. He cares so much he teaches a free webinar every week called the Success Connection for any of his students to join. There he covers several other aspects of online marketing and business outside of Partner With Anthony and his other paid courses.

PWA goes above and beyond with the attention to detail provided for only $7 bucks a month. As for the courses that charge thousands to purchase; they just can't compete.

So whether you are a "newbie" or advanced digital marketer, you can learn from this course

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