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Why We Experience Failure In Life


Failure is one thing that everyone avoids and hates, but failure is part of a success equation. That you fail on an occasion or as an event does not mean that you have failed totally or as a person. There are many factors that may result to failure as an event which may or may not be beyond your control. So no matter how you try to avoid faliure in the road to success it must surely come because that is what makes you to understand where you missed it and where you need to get it right for the success you seek for to come. Failure is inevitable to anyone that will ever succeed in life but it can be managed in order to birth success. Where the major issue lies is when you fail as a person(you were unable to achieve anything in life as a person). So from this I will say that failure occures in two forms
1. Occasional faliure or failure as an event: this is a form of failure that occurs occasionally because of lack of one thing or the other
2. Total faliure or failure as a person: this is form of failure that happens after you didn't do what you are meant to do to succeed in your lifetime even when you have failed occasionally.


What Can Lead To Failure as an Event(occasional faliure)?

There are many factors that can lead to faliure as an event. Some of this factors can be beyond your control while some can be as a result of your mistakes. Those factors I have figured out over time are listed below

1. Lack of knowledge or experience: this is the major factor that can lead to occasional faliure. Because your are not aware of certain things that you need to do it resulted to faliure. The reason why people fail occasionally is because there is something they did not know about what they are about to do maybe in business, academics etc. That is why when someone fail the first thing they have to check is where did I get it wrong, where he or she got it wrong is as a result what he or she does not know. So lack of knowledge or experience is the major reason we experience faliure occasionally.

2. Improper planning: another reason faliure happens to us occasionally is as a result of lack of proper planning. Planning helps the knowledge you have to be channelled in the right direction. There is a saying which says as I quote "if you fail to plan you are planning to fail". Anyone that is haphazard when it comes to executing a task will always fail. Haphazard attitude makes your work ineffective which will result to authomatic faliure.

3. Carelessness: another thing that can lead to faliure as an event is carelessness, inability to be careful when executing the task you are expected to execute. When you have a careless approach to any task you are expected to do you are also programming failure to come to you. Carelessness endangers the effectiveness of your task.

4. Governmental policies: this cause is beyond the control of any individual that is performing a task in order to succeed. Sudden policies in the area of tax can affect the success of a business and at the same time result to a faliure in achieving a particular task. Apart from tax policies there are policies that government can impose that has the ability to affect the desired result that you are expecting.

5. Environmental factors: another thing that can lead to occasional faliure is environmental factors that is beyond your control. Some of the environmental factors includes unaccessibility to some social amenities that can help in the success of a task you want to excute or as a business man that want to excute a task that will make the business profitable but because of the environment where the business is located it will have a serious affect on your task which will lead to failure.

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6. Insufficient finance: this will also lead to an occasional faliure, when there is no much finance to excute a task it will bring failure. Any task you want to have success in after executing it requires finance as part of what will make it possible.

What can lead to failure as a person(total failure)?

1. Inability to take responsibility or positive actions: when you don't take responsibility even when occasional failure occures what you are authomatically calling is total failure in life. For you to be a success in life you must learn how to leverage on your occasional faliure and take responsibility to correct it in order to avoid it next time. So when you decide not to take responsibility you are really calling total failure to your direction.
2. Inconsistency in taking responsibility or positive actions: that you take responsibility today does not mean you will take responsibility tommorow and if there is inconsistency in your ability to take responsibility it can affect your success equation resulting to total failure. You taking responsibility must be on constant occasions when you notice occasional faliure or not. Taking responsibility must be consistent if you will continue to be a success in life.

Can Failure be Avoided?

Based on the form of failure I mentioned in this article occasional failure can never be avoided but total failure can be avoided if you learn how to take responsibility for every occasional faliure or mistakes that comes your direction and at the same time learn to be consistent in what you want to achieve no matter how you have failed occasionally. Is only occasional faliure that makes your success pleasant because is like a teacher that teaches you what to do and what not to do.


Every occasional faliure is not the end but a road that leads to success. When you embrace every occasional faliure in your life it leads you to success but when you throw away your occasional faliures in life it leads to total faliure in life. Anyone that has ever succeeded in life will ever have a time he or she failed occasionally but his or her success was a reality because he or she embraced the occasional faliure and learned from it which birthed success.

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